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How to find the best Amazon SEO Expert for your business

amazon seo expert

Often, when you hear the word SEO, you only think of Google and other search engines. However, search engines aren’t the only place where you want to rank higher. As an Amazon business owner, you also want your potential customers to find your Amazon product on the first page of Amazon search results. This is where Amazon SEO can be of great help to your business.

Amazon SEO services can help rank your Amazon product page higher in the Amazon search results, resulting in increased traffic and sales. However, the ranking algorithm of Amazon works differently than search engine ranking algorithms. Successful Amazon SEO involves many challenges and hurdles. Hiring an Amazon SEO expert can be the best possible solution. Here is a quick guide to help you find a professional Amazon marketing expert to handle all your SEO needs.

Things to look for when Hiring Amazon SEO Expert

Having a specialist to manage the SEO work for your Amazon business can provide several benefits. An expert with relevant skills and experience will handle all the SEO work to provide quality results. Additionally, delegating the SEO task to an expert can save you a lot of time. You can invest in other aspects of your business and improve the quality of the product and customer services. Here are three things to consider when hiring an Amazon SEO expert for your business:

1. While looking for an Amazon SEO expert, make sure to look at the company’s background, experience, and past performances.

2. The Amazon SEO expert should know Amazon’s latest A10 algorithm to provide you with the best results. Amazon updates the algorithm constantly, and the SEO expert should be able to update their knowledge accordingly.

3. Look at the reputation of the company or virtual assistant you want to hire. You can look online for reviews and feedback about them.

Where to look for an Amazon SEO Expert?

When looking to hire an Amazon SEO professional, it may seem hard to find the best person to handle the task. However, it becomes easier when you know where to look, and you can find the one with the right skill sets and experience. You can look for SEO professionals at the following three places:

1. Online Platforms

The best place to find an Amazon marketing expert is through online freelancer platforms, such as Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, etc. In addition, you can find freelance SEO experts who offer their services. You can look for experienced Amazon consultants on these websites and check their skillset, job success score, and reviews from past clients before hiring them.

2. Search Engine

You can search “best Amazon SEO expert near me” on the search engine to find SEO specialists around you. You can check their websites, their portfolio, and online reviews to know more. You can make a list of potential experts and agencies and then contact them for a quote to choose the best from them.

3. Ask for Recommendations

You can ask for recommendations from other Amazon sellers who are already working with Amazon SEO specialists. In addition, you can browse online forums to ask for any recommendations. Many forum members comment on the search queries and help others find what they are looking for.

Tips to consider before hiring Amazon SEO Services Agency

Here are a few tips that you should consider when you hire an Amazon SEO services agency:

  • Be clear on what you want

When you know what you want for your business, you can assess whether the prospective SEO expert or agency can do it for you or not. For example, do you only require the services for listing optimization, or do you also want them to handle the other things, such as creating new product listings, managing PPC campaigns, setting storefront design, or translating your listings?

  • Set a realistic budget

Before looking for an Amazon SEO expert, you should set your budget. First, evaluate your product and market competition to determine an estimated budget for your campaign. You can also do some research to understand what SEO companies are usually charging.

  • Agree upon the scope and schedule

Ask your Amazon SEO agency for a detailed list of listing optimization measures they plan to take along with the quote for each service. The agency may not be able to provide a precise quote. Instead, you can ask for an estimate. Also, ask for the forecast on the ROI you can expect.

Also, ask how often they will share updates on the project and agree upon a reporting schedule along with monthly or bi-weekly calls to update on your product listing performance.

  • Put everything in writing

This is essential. Make sure to put everything you have agreed on in writing before you begin the project. You can also sign a contract with the agency. The contract may include details of both parties, how you will be charged, payment schedule, project details, services included, account access they require, the delivery timing, along with the terms of cancellation.


Hiring an Amazon SEO expert will help you improve your product’s ranking in the search results. However, finding the best agency requires some planning and research, and when you invest some time in preparation, you can save yourself from any trouble that may arise when hiring. Follow this guide to find the right Amazon marketing expert that can help you improve the ranking and boost your product sales.

Are you looking to rank your Amazon product higher in search results? Then, get in touch with the best Amazon SEO virtual assistant services and give your Amazon business a boost.

3D Rendering Or Product Photography – Which Is The Best Amazon Image Processing Technique For Your Business?

