Working On Amazon Seller Central Settings: Things to Know

Working on Amazon Seller Central Settings: Things You Should Know!

Amazon Seller Central

Working on Amazon Seller Central Settings: Things You Should Know!

A web-based tool called Amazon Seller Central was created to make it easier for sellers to run their businesses on Amazon. You can manage your inventory, keep an eye on your sales success, track your orders, and communicate with clients with this all-in-one solution. You have access to some tools and features through Amazon Seller Central services that can help you increase sales and expand your business on Amazon.

Utilizing Amazon Seller Central is crucial to managing your business as an Amazon seller. Using the platform's precise analytics and insights into your sales success, you can improve your product listings and increase your revenues by making data-driven decisions. To ensure you never run out of stock, you may also utilize the Amazon Seller Central services to manage your inventory, keep an eye on your stock levels, and set up automated inventory replenishment.

You may contact customers directly through the platform using Amazon Seller Central in addition to inventory control and sales data. From one central location, you can manage your customer feedback and reviews, react to customer messages, and manage returns and refunds.

Overall, the features offered by Amazon Seller Central provide you with everything you need to run your Amazon business efficiently. Amazon Seller Central is a potent tool that may assist you in achieving your objectives, regardless of whether you're just getting started or hoping to grow your company to new heights.

Learning the Amazon Seller Central Tabs

In managing your business, each tab on Amazon Seller Central has a specific function.

  • Inventory tab: You may update your product listings on the Inventory tab by adding new goods, changing existing ones, and keeping track of inventory levels.
  • Orders tab: You may monitor and handle customer orders in the Orders tab, including shipping and handling, refunds, and cancellations.
  • Advertising page: You may build and manage advertising campaigns under the Advertising page to promote your products and boost sales.
  • Reports tab: The Reports tab offers insightful information and valuable data about your marketing efforts, client satisfaction, and sales performance.
  • Performance tab: You can check the status of your account and confirm that you are performing according to Amazon's requirements using the Performance tab.
  • Settings tab: You may manage your account information, including payment and billing information, shipping preferences, and user rights, on the Settings tab.

Using these tabs on Amazon Seller Central, you can efficiently manage your company and monitor your sales, inventory, and customer interactions. It's crucial to frequently examine these tabs and take advantage of them to ensure your business functions properly.

The Home Screen

One of the most crucial tabs for Amazon sellers is the Home screen on Amazon Seller Central. It gives you a brief overview of your accounts and your sales performance.

  • Market Places:,, and are just a few examples of the marketplaces listed in the Marketplaces section. From this section, you can access each marketplace with ease.
  • Open orders: Any orders that have not been fulfilled will be seen in this option. Unfulfilled order means that it's a pending order that either needs to be shipped by you or Amazon.
  • Today's Sales: Another essential element on the Home screen is Today's Sales. It displays your daily revenue and sales, vital data for monitoring your progress toward your sales objectives. By choosing a specific date range, you may also see your sales performance over some time.
  • Buyer Messages: Your buyer messages are also shown on the home screen. You can use this functionality to view and reply to buyer messages right from your Home screen. It's critical to respond to consumer messages right away to maintain vital customer service, which can ultimately result in favorable evaluations and higher sales.
  • Total Balance: Last but not least, the Total Balance column on the Home screen shows your account's current balance. You must know this information to manage your funds and prevent any negative balances. It's crucial to monitor your overall balance and ensure you have enough money to pay any essential bills, such as refunds or shipping fees.
  • Inventory Performance Index (IPI): Inventory Performance Index (IPI), a metric provided by the Inventory Amazon Seller Central services, assesses a seller's inventory management effectiveness. Higher IPI scores, which range from 0 to 1000, indicate better inventory management. It is a crucial element that establishes your eligibility for services and programs like waivers of storage fees and the capacity to develop new offers during periods of high sales.

Other Major Tabs to Consider

  • Catalog>Add Products: This option is used for adding a product that's not sold on Amazon. When you're building our brand or making our products, we get started here and list it here. You can choose the product type or category and then make the listing.
  • Inventory>Manage Inventory: Under this option is where you can see all your products and the price points of our products. You can edit your products here by uploading and managing product images and videos.
  • Inventory>Manage FBA Shipments: You can track the shipments that you have sent to Amazon here. Details like units received and expected can be seen here. Amazon will reimburse you for the damaged products during shipment if you report the issue immediately to them.
  • Orders>Manage Orders: You can see the orders, the price of your items, customer information, the shipping date and address, and more details about the order under this option. You can also request a review from Amazon for any order from this option.
  • Advertising>Promotions: This option is great to use while doing off-Amazon promotions. It's a great tool to bring people to Amazon by giving OFF or PROMO codes on the checkout page.
  • Settings>Account Info: Account info is the crucial information on your account. Payment information and deposit methods are factors that you should be cautious about in this option. All your business, shipping, and return information will be available here.

Keeping Up-to-Date with Amazon Seller Central

To operate your business successfully as an Amazon seller, keeping up with changes and upgrades on Amazon Seller Central is essential. Several resources are available through Amazon Seller Central services to stay current.

  • Email Alerts: To begin with, you can configure email alerts to receive notifications of significant updates and changes. You may keep updated without constantly checking the platform with the aid of these customizable notifications.
  • Seller Forum: There is a seller forum on Amazon Seller Central where you may talk to other merchants and obtain information on many subjects. The platform is a fantastic resource for finding out about typical problems and their fixes, as well as gaining suggestions from seasoned sellers.
  • Amazon Seller App: Another helpful resource for remaining current is the Amazon Seller App. You can use the app to manage your company while moving and get real-time notifications on your sales, inventory, and customer interactions. Even when you are not in front of your computer, it is a practical approach to staying in touch with your company.

Optimizing your business following platform changes and remaining informed about them is critical. Sponsored Products and Amazon Advertising are only two of the tools and resources offered by Amazon Seller Central services to assist you in optimizing your business. You may enhance your sales and visibility on the platform with these tools.

You can remain ahead of the competition and successfully manage your business on Amazon Seller Central by staying current and adjusting.


You can effectively manage your inventory, keep track of your sales and revenue, and deliver first-rate customer support by utilizing the tools and capabilities offered by Amazon Seller Central. You can also prevent extra expenses and fees by keeping a strong IPI, which can significantly influence your bottom line.

Lastly, you may optimize your Amazon business and become a successful seller by becoming familiar with the tabs on Amazon Seller Central, paying attention to the Home screen, maintaining a solid IPI, and staying current with the platform.

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This Blog is inspired by the video: "Complete Amazon Seller Central Tutorial (Don't Touch These Settings!)" by "Camron James."