Increase Sales with the Amazon Marketing Expert Advice

Amazon Marketing Expert Advice to Increase Sales

Amazon Experts Advice

Amazon Marketing Expert Advice to Increase Sales

Because of the enormous amount of traffic on the eCommerce platform, Amazon is a great place for sellers to showcase their products in front of their target audience. With such massive traffic, the competition on the forum is also huge. How can Amazon sellers beat and boost their product sales in this competitive marketplace?

Many Amazon sellers have succeeded on Amazon getting their products in front of the right audience and converting sales. If they can do it, then you can do it too. All you have to do is follow the best practices that boost your ranking, reachability, and conversion rate.

Here we bring the top 8 Amazon marketing experts' advice to help sellers increase their sales on Amazon and become successful as Amazon sellers.

1. Optimize Your Amazon Product Listing for SEO

It is not easy to get the attention of your potential customers and encourage them to purchase your products. By optimizing your product listing for Amazon SEO, you can ensure a higher ranking of your listing that can result in higher visibility and a higher click-through rate. Optimize your product listing for relevant keywords and mention product details aptly. Consider various aspects of your product listing, including product title, bullet points, product images, and product description, while optimizing the listing for Amazon SEO. However, while optimizing for Amazon, do not ignore Google because everything in your product listing can also be listed on Google. The leading search engine is a huge source of Amazon traffic.

2. Follow Amazon's Product Guidelines

It is important to always adhere to Amazon's product guidelines when creating and optimizing your product listing. If your product listing doesn't comply with the guidelines, Amazon may penalize your listing or ban your seller's account. This is why it becomes essential to get the services of Amazon experts who understand the guidelines and adhere to them while optimizing your product listing for Amazon and Google. With trusted and experienced experts, you don't need to worry about the consequences of not complying with the guidelines.

3. Use Amazon's Branding Tools

Amazon provides several beneficial tools to Amazon sellers that they can use to boost their product visibility and sales. However, sellers must register themselves with Amazon Brand Registry to use these features. After registering with Amazon Brand Registry, sellers can add A+ content to their listing. The quality is only available for brand owners, and it can help sellers stand out from the competition. The brand dashboard is another brand-exclusive feature that allows sellers to avail opportunities to boost relevant traffic, customer experience, and conversion. Brands also access features like Amazon attribution, Amazon Renewed, Amazon storefronts, and other features.

4. Leverage Amazon Ads

Using sponsored ads is a great way to increase sales on Amazon. It can help drive relevant traffic to your product listing and boost your brand visibility. To start advertising your products on Amazon, you must choose the products to promote and decide your advertising budget. According to, the average cost per click on Amazon is $0.89, and the average conversion rate is 36.67 conversions per user per day. Amazon provides multiple options to sellers for placing ads, including Sponsored Ads, Product Display Ads, and Headline Search Ads.

5. Get More Reviews

Product reviews have a significant influence on purchasing decisions of your customers. As many as 80% of online customers consider product reviews for deciding whether or not to buy a product online. For many Amazon sellers, convincing customers to give their thoughts is challenging. This is why some sellers started to incentivize customers to provide reviews. However, this is against Amazon's policies, and Amazon can remove such listings. Sellers need to develop an effective review management strategy to increase product sales. Amazon sellers can hire Amazon listing optimization experts to help them get genuine reviews from verified Amazon users.

6. Check and Track Competition

To become a successful Amazon seller, tracking what your competitors are doing in the marketplace is essential. Analyzing your competitors is a great way to know what you might be missing or what your potential customers may be looking for. Sellers can use the following four tools to track their competition:

  • SEMRush: Use this marketing tool to collect information on relevant keywords and track how the competitors' products rank on Amazon for those keywords.
  • Ahrefs: This tool allows sellers to analyze the product listing most successfully for a particular keyword.
  • Moat: Moat can be used to check and track competitor ads and how much money they invest in a particular ad type. This will help you analyze how the competitors target your potential customers and how successful they are in their campaigns.
  • Price tracking tools: As product pricing is an essential factor that potential customers may consider while buying a product, it becomes crucial for Amazon sellers to track when the competitors change their product pricing. Several excellent price tracking tools allow sellers to keep track of the prices of all competitors' product listings.

7. Add Backend keywords

Amazon product listing optimization services doesn't just include adding keywords to the product title, bullet points, and description. Sellers can use the backend keyword feature. These keywords can be added to Amazon Seller Central Management and are called Search terms. Amazon uses these keywords to rank product listings for relevant searches. This will result in better product visibility and more sales. Amazon allows sellers to add up to 125 words in backend keywords.

8. Win Buy Box

Winning Amazon Buy Box for your product is the best strategy to increase product sales. When an Amazon seller wins the Buy box, at least 80% of all the deals are redirected to that seller, as most buyers don't even look at other sellers' products. Buyers just click on "Add to Cart," and the seller who owns the Buy Box wins the sale. To win the Amazon buy box, sellers need to follow the following strategies:

  • Ensuring that the product is never out of stock
  • Responding to customer queries within 24 hours
  • Keeping a competitive product pricing
  • Using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
  • Sticking to the shipping guidelines
  • Reducing the defective products

Winning Amazon Buy Box for a particular product is an ongoing strategy, and sellers need to keep the listing optimized and track the competitors' pricing to keep the Buy Box for longer.


Every Amazon seller aims to boost their product sales using different marketing strategies, and there are several ways to achieve this. Following the suggestions mentioned above from Amazon marketplace experts will help Amazon sellers increase their sales but also help them improve brand awareness and achieve higher customer satisfaction.

From optimizing the product listing with the right keywords to continuously monitoring competitors' listing and pricing, staying ahead of the competition is the key to success as an Amazon seller. Managing all this can be difficult, but putting all the hard work into this can be worth it as it will help increase brand awareness and product sales.