3d rendering vs product photography

The retail industry experiences a significant shift in people choosing to shop online rather than in-person at the retail stores. Thanks to the convenience, variety of products, and wealth of information available, that escalates the popularity of eCommerce stores. 

People buy products based on their visual representation and how best they are depicted on the websites. Studies reveal that about 89% of consumers prefer buying a product from Amazon than other eCommerce sites when it comes to online shopping. Studies also prove that a product image can increase the conversion by about 250%. Thus, an Amazon seller needs to focus on adding stunning visual elements to attract more prospects.

However, the pressure lies on small and medium-size businesses to invest in product photography and image editing techniques to bring out the magic in images that help stand out from the big brands in the market. Are you an Amazon seller looking out for the best choice for Amazon image processing? Here's what we have for you!

3D Rendering Vs. Product Photography – What To Choose For Your Amazon Image Editing

Traditional product photography:

Product images can be easily produced with the help of traditional photography. The products will be selected, staged, and will be photographed under bright light. There is an option to edit the images in different ways before coming up with the final pictures. Companies like Patagonia and Toms use in-house product images to keep their pictures close to the natural world with sunny backdrops filled with flowers and plants. Some alternate methods for product photography are to gather product images from the manufacturer or outsource it to a photo studio.

Innerimage 1

3D product rendering:

Visual experiences will alone motivate the buyer, and brands are expected to foster them with attractive images. But should the brand spend all its budget on Amazon image editing rather than brand marketing? This is where the 3D rendering technology comes to their rescue.

In 3D rendering technology, the images are processed with computers powered by Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, they are expected to improve the brand conversion rates by at least 20% to 30%.

Innerimage 2

Wayfair Next, which uses 3D rendering for their product images, states that it enables the customers to visualize the product in their home. The AR-powered product experiences help brands project their products in a completely new way, creating compelling brand experiences. It helps them drive sales, compete healthily on the eCommerce platform and satisfy their end consumer completely.

3D rendering Vs Product Photography:


Creating a prototype can be costly when we have to shoot objects with intricate designs such as jewels and wristwatches. But with the help of 3D modelling technology doesn't require building prototypes, and the 3D technology allows the website to display an upcoming product before gaining access to it. 


Lighting is one of the most important factors in product photography. But when created with lights and shadows, they can establish the product in its best ambience. We can adjust the lighting and contrasts and use them appropriately to shape and texture the product and communicate the brand message. In 3D rendering, we don't have to worry about lighting and customize it within a few clicks.

Product customization:

Customers crave a personalized experience, and as an Amazon seller, you need to showcase as many configurations as possible to inform your customers of the best available options. 3D product rendering provides an array of opportunities in product customization when compared to product photography. You can show variations in color, texture and material without a great deal of effort compared to product photography.


3D product rendering offers tremendous flexibility. We can edit and retouch the product images with a few computer clicks and save time and money. Online customers require tailored and personalized experiences, and with 3D technology, it is possible to portray as many configurations and options as possible. 


Traditional photography is not cheap as setting up the entire scene, and the production environment with lights and a camera can be expensive. 3D rendering, on the other hand, can be a cost-effective option. The product is not required to create the image, and the customization options are infinite. We can also save time and money and achieve uncompromised image quality with the help of 3D rendering technology.

Bottom Line

As a competitive brand on the eCommerce platform, optimizing it with appropriate images is the only ship that helps you sail your brand to the shore. You can either do it by taking photographs of your product under good light and other conditions and upload on your page, or use computer-based 3D rendering technology for Amazon photo editing. 

The best sellers on Amazon use this 3D rendering technology to depict their products in the best way possible. And unlike traditional photography, you don't have to ship the product back and forth. 3D product rendering is cost-effective and brags limitless potential. Apart from listing the images, you can also optimize them to reach the eyes of prospective customers faster and better.

Amazon image editing services help your brand to rank higher on the Amazon search results. This helps sellers to bring their products close to their potential customers. Our Amazon image editing services will help improve the product listing on par with the ranking algorithm of Amazon, which reflects on the sales and ROI.

How to Effectively Manage your Amazon Reviews to Accelerate Sales

How To Effectively Manage Your Amazon Reviews To Accelerate Sales

The eCommerce industry observed a massive surge in sales in the recent few years as customers worldwide shifted from in-store shopping to online. This trend is expected to continue as most customers believe that most shopping in the future will happen online. With customers preferring online stores over in-store purchases, online review management becomes an important factor in building the brand reputation of an online store.

