7 Amazon Marketing Strategies to Boost your Business ROI

7 Powerful Amazon Marketing Strategies to Boost your Business revenue

7 Powerful Amazon Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Business Revenue

7 Powerful Amazon Marketing Strategies to Boost your Business revenue

As the largest e-commerce site in North America and among the most successful brands worldwide, Amazon offers a great platform for business owners to enhance their popularity. 

Statistics indicate that Amazon ships around 1.6 million packages every day. Amazon websites recorded 213 million visitors in the US alone in July 2020. 

There are many benefits of marketing your products on Amazon. Yet, business owners often struggle with making the most out of Amazon for their business. Data indicates that of the 9.1 million sellers on Amazon, about 2.3 million are presently active. Many of them report having issues getting their products to rank in the initial search engine results pages (SERPs).

Sellers can make the most out of Amazon SEO by reconstructing their marketing strategies. For instance, using Amazon sponsored products and Amazon sponsored ads, a business owner can build brand awareness and inform a buyer’s decision-making process. To enable businesses to gain more out of selling their products on Amazon, we shall explore seven powerful Amazon marketing strategies.

How does Amazon rank its products?

The A10 algorithm of Amazon is different from that of another search engine; consequently, you need to implement certain specific tactics for boosting your Amazon SEO rank.

Amazon prioritizes customer behavior, and this is revealed in terms of a customer’s product browsing preferences and purchase history. Elements that influence the order in which you see products on Amazon include:

  • Pricing information.
  • Customer reviews.
  • Type of images/videos on display.
  • Seller’s responsiveness to all inquiries.
Inner Image Cracking

These are some factors that you need to consider for Amazon search engine optimization. 

7 powerful Amazon marketing strategies to boost your business revenue

Write compelling product descriptions

Though your product descriptions do not directly affect the ranking, they impact visibility since they are indexed. Your product description is your opportunity to sell your brand and product in a way that gently encourages a customer. Talk about what makes your product unique and what benefits it provides to your customer.

Ensure that your product description is clear and compelling. You can incorporate some keywords and add a strong call-to-action for the conclusion. In addition, you can utilize some backend search terms for your keywords which can help boost your product’s search engine ranking on Amazon. Vserve product description writing services can help you gain a competitive edge in the Amazon market with product content that sells.

Incorporate high-resolution pictures

When you post information about any product online, it is vital to provide relevant information about your customer. Photographs and videos are important elements that help to generate conversions for a business. Ensure that your photos and videos are of high resolution. 

Product Photo Retouching

In Amazon, users can use the zoom-in feature to observe a product more closely. If, upon zooming in, a user finds a low-quality photo or a photo that shows something defective, it will immediately drive them away. Make sure that you are spending enough time taking high quality photos of your products before posting them online. If you need expert support to edit and enhance your product images, Vserve is here to help! You can get our image editing services for as low as $10/hour.

Encourage customers to review your products

The importance of hearing positive things about a product from another customer cannot be emphasized enough. Even in today’s world, people rely on word-of-mouth marketing and online reviews to understand whether others have been satisfied with using a product before deciding on whether they should use it. Amazon emphasizes customer reviews because of this reason and also because they want people to keep buying from them.

Products that have the best customer reviews lead to the most conversions. This helps these products get higher rankings on Amazon. When a customer buys any product from you, ask them to post an online review. Request them to give you honest feedback--you do not require five-star ratings to have a high rank.

Having a mixture of different types of reviews helps to gain trust from your prospective customers. In addition, striking a balanced review profile can help to build your credibility as an authentic seller.

Referral traffic

Optimizing your listing on Amazon is an excellent way to rank in a higher spot. However, the same tactic is being used by your competitors to drive sales on Amazon. So, what makes you different from them?

Utilize external traffic to drive interest to your website. Understand the trends of your consumers and the type of content they typically like to consume. By observing these trends, you can motivate them to visit your product page on Amazon. Depending on their preferences, you can collect data such as clicks and sources, which you can use to improve your target marketing efforts.

Use keywords

Keywords are an effective way to reach important leads and generate conversions. You can use keyword-generating tools to find relevant keywords for Amazon. Then, incorporate them into your title, product description, and in the backend of your product listing. 

Post competitive prices

Price is an important factor that determines the success of your marketing efforts on Amazon. Conduct in-depth research on prices offered by your competitors and post prices that would put you in competition with them. Monitor industry trends closely for all fluctuations in price.

Utilize bullets in product descriptions

Consumers prefer the product information presented in an easy-to-read and concise manner over long paragraphs. Incorporate bullets in your listings to enable your customer to grasp the essential facts about your product. This will make it easier for them to make a purchase decision.


Utilizing Amazon SEO is a great way to boost your revenue. By adopting the right marketing strategy, you can leverage tools offered by Amazon to direct more traffic to your products and turn them into conversions. 

With performance-driven Amazon SEO services, Vserve can help your business and your products become the choice of online shoppers. We have a decade of SEO and content optimization experience, plus our full suite of the best Amazon software to develop data-driven SEO and content optimization strategies that ultimately increase your product ranking and ROI.

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