What Are the Ways to Streamline Your Amazon Order Processing

Ways to Streamline Your Amazon Order Processing

Amazon Order Processing

Ways to Streamline Your Amazon Order Processing

If you sell in the Amazon store, you know how important it is to provide excellent customer service. It means not only creating accurate listings but also managing your orders effectively. If you use merchant-fulfilled Shipping, you must ensure that the orders are delivered on time with valid tracking information. It will help protect your account health and keep your customers satisfied. This article will review best practices for managing your Amazon orders and maintaining good account health.

1. Account Health in Amazon Order Processing

Your account health is a measure of how well you're following Amazon's selling policies. If your account health is poor, you may no longer be able to sell in the Amazon store. That's why it's essential to maintain good account health by following Amazon's guidelines. One of the things that can help you maintain good account health is to ensure that your products have valid tracking IDs. Having valid tracking information is critical to helping customers understand where their package is and avoid A-to-Z claims and negative feedback.

2. Shipping Best Practices in Amazon Order Processing

To maintain good account health, completing the shipping process on time is essential. It means shipping the package within your handling time and confirming the shipment in seller central. To avoid late shipments, these steps must be completed within your set handling time.

Once you confirm a shipment, the funds from the purchase will become available. Confirming your shipments is also critical to helping customers verify that their orders have been sent out and they can see the order status. It can help avoid negative feedback and A-to-Z claims.

When a customer places an order with a one-day handling time, it is important to ship the item and confirm the shipment on time. Shipping on Monday and confirming on Monday or Tuesday is acceptable as long as both actions are completed within the handling time. Shipping on Monday and confirming on Wednesday is considered late and can negatively impact account health.

It is a common mistake for sellers to confirm shipments late, even if they ship on time. Late confirmation or forgetting to confirm altogether counts as a late shipment. To ensure timely confirmation, develop a habit of confirming shipments as soon as you hand them over to the shipping carrier. Access the "Manage Orders" section in Seller Central, select the unshipped tab for each order, and choose the "Confirm Shipping" option.

3. Practical Application of Amazon Order Processing

For confirming a shipment, below are the few steps to follow:

- Go to Manage Orders and select the Unshipped tab to confirm a shipment

- Choose "Confirm Shipping" or "Buy Shipping"

- Have your carrier's information and tracking ID ready

- Ensure that the tracking information matches the carrier selected

- Copy and paste the tracking ID directly with no spaces before or after

- Select the correct carrier and use only alphanumeric characters

4. Benefits of Buy Shipping in Amazon Order Processing

Utilizing the Buy Shipping feature offers a convenient solution to streamline the shipping process without the need for manual confirmation. By leveraging the available shipping providers within Buy Shipping, shipments are automatically confirmed upon dispatch. In addition to this time-saving aspect, Buy Shipping provides further advantages. When utilizing the recommended carriers registered with Amazon, your delivery rate is safeguarded in the event of any delays caused by the carrier.

Furthermore, if a package encounters delay or fails to be delivered despite being shipped on time, Buy Shipping offers protection. Should a customer leave negative feedback regarding such an order, you have the option to request Amazon to review the feedback, potentially mitigating any impact on your account health.


Managing your Amazon orders is critical to maintaining good account health and keeping your customers happy. Following the best practices outlined in this blog, you can ensure that your orders are delivered on time with valid tracking information. With these tips, you'll be well on your way to providing excellent customer service and selling successfully in the Amazon store.

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This blog post takes inspiration from the video "Amazon Best Practices for Merchant Fulfilled Order Processing." The video served as a valuable resource, offering insights and recommendations on the best practices for efficiently processing merchant fulfilled orders on Amazon.