Learn to Complete Applications to Sell a Product, Category, or Brand

Learn to Complete Applications to Sell a Product, Category, or Brand on the Amazon Platform

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Learn to Complete Applications to Sell a Product, Category, or Brand on the Amazon Platform

The largest online marketplace in the world, Amazon offers retailers a great platform to promote their goods to millions of shoppers globally. You should apply to sell a product, category, or brand on Amazon if you're a seller trying to grow your business and reach more customers.

To begin selling on Amazon, you must apply and fulfill several conditions. These would include supplying product information, adhering to Amazon's regulations, and going through the registration procedure. In this post, we'll look at how to apply to sell a brand, category, or product in the Amazon store.

The product must first be verified as safe. It must be compliant with all rules and laws and authorized for sale. Study the restricted product and product compliance policies carefully to confirm that Amazon does not prohibit the product.

Identifying whether the product needs any approvals is also essential. You can post certain items in the Amazon shop without getting approval. However, some products, categories, and brands that are members of the Amazon Brand Registry need approval. You must complete a selling application in Seller Central to receive approval for an Amazon product listing. It may involve document requests, performance reviews, and other requirements. Amazon has this procedure in place to ensure that customers can shop at the Amazon store with confidence, knowing that the products are genuine and safe.

How Can You Tell if a Product Needs to Be Approved?

Amazon has incorporated approval checks and applications into the Amazon product listing process. It allows you to assess whether a product needs permission.

  • Click "Add a Product" after hovering over "Inventory" in the Seller Central main menu to add a product that someone is already selling in the Amazon shop.
  • Search for the item using a product ID or GTIN (such as a UPC, ISBN, E-A-N, or J-A-N). You can also search using an ASIN or other ID combined with a description of the item, such as its brand or name. Find the item using the search results.
  • If the product needs approval, Amazon will show a "Show Limitations" link. Clicking on it will bring up a list of the prerequisites for an Amazon product listing. After reading the requirements, use the drop-down option to choose a product condition.
  • To start the approval procedure, click the "Apply to Sell" button, followed by the button on the selling application page. The goods advertised on the Amazon product listing page and the kind of approval required will determine which selling application may be necessary.

Selling Application for a Category Enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry

  • Start by responding to any inquiries about the product when creating a selling application for a category page Amazon product listing.
  • Provide a list of prerequisites for the purchase invoice; follow those instructions. The purchase invoice must have a 180-day expiration date. It must include the seller's name and address to be valid. It must also demonstrate a cumulative purchase of at least ten units, as well as the manufacturer's or distributor's name and address. It will show that the seller is the owner of the inventory.
  • Tick the box to agree that Amazon may contact the manufacturer or distributor to verify the document.
  • After checking each mandatory box, upload the purchase invoice as a high-resolution PDF file in the appropriate orientation.
  • Any optional comments that might aid Amazon in evaluating the application should be included, along with contact details Amazon can use to inquire further.
  • You must then finish the application by clicking the "Submit" button.

Selling Application for a Brand Enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry

  • Select the document type you wish to upload as part of your application on the selling application for brand page by clicking on it to begin.
  • You may upload a purchase order for the brand's goods that you obtained from a supplier or distributor, as well as a letter directly from the supplier or distributor approving your sale of the brand's goods.
  • Present the documents that satisfy the exact requirements as category approval when submitting a purchase invoice. You must include your name and address on any authorization letters you send. The date must be within 180 days and match the details on your selling account. You must also print the letter on the brand's letterhead and include the brand's name and address.
  • Ensure the PDF file is aligned correctly and has good resolution.
  • Before selecting "Submit" to finish the application, you must enter your contact information and any optional remarks after uploading either document.

Note: When you submit a selling application for a brand registered with Amazon Brand Registry, you expressly ask permission to match offers to the brand's current product detail pages. Amazon does not give you extra Amazon product listing rights to create or modify product detail pages for the brand. With this approval, you will not have access to brand-selling advantages like stores and A-plus content. These extra rights and benefits are only available to brand-approved third parties and internal brand sellers.

Requesting Approval for a New Product

  • Check to ensure there isn't already an Amazon product listing for your item. Use the "Product Adding Tool" to search for the article, and then click "Create a New Listing" if it doesn't appear in the search results.
  • When you choose a product type in the Amazon product listing creation process, you'll learn whether your new product needs category approval.
  • You can search for specific product types or browse them; it will display a lock icon and a "Learn More" button. Click to view the categories and products that need clearance on Amazon's assistance page for Amazon product listing creation.
  • Locate and click the "Request Approval" link next to the appropriate product category. It will take you to the selling application for the category page. Here, you may complete the Amazon product listing creation process using the same procedures.
  • When inputting information for the new description page later in the Amazon product listing creation process, you'll learn whether you need to submit a selling application for a registered brand. Error 5461 will appear when you enter or choose the brand name in the brand name field. The selling application for the catalog authorization page is accessible via the link in the error message. Here, you can apply for permission for Amazon product listing and selling for the brand.
  • Submit a letter of authorization from the brand along with product details and images as part of the application. You will require this to generate the new ASIN and product detail page. It's crucial to remember that this is the sole situation in which a seller other than the brand owner or another seller who has been given listing privileges for the brand can seek to create a new Amazon product listing for a brand registered with Amazon Brand Registry.

Time for Approval

You will receive a notification from Amazon that Amazon is reviewing your request for approval within 24 hours of submitting a selling application. Amazon finishes the evaluation procedure typically in three working days.

  •  Select "View Selling Applications" from the Seller Central main menu after hovering over "Catalog." It will let you keep track of the progress of a selling application.
  •  Once Amazon authorizes an application, you may begin with an Amazon product listing. Add items to your inventory by clicking the "List Products" option.


Selling on Amazon may be a lucrative chance for sellers to grow their brands and connect with millions of customers. The Amazon store has specified a few prerequisites for applying to sell a product, category, or brand. These include providing accurate product information, adhering to Amazon's standards, and completing registration. Once approved, you can start with an Amazon product listing.

Amazon offers several services, including the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program and the Amazon Brand Registry. It helps merchants to protect their brands, manage shipping and customer service, and handle fulfillment. Sellers can succeed on the Amazon platform by strictly adhering to their rules and utilizing these initiatives. With its extensive reach and reliable tools for Amazon product listings, Amazon provides sellers with many options to expand their businesses and thrive online.

Many businesses find it challenging to manage the demands of their core competence while also managing their Amazon product listings. They want to return their attention to their primary activities. They can ensure that their products are appropriately listed and optimized on Amazon by working with professionals in Amazon product listing services, like Vserve.

This blog is inspired by the video ‘Apply to sell a product, category, or brand in the Amazon store’ by ‘Amazon Seller University’.