Product reviews are an important part of the eCommerce industry. According to a survey by Podium, 93% of customers believe that reviews impact purchasing decisions. Reviews also play an important role in inventory planning, product visibility, brand reputation, and conversion rate. Relevant reviews provide essential insights to potential buyers about the product and the brand. Online buyers can use them to make informed purchase decisions. Hence, Amazon sellers must consider Amazon product review management as an integral part of their marketing strategy.

Why do Amazon Business Owners need Review Management?

Regardless of the type of product your business sells on Amazon, the power of reviews cannot be ignored. Positive reviews on your product listings on Amazon can help you improve your brand reputation and improve conversion rates. When your potential customers consider buying products online, most of them probably browse online reviews to know more about the product and brand. Hence, the quality of the reviews on your Amazon product can make or break your business. Here are three benefits of Amazon product review management for Amazon business owners:

  •  It can help improve Sales
  •  Amazon review helps build a brand image
  • It improves product visibility

Challenges in Managing Customer Reviews

Managing Amazon reviews can be a real challenge for Amazon sellers. Customers don't usually make an effort to provide their feedback on a product unless they face a bad experience. In the old review policy, sellers were free to send reminders to customers and encourage them to provide their feedback. However, in 2016, Amazon restricted sellers from encouraging customers to provide their reviews on the product. Amazon made significant changes in its review policies that prevent sellers from providing discounts, free products, or incentives for getting reviews.

Amazon has tightened its review policy for sellers asking their customers for product reviews and sending follow-up emails after the product purchase with the new review policy. These changes in Amazon's review policy have made it difficult for sellers to get product reviews from customers.

Tactics to Effectively Manage Amazon Reviews and Improve Sales

Amazon sellers need to implement an effective Amazon review management strategy to encourage buyers to provide positive reviews as they can improve your brand image and improve product visibility and boost conversion. Amazon sellers need to manage positive as well as negative reviews on their products.

An adequate review management strategy should include the following two things:

  • Encouraging new reviews
  • Addressing negative reviews and getting them removed

How to Encourage More Positive Reviews?

Not getting reviews from your happy customers may hurt your business as much as a negative review does. Business owners have three options to encourage your customers to provide positive reviews on your product listing:

●      Provide a great customer experience

This may seem too obvious, but it is the most important as most negative reviews involve unhappy customers who feel misled about the product. Be honest in what you offer and what your customers should expect from the product. If you want your customers to give good reviews, you need to offer them a great customer experience.

●      Use the "Request a Review" button

The new "Request a Review" button allows Amazon sellers to request reviews from the buyers within 4 to 30 days of order/purchase. This incredible feature available in the Seller Central can help Amazon sellers increase the chances of getting reviews from the customers exponentially. The option will send your customers a reminder to provide a review after they have received the product.

●      Send a Follow-up Email

While Amazon's review policy may not allow sellers to send emails to encourage reviews, you can send follow-up emails to customers after every purchase. You can use this opportunity to your advantage and use follow-up emails to check customer satisfaction and offer them to solve a problem they might be facing while using the product. This little effort from your side will encourage them to give their feedback.

●      Reach out to customers on social media

While Amazon guidelines may restrict you from asking customers to post their reviews on your product, you can use other platforms, such as social media websites like Instagram and Facebook, to encourage your customers. Encourage your happy customers to provide their feedback, and you can also offer them discounts and rewards for offering their reviews.

●      Reach out to customers who reviewed similar products

You can also connect with customers who have reviewed products similar to your products and ask them to provide their reviews on your product. You can find your competitor's products from your product page and look for them  in sections "Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed" and "Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought."

●      Reach out to Top Amazon reviewers

Getting a review from one of the top reviewers on Amazon can be a great value to your product page. Find them from Amazon's list of top reviewers and then browse for the tags they used in their reviews. Reach out to the reviewers who used tags similar to your page tag and send a thoughtful and compelling email requesting a review.

How to Address Negative Reviews?

At times, even after offering your best, you may receive negative reviews from your customers. Here are two ways you can manage negative reviews and change them into positive reviews:

  • Contact your customers to make it right

The best way to manage the negative review is to turn your customer's negative experience into a positive one. It is better to handle every negative review the same day and resolve the issue your customer is facing. This may encourage them to change their negative feedback into a positive review. You can also contact them to resolve the problem they are facing and ask them to change the review in your favor.

