9 Significant Ways an Amazon Virtual Assistant can Help Boost Your Holiday Sales - Amazon Listing Service

9 Significant Ways an Amazon Virtual Assistant can Help Boost Your Holiday Sales

9 Significant Ways An Amazon Virtual Assistant Can Help Boost Your Holiday Sales

9 Significant Ways an Amazon Virtual Assistant can Help Boost Your Holiday Sales

The holiday seasons are a challenging but exciting time for any business. Amazon sellers have found 2020 to be a lucrative time for their brands. According to reports by Amazon, the Black Friday Sale reached a record high in the company's history, earning $4.8 billion in revenue. In addition, more than 71,000 SMEs surpassed the $100,000 revenue mark in 2020 during the Holiday Season. This was despite the financially tough year that the world had. The main reasons for this were the Amazon seasonal support, product variety and incredible discounts the company offered buyers. 

Other studies have indicated that this will become a trend in the future, as customers move further away from physical stores. The online retail business is ready to grow exponentially, and if you're a seller on Amazon, you can expect big things to come your way. 

Is this the Right Time to Hire an Amazon Virtual Assistant?

With the holiday season around the corner for this year, you might be on track to prepare for the show. But, with a mountain of tasks in front of you, do you think you'll be done in time for Christmas? If not, you could use some help.

Hiring a reliable Amazon virtual assistant will help ease the stress this holiday season. You can accomplish more, and for sure, there is an Amazon virtual assistant out there that fits your needs.

The Tasks an Amazon Virtual Assistant can Help You During this Holiday Season!

Customer Service 

Stats prove that 75% of customers will continue to purchase with a brand that delivers a consistent service experience across platforms. 

This holiday season might be a good time for you to entice this huge percentage of customers with the service that turns them into returning, long-term buyers. Amazon virtual assistants can help you deliver the most dedicated and personalized customer service, thereby freeing your internal teams for other tasks. From Amazon chat support to email assistance, they'll take over customer service across all channels. 

Moreover, suppose you have more than one store. In that case, it will be a wise choice to identify a team of customer service virtual assistants who can effectively handle the influx during the holiday season.

Review Moderation

Online threats, trolls and unavoidable negative reviews can harm your business reputation. One way to deal with this issue is to keep an eye on your reviews and moderate your content online. If you don't have the needed time, your remote seasonal support can help you collect customer feedback. They'll also be able to analyze this feedback and share insights about what customers liked and didn't like about your Amazon holiday sale store. It can also help you implement the necessary changes for the next holiday sale. 

Product Research

Every holiday season follows a specific trend. For example, if one-year fashion products are the preferred holiday gift, the next year, it may be homeware appliances. Adding new products that are in demand will create a great impact on your profits. However, product research is a time-intensive process. You can hire a remote assistant who can handle this job effectively. The virtual assistant can do detailed market research about customer buying behaviours and preferences during the holiday season. 

Product Sourcing

Product sourcing virtual assistants will have immense experience in sourcing the products from the right people. They'll keep your core specifications and cost/quality criteria in mind to vet suppliers. They know what MOQ is most economical for you and will ensure you have the items in stock in time for the holiday. 

Inventory Management

Most of the holiday sale products will be purchased for loved ones as a gift. And, if the listed item is not in stock, it might frustrate your customers and can lead to bad reviews. You can trust Amazon remote assistants to keep track of your inventory during the holidays and ensure the inventory is always up to the mark. They'll fill up any shortages while ensuring that excess inventory doesn't clog up your resources. 

Amazon Listing Services

Building a compelling Amazon page listing is especially important during the holiday since a well-designed page is more likely to get a higher number of orders. Your Amazon seasonal support team can help you clean up your existing Amazon store, get it ready for the holiday, and ensure visually compelling and informative. They'll make sure the listing details are transparent & accurate; the photo shows the product in the best light, and all links are working correctly. 

Amazon Page Optimization:

Experienced Amazon remote assistants are very knowledgeable about Amazon SEO. They'll be able to use the right keywords & key phrases, so your listing appears at the top of the search list. This way, customers will be able to see exactly what they want when they view the listing, and they'll be compelled to buy the product. 

Content Development

The key to engaging your prospects is to create premium-quality and compelling content. This is where Amazon remote seasonal support can help. They can write articles, website copy, product descriptions and social media posts which you can share across channels. Many Amazon virtual assistants can also help create videos, infographics, slides and memes, which you can share on social media. They can even develop compelling email marketing content where you can express your gratitude for their patronage and share details of your Amazon holiday sale. 


Once the content is ready, you need someone who can actively start running promotional campaigns. You can hire Amazon remote assistants who are highly experienced in marketing and social media management to promote your Amazon store holiday sale. These remote seasonal support professionals can offer a variety of services: 

  • They can measure competitor marketing performance and create detailed performance comparison reports, which you can use to improve your promotional campaigns. 
  • Create and run advertising campaigns across social media platforms and Google.
  • Actively answer any questions people post on your various digital platforms & engage audiences on social media posts. 
  • Analyze your marketing campaign performance and tweak the campaigns as necessary to improve leads and conversions. 
  • Analyze the impact generated by your seasonal discounts on holiday season shop activity. 

Wrapping up 

Amazon virtual assistants can be a massive help if you plan on having a holiday season sale. Contact VServe Amazon Listing Services to learn more about the remote seasonal support services we offer. Our Amazon remote assistants have helped make holiday sales of companies across industries a phenomenal success. We can help you too. Call us for more information.