What are The Top 21 Amazon Statistics You Should Know Today

Top 21 Amazon Statistics You Should Know in 2021

Top 21 Amazon Statistics You Should Know In 2021

Top 21 Amazon Statistics You Should Know in 2021

Without any doubt, Amazon is the pioneer in the eCommerce industry generating over $386 billion in revenue in 2020, increasing from $280.52 in 2019. In the recent few years, this eCommerce giant has gained a monumental shift and helped retail industries across the world achieve great heights.

Since its inception as an online book store, Amazon has diversified its business in several industries. From eCommerce to Enterprise-level IT services (Amazon Web Services), from Voice recognition and automation to Gaming, Amazon has become a market leader in different industries. The growth Amazon has shown in the past few years has changed the dynamics of the eCommerce industry.

If you are looking to set up an Amazon store and build a successful career as an Amazon seller, here are 21 Amazon statistics that you should know in 2021. These facts and stats will make you familiar with the Amazon store setup and help you move towards success. You can run targeted marketing campaigns and make smarter decisions to take your eCommerce business to great heights using these stats.

  • With a 49.1% share in the total online retail sales, Amazon dominates US eCommerce. Such a majority reflects the trust of the consumer population.

The eCommerce giant enjoys most of the share in online sales, with the closest competitor having only 6.6% of market share, while Apple stands at number 3 with just 3.9% of the total online market share in the US. This clearly shows the amount of trust buyers and sellers have in this eCommerce platform. With such a significant difference between the top two online retail stores, it is high time that you start your Amazon store setup today and start selling on the world's largest online marketplace.

  • As of July 2020, Amazon's market value has reached $1.49 trillion, as reported by Forbes. And it is predicted to increase by 50% in 2021.

With a total market value crossing $1.49 trillion, Amazon has become one of the largest companies in the world, only after Apple, whose total worth is $1.61 trillion, and Microsoft, whose market value is worth $1.54 trillion. Moreover, the company's current market value is expected to increase by at least 50% in 2021. With buyers preferring Amazon over other platforms, the company is on the right track to achieve the target within the stipulated time.

  •  Amazon sells more than 75.1 million products as of March 2021

Amazon has sold over 75.1 million products across all the categories with a largest category on the platform being books (52.1 million); and the second-largest category being industrial and scientific products (3 million)

Therefore, identifying the right product niche and proper Amazon store management can help you stand out from the competition and be successful in the marketplace.

  • Amazon holds about 89.9% of the market share in the electronics category. Also, electronics are the most bought item on the Amazon market (44%).

In the electronics category, Amazon has a massive marketplace of 89.9%. This clearly shows how much users trust this eCommerce platform when buying an electronic item online. Additionally, electronic items (44%) are the most bought products on Amazon, followed by clothing and apparel (43%) and Home Kitchen (39%).

  • Very recent data from January 2021 reports that Amazon ranked 9th in the global internet traffic engagement.

In the list of top websites with the highest internet traffic engagement, Amazon is ranked 9th with 87.55% of the traffic generated from organic searches. Moreover, Amazon.com is ranked 14 among the most visited websites worldwide.

Customer Behavior Statistics

  • Almost 79% of US customers glance through Amazon customer reviews. This proves that as a seller you need to deliver quality products and services.

The value of positive reviews cannot be ignored anymore. People prefer to check reviews before deciding whether to buy a product or not. Hence, this statistic clearly shows why an Amazon seller should always focus on providing quality services along with a great product to every buyer. In addition, sellers can encourage their buyers to give valuable feedback to help potential customers know more about the product quality.

  • Globally, 63% of customers start their search for a new product on Amazon, and it is 49% in the United States.

As Amazon is the most preferred eCommerce platform for most people, they start their product research from Amazon before deciding to make a purchase. This stat is enough to emphasize the value of Amazon in the eCommerce industry.

  • 43% of US consumers click on Amazon advertisements from the web.