  • Remove negative feedback

Amazon policy allows sellers to take down negative reviews only in some cases. Suppose you received a negative review from a customer that violates Amazon's guidelines. In that case, you may report such reviews to customer support and ask them to remove them without going through the customer who left the review.

Reviews are critical for the success of an Amazon seller business. Treat every order you receive as an opportunity to get a five-star review from your customer. An Amazon product review management strategy will help you effectively manage positive and negative product reviews to improve product visibility and accelerate sales.

Get in touch with our team to avail Amazon product review management services for your business and get on your way to a 5-star rating on your Amazon product listings.

Where to find the right Amazon virtual assistant for your business?

Where To Find

In every Amazon business, there comes a time when the business owner has a to-do list with so many tasks that they cannot complete even after investing the whole time in it. Too many products to upload, huge inventory to manage, several pending emails to respond to, many clients waiting to get onboard – whatever needs to be done, get an Amazon virtual assistant, and get things done at the right time.

Amazon virtual assistants are remote workers that can take any task related to your Amazon business and do it efficiently. An Amazon VA may either focus on administrative tasks or become the jack of all trades and handle multiple tasks requiring different skills. So, they can help business owners and entrepreneurs grow their businesses without burning themselves out when you choose to hire virtual assistants.

When business owners and entrepreneurs are ready to hire a virtual assistant for Amazon, the first thing that may come to their mind is where to find the right candidate for their business. To help them out, here are two places where they can find and hire a suitable VA to get the tasks done efficiently –

  1. Through referrals 
  2. Amazon virtual assistant agencies
  3. Freelance marketplace

A business owner can choose to find a skilled virtual assistant to assign tasks related to their Amazon business. Let’s check some great options for each.

Through referrals 

The easiest way to find a trustworthy virtual assistant is by asking your network for referrals. While going through recommendations, you are most likely to find what exactly you are looking for. I’d suggest posting your requirements on relevant groups on LinkedIn, Slack, or Facebook for best recommendations. 

Post details like the qualifications you are looking for and the type of business you are running so that the VA applicants have a better understanding. It helps you get the maximum relevant candidates. If you are unable to find the best suit through referrals, here are some other options: 

Amazon Virtual Assistant Agencies

A virtual assistant agency is an online agency that provides different virtual assistants. Hence, business owners don’t have to source VAs by themselves, saving a lot of time and effort in finding a VA. Here are some best Amazon virtual assistant agencies from where business owners and entrepreneurs can hire VAs.

Vserve has been serving businesses across the world for the past ten years. The company offers highly skilled Amazon virtual assistants for small and mid-sized businesses. The services offered by virtual assistants from Vserve include Amazon product listing, content development, graphic designing, product sourcing, keyword and market research, customer support, inventory management, and Amazon listing optimization services. The services start at $7/hour for most of our services.

Freelance Marketplace

Freelance marketplaces, such as Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, and People Per Hour, help businesses find freelance Amazon virtual assistants with the right sets of skills. Business owners can post the task they need to get done, and freelancers will respond to the post with their best quotes. These freelancing marketplaces may open businesses to several qualified contractors, but the business owners would need to go through hundreds of applications, many of which may not be good enough. Here are the three best freelancing marketplaces that business owners can explore to find the rightful candidate.


It is the freelance marketplace where businesses can find freelancers for almost every skill. Business owners need to register on the website and post their projects explaining the work to be done. Freelancers with matching skillset from across the globe will send their proposals with the best quotes. Business owners can explore their profiles to see reviews, portfolios, and past projects to find and hire candidates that suit their needs.


Another freelance marketplace helps business owners find the best freelance services for their business. Business owners can explore the gigs posted by various sellers on the website and find the best fit their needs.

People Per Hour

It allows businesses to post their job or browse profiles of freelancers to find the best match. The talent pool of People Per Hour covers professional services, including website development, content development, administrative tasks, customer support, and many more. The website allows entrepreneurs to choose between fixed and hourly pricing, depending on the type of project.

Hiring a virtual assistant for Amazon business can help business owners delegate the tasks in their hands to a professional while keeping their focus on the growth of the business. Business owners can use any of these methods mentioned above to find the right VA for their business. However, when businesses opt for Amazon virtual assistant agencies for hiring a VA, they can save a lot of time and effort on going through several applications to find the one that fits best for their business. These agencies assist in finding the best candidate and also assign a dedicated manager throughout the project.

Are you looking for an Amazon virtual assistant for your Amazon business? Book a 30-minute free appointment with our consultant that can provide you assistance in finding what you are looking for.

