Step by Step Guide On How to Sell Products on Amazon Today

Step by Step Guide On How to Sell Products on Amazon

Step By Step Guide On How To Sell Products On Amazon

Step by Step Guide On How to Sell Products on Amazon

After corporate giants like Apple, Alphabet and Microsoft, Amazon is the fourth most important organization. By 2008, the eCommerce giant had 615 million guests as its visitors. According to reports, in 2013, 2014 and 2015, the eCommerce giant reportedly spent $3.5 million, $5 million, and $9.5 million on campaigns. Amazon began to focus on business-to-purchaser connections among itself and its clients in due course of time. By the beginning of 2016, Amazon began drawing 130 million clients to its US site every month. Undoubtedly, Amazon is a global marketplace that continues to offer a profitable business opportunity for established and new traders to get on the top. We recommend that you start selling on this eCommerce platform and make profits. If you wonder how to do it, this guide will help you get started.

Before we understand how to sell products on Amazon, let us look at why one should sell their products on Amazon. Read on to know why.

  • The platform has crores of customers across the world.
  • Offers a reliable, fast and stress-free shopping experience.
  • There are no fixed costs. You pay when and as you sell.
  • Access to professional services to help you through every step of selling online.

Advantages of being an Amazon seller

There are many advantages when you are selling on Amazon. Vendors who are already selling on Amazon will agree with us. Read on to learn of the top advantages of selling on Amazon.

  • More than 150 people visit Amazon. It makes Amazon the biggest and most trusted online marketplace with a global presence that gives you access to more buyers.
  • To make sure that your range of products is full visibility such that sellers get all possible chances to sell their products, Amazon implements best practices and takes advantage of the best and most reliable software.
  • The fulfillment process options offered by Amazon are many-a-plenty. Amazon offers options like fulfilled by Amazon, fulfilled by merchants and picked up from select Amazon associates in several cities.
  • The Amazon seller dashboard is user-friendly, and the user need not be tech-savvy to use it. Also, the Amazon dashboard boasts several features.
  • The rates are the best for merchants.

Other advantages of selling on the Amazon platform include that business owners can expand their online presence. Selling products on Amazon is an easy process. Please read our blog as we have discussed the step-by-step process of selling products on Amazon.

A step-by-step guide on how to sell products on Amazon

If you are attempting to sell your products for the first time on Amazon, you must make sure that you select the right product category. It is the debut step when it comes to selling on Amazon. Next, you must select the right products you are confident of selling on the eCommerce platform. After deciding the product range you would like to sell on Amazon, it is time to register yourself as a seller formally.

1. Register as an Amazon seller

You will have to produce the prescribed documents for registration on Amazon. The documents include financial proof and other related documents related to your business. You can visit the central seller registration to make your product online.

2. Research products

Before you begin selling on the Amazon platform, it is advised that you carry out product research. The step will give you an idea about various aspects related to the product. You will know what to sell and what not to sell on Amazon when you research products. It is advised to select and sell products with a high turnover rate. The eCommerce platform offers sellers the facility to determine which products sell faster than the others. Sellers can use the sales rank feature to determine the product rank. A product ranked 50 and above is regarded as a good product that can be sold. However, the other products that rank less than 50 cannot be termed as not such good products to sell. This tip is especially useful for debutants on Amazon.

3. Identify and find the right suppliers

If you wish to sell consistently on Amazon, as a seller, you must discover the right wholesalers and retailers to partner with. Once you agree with the product providers, you can also get an assurance from them about receiving a regular supply of products that you can sell on Amazon.

If you wish to sell your homegrown brands on Amazon, you must ensure that the products you manufacture meet the criteria set by Amazon. If you fail to do so, the eCommerce giant will reject the products from being listed and sold on its platform. here's what you could do:-

  • Purchase products from wholesalers and sell them at their selling price marked on the label.
  • Purchase products as a bundle from sources selling them and sell them individually.
  • Enter into a long-term partnership with dealers and get the best price for products when you purchase them. Concurrently, you can sell the products for a profit on Amazon.
  • Identify and partner with local manufacturers who are making and selling local products. Purchase authentic products special to the region and sell them on the Amazon platform.
  • Additionally, you can make your own unique and innovative products and sell them on Amazon.

Once you get started with selling on the Amazon platform, the ideas on how to sell well will flow.

4. Create a listing of your products

Now that you have made up your mind about what you would like to sell on Amazon, you must work and create a product listing. The product listing is a database of all the products you wish to sell on Amazon.

If you are struggling to work on the product listing for the products you wish to sell on Amazon, you can seek professional help. Amazon Listing Service will help you create a product portfolio that can help your store stand out from the competition. As a seller, it is important to make sure that the product listing is done accurately, and it must also be updated.

5. Make sure that your Amazon store is live on the platform

Once you have completed working on the aspects that we just discussed, you are all set to make your store go live. Online visitors will visit your store and purchase from it. Once the purchase order is confirmed, the customer leaves the Amazon platform. On the other hand, as a seller, you can view the order placed by the customer on your dashboard and manage the orders received. Amazon delivers the order to the customer's shipping address who placed the order.

Within a week, the entire payment is deposited into your bank account. The fee deduction will happen only after the sale of your product.

To wrap it up

The number of online buyers worldwide is increasing day by day. As a result, almost every retail business owner focuses on selling their products online, especially on Amazon.

If you already have an Amazon store, then the steps mentioned above will help you to boost your sales gradually. If you are planning to create your online store, then Amazon Listing Services will help you promote your online business from top to bottom of the essential needs. Reach us for more details and queries.