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5 Proven Strategies to Get Verified Amazon Reviews

5 Proven Strategies To Get Verified Amazon Reviews

Most sellers on Amazon struggle with getting reviews on their products. At this point, they think of their brands as a genuine failure. But you look closely and realize this is every seller’s problem. Yes, even if you manage to obtain good reviews, your next concern will be to get verified ones. And let’s be honest- until a review is verified, it doesn’t genuinely count as legit. So, any seller who wishes to make their brand grow and earn a good profit also wants to know how to add keywords to Amazon listing. If you are one of them, I’ve got your back! 

Today, nearly 89% of buyers agree that they, might end up having more chances to purchase from Amazon than from any other e-commerce website. Since the opportunity is so good here, no seller wants to miss a chance to stand out. But this is quite a challenge without sufficient verified reviews. If you are also struggling to learn how to get that, I might help you. Keep reading this article to figure out how to bring verified reviews to your Amazon product page successfully. I promise; these strategies work all the time. 

How To Add Keywords To Your Amazon Listing?

Before I get started, let me help you analyze how to add keywords to your Amazon listing. Generally, it would help if you focused on a few important sectors to do this. This is significant to practice optimization. 

  • Product Name / Product Title
  • Product Key Features
  • Product Description
  • Amazon Backend Keywords - Keyword Search Terms

The flow goes in such a way that the most relevant keyword falls under the Product Title. Then the second one is in the Product Key Features section, the third in the Product Description section and the fourth in the Keyword Search Terms. By focusing on how to add keywords to your Amazon listing you can improve your chances of practicing these steps better.

Whatever text delivered for the product name will fall under the product title. Since this is the most significant text you can implement to add relevant keywords, you need to pay attention. This involves 200 characters and needs the placement of the most relevant keyword in it. So, here you can contain all the unique, relevant keywords you can think of. 

2. Product Key Features

These contain five text inputs. All of the five text inputs must be useful for describing the product details. However, they must also be written to foster client purchase decisions. Focus on this when trying to understand how to add keywords to your Amazon listing. 

3. Product Description

This is the section of the page where you can take the liberty to explain to the customer everything about your product. Also, you get to use your Amazon keywords here without any inconvenience. But that is not all. You also get to motivate your clients to purchase the product from your end. For this section, you get to cover 2,000 characters at a time. So, it is best to make the most of it. 

4. Keyword Search Terms

Backend keywords or keyword search terms can be useful for adding extra keywords that you could not incorporate in the other sections. Make sure that the text you include here is unique with no commas. However, they should include spaces. Place your keywords here wisely, as it could be your last resort to adding keywords in this section. 

5 Proven Strategies To Obtain Verified Amazon Reviews

1. Use Tools To Collect Verified Reviews

At first, you may think that email lists cost a lot of time and energy. But when you look closely, you realize that it is the safest means to acquire verified reviews. Thankfully, there are smart tools today that could help you obtain verified reviews with a few clicks. This is also a great way to fend for target users. All you have to do here is find product pages where target users have potentially bought products. They must also have left some reviews there. Collect their email IDs from them and start sending them emails. This is what you need to do apart from learning about how to add keywords to your Amazon listing.

For example- if your target audience is women who love snacks, you could go to a snack website for women and start collecting emails from there. It is that simple. But remember that doing this manually could be a hard day’s task. As such, it is wise to use a helping hand in the form of an automated device. Today, many good tools are available for this purpose. If you scout for them online, you might be able to get your hands on them at affordable prices. 

2. Use A Product Review Writing Site

Verified reviews can be difficult to obtain. But if you want to get your hands on them, it is good to start by opting for a product review writing site. I recommend using such sites because they help you curate clear and compelling reviews that never fail to work. These reviews also offer what they promise. 

So, you will often find them boosting your sales and helping your brand outcast other competitors in this marketplace. What is even more intriguing is that you have the chance to boost your sales by nearly 70% after using these product review sites. So, why not? 

Amazon product review writers are also experts at conducting extensive research and formulating reviews that target the right audience on time. That is why I would suggest you use this for good practice. 

