Leverage our Amazon Listing Optimization Services

Why do you need to take a look at your Amazon listings? You have focused a lot on your Google listings because you know how to get your website visibility but if you are selling through Amazon, you need to follow a listing optimization strategy that works for you. Virtual Assistants for Amazon product listing help you get started on the fly and give you amazing results.

The volume of the products that can be searched through Amazon is higher than the products that can be searched through Google. We at Verve AmazonListingServices will help your store get the best optimization service available.

Amazon Listing Optimization Services

The Differences between Google and Amazon

  • Amazon requires a specific format for all of the products that it sells unlike Google that does not have a completely structured index.
  • Amazon is a place where products are supposed to be sold so your sales can be affected depending on how your product will appear on the search page. Google on the other hand measures success by the amount of time that you spend on one page and other parameters.
  • Amazon measures on page optimization. It does not care much for link building which Google thrives on.