What Are the Benefits of Setting Up an Amazon Store?

Various Benefits of Setting up an Amazon Store

Various Benefits Of Setting Up An Amazon Stor

Various Benefits of Setting up an Amazon Store

Thanks to the growing number of benefits, an increasing number are setting up an Amazon store. Before breaking down the various benefits of setting up an Amazon store, let us first understand what an Amazon store is.

What is an Amazon store?

In simpler terms, an Amazon store is a brand home within Amazon. It is a custom multipage shopping destination for individual brands to share their story and offerings. Those who wish to sell on the Amazon platform must enroll with the Amazon Brand Registry.

Thus, doing this will enable the respective seller to create a dedicated Store within the Amazon platform at no additional cost. Furthermore, the registered seller is provided with a unique Amazon URL.

Amazon is helping its registered sellers do more business on its Amazon platform

It might surprise many that even though Amazon allows business owners to register for free on its platform to set up an online store, the eCommerce giant also supports its sellers by rolling out new strategies and policies.

One of the noteworthy features in this direction is Amazon opening up more eCommerce functions to its third-party vendors. There are also several other benefits to setting up an Amazon store. Read on to understand them.

1. The ideal platform to showcase inventory

Setting up an Amazon store is one of the best ways for a vendor to showcase his inventory. Furthermore, the products are displayed such that they are differentiated from one another instead of being presented in a jumbled order. Lastly, each product is distinguished and classified, thus making it effortless for the user to identify, find, and purchase it.

For example, if a user wants to purchase a toothpaste on Amazon, the eCommerce giant offers the user the best deal and gives the user a gratifying shopping experience. When you visit Amazon and reach the page where toothpaste is sold, you will discover the clever yet professional manner in which the various product options are available.

The product, which is toothpaste, will also be classified based on the ingredients used to make it. It will be further classified, keeping the consumer in mind.

For example, one section will be for older people, and you will also find toothpaste options for children. Doing this makes it easy for consumers to find exactly what they want.


2. An ideal platform to launch a new product

Amazon is regarded as one of the best platforms for launching a new product. The eCommerce giant is giving its offline counterparts a tough run for their money. Many small and medium business owners opt to launch their products or services on Amazon.

The online eCommerce platform has, at any given time, many thousand users from different geographical locations. Beyond any doubt, it gives business owners the confidence that their brand will reach out to a wide spectrum of consumers.

3. Vendors have realized that the eCommerce platform is here to stay

Digital marketing experts expect that the eCommerce platforms could register a slump in visitors and sales after the coronavirus pandemic restrictions. However, much to their surprise, it has worked the other way round. The coronavirus pandemic and the lockdowns imposed to curb the spread of the virus left people with no option but to stay indoors.

Once lockdown restrictions were relaxed, the economy was limping, and at this juncture, eCommerce stores did brisk business as the brick and mortar stores downed their shutters. When stores are opening their doors to visitors in the new normal, eCommerce stores are here to stay. Despite the roller coaster ride Amazon has had, the reputed eCommerce giant has stood the test of time.

Thus, with Amazon, vendors are sure that their virtual store is in safe hands. It is one of the primary reasons why increasing numbers of vendors set up a store on Amazon.

4. Helps business owners take their business online

Picture this. Joe is a happy-go-lucky small business owner who sells imitation fashion jewelry for women under the brand name Kaleidoscope. He has set up his small business and sells unique fashion jewelry for women in the New York uptown area.

He has his series of loyal customers who regularly visit his store and make a purchase. Besides this, Joe has as customers first-time customers who purchase not so much from his store. It has been nearly a decade since Joe has done business, and there has been no significant growth in sales.

On the recommendation of one of his friends, Joe decided to give setting up an Amazon store a try. A skeptical Joe joined the bandwagon of several vendors. Much to his surprise, virtual visitors took note of Joe’s business on Amazon. As days passed, Joe only thanked his stars for the decision he made.

At the Amazon store, Joe sells in a day what he sells at his Kaleidoscope store in uptown New York. Currently, Joe owns and operates his Kaleidoscope store, and thanks to Amazon, he has established his business online.

5. Consumers trust Amazon

Those who sell their products and services on Amazon do not have to go through the trouble of communicating to internet users how good the eCommerce platform is. It is an added advantage for vendors.


6. Amazon ranks high on search engine research pages

When an internet user searches for a product or a service online, Amazon is sure to reflect on the first page of the search page results. Vendors continue to rejoice that Amazon receives good website traffic, and it also increases the number of virtual visitors visiting their Amazon store.

Besides this, there are other benefits to setting up an Amazon store. After reading this article, are you now considering setting up your Amazon store? You can get in touch with Amazon Listing Service if you wish to. The team of experts will handhold you in establishing your store from scratch.

Additionally, for those who are already on the Amazon platform selling their products and those who are preparing to get there, we have discussed four of the important salient features of an Amazon store:-

  • The technical infrastructure is really strong.
  • It contains technically designed templates that can be customized to match business needs.
  • The search engine optimized websites offer easy navigation irrespective of which search engine you use.
  • Customer confidentiality will be maintained with the help of SSL certification.

You can get in touch with Amazon Listing Service to have your dream store transformed into reality. Reach out to a specialist at Amazon Listing Service and sign up for a service depending on your business needs.