3. Get A Boost From Reputable Sources

Another useful way to obtain Amazon verified reviews is to get a boost from reputable sources. The experts will find out diverse ways to bring authentic reviews to your sites that are verified too. As they review your products, the number of verified reviews on your website is likely to increase. With this, your Amazon’s product rating will improve too. So, you are getting to improve your company’s reputation from two different ends at a time. 

By gaining verified reviews from reputable sources, you will not only get better online traffic and visibility, but your credibility will also increase. So, your business’s awareness and reputation will both solidify and skyrocket in no time. That is why I highly recommend this one too. 

4. Make The Most Of Review Requests

We often feel that this is the most cliche means to obtain verified Amazon reviews. But it is upon closer inspection that you realize these techniques work well. Sending review requests to various customers and audiences is a good practice and also one of the most effective techniques to choose. This is also significant to remember when focusing on how to add keywords to your Amazon listing. 

For example- you could send the review request to a few verified customers on Amazon and ask them to review your products. Although some will ignore it, others who accept it might end up leaving a positive review. 

As such, you can have a good chance to improve your verified reviews without too much time consumption. However, there stands a hurdle here. It would help if you kept in mind that the review request is sent via an automated tool. This is because manual labour could take hours, and you might not be up for such hard work every day. 

5. Provide in-testing Product To Verified Customers 

This is one of the most proven strategies for obtaining verified reviews on Amazon. Although you may have to send some of your products for your customers to test at no price, it is quite a worthy investment. 

If the products are good enough to impress the customer, they are likely to leave their verified review from a positive perspective on your product. As such, you get to gain something even more precious than your product. So, make sure that you only send the best ones when you send across products to diverse customers for in-testing. Good-quality products that are unique, exciting and affordable are the best picks for this purpose. Do not miss out on that. 

How To Create A Parent Listing On Amazon?

If you are looking to understand something else apart from how to add keywords to your Amazon listing, read this.

Here’s what to do to create a parent listing on Amazon. 

  • SKU (Usually, this is your child SKUs with the variation left off, that is- for ABC-1000-XL, etc., you may have to do ABC-1000)
  • Skip Product ID and Product ID Type BLANK (Amazon will allot an ASIN. Also, the UPC is missing.)
  • Product Name, Manufacturer, Brand Name, Part Number
  • Product Type (Choose from Drop Down)
  • Item Type Keyword (Select from Browse Tree Guide)

The Bottom Line 

I hope you found this comprehensive guide on Amazon verified reviews useful. If so, make sure you follow all the proven strategies I have listed above for your reference. They are bound to provide all the necessary assistance you need to boost your sales and grow your business online. Also, like, share and comment on this article for a better experience. 


I also highly recommend using the product review website to increase the number of verified reviews you get. Their team makes sure to create compelling reviews that only attract better buyers and improve your revenue. Also, do not forget to look at how to add keywords to Amazon listing in need. Opt for it now.

How to Effectively Manage your Amazon Reviews to Accelerate Sales

How To Effectively Manage Your Amazon Reviews To Accelerate Sales

The eCommerce industry observed a massive surge in sales in the recent few years as customers worldwide shifted from in-store shopping to online. This trend is expected to continue as most customers believe that most shopping in the future will happen online. With customers preferring online stores over in-store purchases, online review management becomes an important factor in building the brand reputation of an online store.

Product reviews are an important part of the eCommerce industry. According to a survey by Podium, 93% of customers believe that reviews impact purchasing decisions. Reviews also play an important role in inventory planning, product visibility, brand reputation, and conversion rate. Relevant reviews provide essential insights to potential buyers about the product and the brand. Online buyers can use them to make informed purchase decisions. Hence, Amazon sellers must consider Amazon product review management as an integral part of their marketing strategy.

Why do Amazon Business Owners need Review Management?

