Cost per Click Program allows the products to be shown as a sponsored post and will get desirable spots when people search for similar products.

It is important the keywords used match well with the products that are being sold. Take note that there are various categories available and there are also a lot of merchants that are selling the same products that you are offering. You will incur a certain charge for every click of a customer.

Amazon Sponsored Products

The Use of Sponsored Products to Improve Sales

Visibility of Products in Amazon

Amazon is known to be one of the chosen marketplaces not only by sellers but by customers as well. The only issue that merchants may have is they cannot make sales is because of their visibility. If they are not visible to consumers, people would not buy from them. The use of Amazon Sponsored Products can totally improve the visibility of your products on the marketplace.

Through the use of sponsored products, you can expect the following:

  • Improve buy box traffic
  • Offer One-of-a-Kind selections
  • Improve changes of your products to become visible
  • Get exposure for low session products
  • Improve the visibility of your items
  • Highlight new offers
  • Change buy box factors in a positive manner