This is the platform available for third-party sellers so they can list down the products that they are selling on Amazon. This gives them total control of the product listings and the inventory shipments. There is a pro - merchant system available for bulk sellers and pay-as-you-go option for individual sellers.

Through Vserve AmazonListingService, you can expect to get an Amazon listing that is not only well optimized but is also effective so that shoppers can see the products immediately. As consumers can see the products more, the total sales will be expected to increase. Our team will place all the information needed regarding your products as well as images and attributes that will make your products even more appealing to shoppers. We make sure to follow Amazon’s product guidelines so that your products will receive better ranking than the other items in the marketplace.

amazon seller central services

Amazon Vendor Central Services

This is commonly used by sellers and manufacturers who wish to sell their products in bulk through Amazon. Through the portal, sellers can check the following:

  • Take a look at product information
  • Manage customer orders
  • Check pricing and inventory
  • Access Amazon Retail Analytics

Take note that in order to register at Amazon Vendor Central Services, you need to be invited first. With the use of Vserve and crafts site, you can expect to be moved from the Amazon Seller Central to Amazon Vendor Central in a short amount of time. Whenever you make a sale, your product page will show that the product is shipped and sold by