Regardless of the type of product your business sells on Amazon, the power of reviews cannot be ignored. Positive reviews on your product listings on Amazon can help you improve your brand reputation and improve conversion rates. When your potential customers consider buying products online, most of them probably browse online reviews to know more about the product and brand. Hence, the quality of the reviews on your Amazon product can make or break your business. Here are three benefits of Amazon product review management for Amazon business owners:

  •  It can help improve Sales
  •  Amazon review helps build a brand image
  • It improves product visibility

Challenges in Managing Customer Reviews

Managing Amazon reviews can be a real challenge for Amazon sellers. Customers don't usually make an effort to provide their feedback on a product unless they face a bad experience. In the old review policy, sellers were free to send reminders to customers and encourage them to provide their feedback. However, in 2016, Amazon restricted sellers from encouraging customers to provide their reviews on the product. Amazon made significant changes in its review policies that prevent sellers from providing discounts, free products, or incentives for getting reviews.

Amazon has tightened its review policy for sellers asking their customers for product reviews and sending follow-up emails after the product purchase with the new review policy. These changes in Amazon's review policy have made it difficult for sellers to get product reviews from customers.

Tactics to Effectively Manage Amazon Reviews and Improve Sales

Amazon sellers need to implement an effective Amazon review management strategy to encourage buyers to provide positive reviews as they can improve your brand image and improve product visibility and boost conversion. Amazon sellers need to manage positive as well as negative reviews on their products.

An adequate review management strategy should include the following two things:

  • Encouraging new reviews
  • Addressing negative reviews and getting them removed

How to Encourage More Positive Reviews?

Not getting reviews from your happy customers may hurt your business as much as a negative review does. Business owners have three options to encourage your customers to provide positive reviews on your product listing:

●      Provide a great customer experience

This may seem too obvious, but it is the most important as most negative reviews involve unhappy customers who feel misled about the product. Be honest in what you offer and what your customers should expect from the product. If you want your customers to give good reviews, you need to offer them a great customer experience.

●      Use the "Request a Review" button

The new "Request a Review" button allows Amazon sellers to request reviews from the buyers within 4 to 30 days of order/purchase. This incredible feature available in the Seller Central can help Amazon sellers increase the chances of getting reviews from the customers exponentially. The option will send your customers a reminder to provide a review after they have received the product.

●      Send a Follow-up Email

While Amazon's review policy may not allow sellers to send emails to encourage reviews, you can send follow-up emails to customers after every purchase. You can use this opportunity to your advantage and use follow-up emails to check customer satisfaction and offer them to solve a problem they might be facing while using the product. This little effort from your side will encourage them to give their feedback.

●      Reach out to customers on social media

While Amazon guidelines may restrict you from asking customers to post their reviews on your product, you can use other platforms, such as social media websites like Instagram and Facebook, to encourage your customers. Encourage your happy customers to provide their feedback, and you can also offer them discounts and rewards for offering their reviews.

●      Reach out to customers who reviewed similar products

You can also connect with customers who have reviewed products similar to your products and ask them to provide their reviews on your product. You can find your competitor's products from your product page and look for them  in sections "Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed" and "Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought."

●      Reach out to Top Amazon reviewers

Getting a review from one of the top reviewers on Amazon can be a great value to your product page. Find them from Amazon's list of top reviewers and then browse for the tags they used in their reviews. Reach out to the reviewers who used tags similar to your page tag and send a thoughtful and compelling email requesting a review.

How to Address Negative Reviews?

At times, even after offering your best, you may receive negative reviews from your customers. Here are two ways you can manage negative reviews and change them into positive reviews:

  • Contact your customers to make it right

The best way to manage the negative review is to turn your customer's negative experience into a positive one. It is better to handle every negative review the same day and resolve the issue your customer is facing. This may encourage them to change their negative feedback into a positive review. You can also contact them to resolve the problem they are facing and ask them to change the review in your favor.

  • Remove negative feedback

Amazon policy allows sellers to take down negative reviews only in some cases. Suppose you received a negative review from a customer that violates Amazon's guidelines. In that case, you may report such reviews to customer support and ask them to remove them without going through the customer who left the review.

Reviews are critical for the success of an Amazon seller business. Treat every order you receive as an opportunity to get a five-star review from your customer. An Amazon product review management strategy will help you effectively manage positive and negative product reviews to improve product visibility and accelerate sales.

Get in touch with our team to avail Amazon product review management services for your business and get on your way to a 5-star rating on your Amazon product listings.