How Amazon Virtual Assistant Support Team is better than Hiring One Assistant

How Amazon Virtual Assistant Support Team Is Better Than Hiring One Assistant

When you are running an Amazon business, you may have several activities and tasks in your hand. Most of these tasks may take all your energy and time. Amazon business owners should let someone skilled handle these tasks and should focus more on core business. Successful business owners spend their time and energy on high-volume activities like the growth of the business while assigning minute tasks to Amazon virtual assistants.

When looking for an Amazon virtual assistant online, you may come across two options: Amazon remote support team and one Amazon Assistant operating solely. Amazon business owners need to choose between the two to hire and assign their tasks to them. While one Amazon VA will be working alone and have a limited set of skills, an Amazon virtual team would likely have a team of professionals with different skill sets required for your business.

Are you confused about which of the two options would be better for your Amazon business? Here are five points to help you understand why an Amazon virtual assistant support team would be better for your business than hiring one Amazon VA. 

1. You can opt for multiple skill sets under one roof

When you hire a virtual assistant team, you will avail the services of a team of professionals with different skill sets. This will be additionally beneficial if you want to assign various tasks that require different skill sets. For example, a business may require a virtual assistant for various tasks, such as Amazon product listing, Amazon listing optimization, graphics designing, content writing, website development, remote support, or market research. One person cannot handle all these tasks efficiently. Hence, hiring an Amazon remote team is the best option when you have several types of tasks to assign to a virtual assistant. 

The support team will have professionals with expertise in different skills to assign them various tasks associated with your business. However, when you hire an individual, they might not be an expert in handling various tasks. One person would be efficient in a couple of skills. Hence, it is better to hire a virtual assistant support team for your Amazon business.

2. You get a dedicated manager

When you hire a support team, you will be assigned a dedicated manager who will monitor the work throughout the project. The manager will assist you in everything you need and guide you throughout the project to get your tasks done effectively at the right time. A support team ensures that you get things done precisely how you need. On the other hand, when you hire an individual virtual assistant from sites such as Fiverr or Upwork, you will not get a dedicated manager to assist you while working with the virtual assistant. 

If a virtual assistant is not working efficiently, your only option is to leave the VA and start from the beginning to look for a new virtual assistant. However, when you hire a team from a reliable virtual assistant service provider, you can contact the manager and ask for support or a new virtual assistant. 

3. You get around-the-clock services

Need to provide 24x7 support to your Amazon customers? Amazon remote team can be your go-to option. You need a support team to provide around-the-clock support services to your customers, and hiring multiple individuals won’t be a solution. When you hire a virtual assistant team, you can ask for support services and assign them other tasks related to your Amazon business. 

When you choose to hire a virtual assistant team, you can increase or decrease the number of VAs that can work for you. However, if you hire an individual, you will need to look for a new VA when you need more people to work. 

4. You can use more hands during peak time

During the peak times like offers and high season, you may experience more sales, and you might need more hands to help you handle orders, customer support, inventory, and other tasks. You can ask for more virtual assistants to assist you for however long you want in such cases. Hire additional professional virtual assistants with the right skill within the same team, so you don’t have to worry about managing different people from different platforms. 

On the other hand, when you hire an individual Amazon virtual assistant working solely, you will have to look for more options from the beginning. That too, when you are preoccupied with other tempting tasks of your business, this creates additional pressure.

5. They offer more flexibility

When you want to hire an Amazon virtual assistant for a short-term or project basis, the virtual assistant you hired previously may not be available for the project. When you choose a remote team of virtual assistants, the team can provide you with a replacement when the previously hired Amazon VA is not available to handle your project. The team of virtual assistants ensures better availability and flexibility compared to an individual virtual assistant. 

On the contrary, if you hire an individual virtual assistant on a project basis, they might not be available to take the next gig from you as they might be preoccupied with other tasks. This will leave you in the middle, with no one to assign the task. Hence, when you want a virtual assistant on a part-time or project basis, it is better to look for an Amazon virtual team and get the maximum flexibility of hiring a virtual assistant as and when required. 


An Amazon virtual assistant support team will be a better option when your business needs a virtual assistant, no matter your requirements. Whether you want to hire for part-time, full-time, or project basis, a support team ensures better results, flexibility, availability, and support. 

Do you want to hire a virtual assistant support team specific to your business needs? Sign up for a free 30-minute consultation with your dedicated program manager now!