US consumers trust Amazon advertisements over actual results on search engines. This shows that Amazon is a better online marketplace to sell your products compared to any other platform.

  • Studies show that almost 89% of customers are more likely to purchase from the Amazon market than other marketplaces.

As Amazon is the #1 choice of customers when purchasing a product online, you should set up an Amazon store today to sell your products on the most preferred online marketplace.

  • 82% of consumers check the product prices from Amazon before making the purchase decision.

Whether the customers are buying online or offline, they would check the prices from Amazon before making their minds. If they find better prices on Amazon, they would most likely purchase from Amazon.

  • 45% of US consumers tend to scroll through at least two pages when searching for a product on Amazon.

When your product ranks higher in the Amazon search results, customers are more likely to click on it and make a purchase. Hence, proper Amazon store setup and management with Amazon listing optimization can help you place your products higher in search results.

Amazon Seller Activity Statistics

  • With 6254 sellers joining every day into the Amazon market, your competition is real and huge.

With such massive competition on this marketplace, it is essential to set up your Amazon store properly and optimize it using the right keywords to stay ahead of the competition and become a successful seller.

  • There are over 2 million third-party sellers who list their products on the Amazon market.

With more than 2 million sellers already selling their products on this top online marketplace, the competition is already huge, eliminating any chances of error. Hence, due to fierce competition, it is unlikely that your potential buyers will be able to see your product if your product listings are not optimized properly.

  • Around 94% of sellers avail themselves of the Fulfillment by Amazon option. This reveals the benefit and success of Amazon FBA.

Amazon FBA is a huge success, with sellers across the globe trusting it and making huge success in the Amazon marketplace. The primary reason for the success of Fulfillment by Amazon is that it increases the conversion rate and boosts sales.

  • There is more scope for the seller to operate globally as Amazon ships products to more than 100 countries outside the US.

As an Amazon seller, you get the benefit of marketing and prospecting your customers located in different countries, providing you a more comprehensive range of targeted customers and more opportunities to sell your products. Set up an Amazon store today and sell your products globally.

Amazon Traffic Details

  • Interestingly, 26% of consumers choose to buy the products appearing in the top result.

As these customers prefer purchasing products that appear higher in search results, sellers need to rank their products higher using listing optimization techniques to increase their conversion rate.

  • Amazon sellers in the home and kitchen products account for about 45% of the listing. This trend may continue in 2021, providing good sales for the home and kitchen item sellers.

As kitchen products are the third-most selling category with the highest number of sellers, Amazon sellers targeting this category have a huge competition and sales opportunities.

  • By 2021, Amazon is projected to achieve 39.7% in market share in the US eCommerce sales.

With customers turning towards online and Amazon targeting to increase its market share in the eCommerce industry, selling products on the Amazon marketplace will be an excellent opportunity for the businesses to grow and become successful.

  • 48% of US consumers visit amazon.com a few times a week, and increasingly, 89% visit the online marketplace at least once a month.

With such a massive amount of traffic on the website, Amazon provides an excellent opportunity for the sellers to market and sell their products. With Amazon store management, you can make your product reach potential customers and boost your sales.

  • Amazon had 3.10 billion mobile and desktop visits during July to December 2020 time period.

Benefit from this tremendous opportunity to market your products and sell them across the country on a marketplace that gets more than 3 billion visits in just six months.

  • 74% of the consumers visit Amazon when they are ready to buy the product.

As these customers have already decided to buy the product, seize the moment by providing them what they are looking for. When these customers find your product listed at competitive pricing, the conversion rate will be higher.


These statistics clearly show that Amazon is an excellent marketplace for businesses to list and market their products. They also show how customers trust Amazon marketplace and prefer this marketplace to purchase products over any other eCommerce platform. These statistics give clear insights into Amazon's dominance in the eCommerce world. We hope that these statistics would help you understand the Amazon marketplace. So, use these stats to create effective marketing campaigns for your Amazon store and target your potential customers more efficiently, giving a boost to your journey toward becoming a successful Amazon seller.

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