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Increase Traffic to Your Amazon Listing Product

Increase Traffic To Your Amazon Listing Product

Increase Traffic to Your Amazon Listing Product

The Amazon Marketplace is similar to other marketplaces in terms of being lucrative and crowded. To gain maximum profits as a seller, you have to be the most unique among the other two million sellers on the platform. But if you are successful in grabbing your buyer's attention, the sale is bound to happen. The average rate of conversion in Amazon is 15%, which means it is three times higher than a regular e-commerce website. Therefore, the key to driving your buyer's attention towards your brand is maximizing your Amazon product listing. There are thousands of products on the marketplace, making it difficult for buyers to notice everyone. Hence, make it convenient for your buyers to find you by working on your Amazon listing optimization. 

Why driving traffic to your Amazon product listing is important?

As the sponsored advertisement costs and Amazon seller competition is increasing day by day, you need to get one step ahead by looking for additional ways to drive organic traffic to your amazon product listing. Although Amazon already offers incredible internal advertising solutions to sellers, it is still necessary to derive external traffic on your amazon listing products. 

Before you begin with the process of driving traffic to your Amazon product listing, you should make sure that your Amazon listing optimization is accurate, with a decent conversion rate. A robust Amazon listing optimization includes the following:

  • SEO-friendly content
  • High-quality images
  • Thorough product information
  • 25-35 reviews with at least a rating of 4 stars.

The primary benefit of optimizing your Amazon product listing is that you can derive external traffic directly at your Amazon storefront without competition or ads. 

How to derive traffic on your Amazon product listing?

To boost your Amazon listing products' visibility, we have highlighted a few essential techniques to derive traffic on your Amazon product listing. By using these strategies, you can lead buyers right at your Amazon store to make their way down to your sales funnel and grow to become your loyal customers forever. Let us dive in.

Amazon listing optimization with SEO.

Search engine optimization helps in leading buyers to your Amazon product listing. Both the shoppers who already exist on Amazon and external buyers who use other sites will find your Amazon listing products if you use appropriate keywords. In addition to this, other websites along with Amazon determine that your Amazon product listing is authentic and relevant, thus ranking it higher on the search engine. 

The popular tools for identifying the popular keywords used by the shoppers are:

Google Keyword Planner: This tool is free, indicating the search volume of keywords on the Google search engine, month-wise. Since Amazon product listing has high ranks on Google, this tool might prove extremely useful.

Scope: This is a keyword tool that is specially created for Amazon listing optimization. It offers tracking of keywords' monthly volume, estimated sales, ranking position, and much more. 

Once you know which keywords you want to use, you can place them throughout your Amazon product listing, like in the titles and product descriptions. 

Buying sponsored products ads.

Even by doing the best of search engine optimization, there is no guarantee that your Amazon product listing will rank higher on the Amazon search results. The marketplace considers some additional ranking factors like price, selling history, reviews, etc. Therefore, if you want to gain more control over the visibility of your Amazon product listing, you can pay for your ads to get sponsored to place them in higher search results. Moreover, you only need to pay when a buyer clicks on your sponsored ad, making your Amazon promotion a guaranteed payoff. 

Sharing your Amazon product listing on social media.

The average person spends almost three to four hours on social media daily. Considering this popularity, promoting your Amazon product listing on social media is a great way to increase traffic and get your products in front of thousands of potential buyers. Here are a few ideas on how you can subtly share your Amazon product listing on social media:

Share content linking your Amazon product listing: Post helpful and informative blogs and articles, including a link to your Amazon listing products. You can even create how-to-do videos for the same purpose.

Make promo codes: As a professional seller, you can create promotional links and share them on your social media business account to offer deals and discounts to your customers. Unlike traditional ads, sharing promo codes increases user value, as they can save money when buying from your Amazon product listing. 

Running Competitor Analysis.

To make your Amazon product listing internally visible, it needs to stay one step ahead of your competitors' Amazon listing products. If you fail to monitor how your competitors engage their shoppers, your product listing will always fall behind in getting higher search rankings and gaining buyers' attention.

To keep your Amazon product listing always on top in the search engine, you must monitor the following few factors:

Price: Every buyer is attracted to an online store when it offers its products at a lower price than others. Therefore, try to price your goods in the Amazon product listing lower or the same as your competitor's product rates.

Product images: Visuals are a significant factor in encouraging online sales. While shopping online, buyers are not only attracted to an excellent selling price but also to high-quality and clear product photos. Therefore, make sure that your Amazon product listing has more high-quality images than your competitors. 

Product descriptions: Be sure to add relevant information about your products or services on your Amazon product listing. If your listing is not getting a good rank in the search engine, there might be some issue with your keyword choice. Therefore, choose your keywords wisely. 

Partnering with a few influencers.

Just like any other e-commerce store, your Amazon product listing can get organic traffic simply by influencer marketing. Have some prominent influencers promote your services on their social media through pictures and videos linking your Amazon listing products. This would convey a message to your buyers that your Amazon product listing is worth checking out! 

For your Amazon listing optimization through influencer marketing, be sure that you make a list of those influencers with a strong community with a considerable base of social media followers. It is also important to look for influencers relevant to the kind of Amazon product listing you own. 

Maintaining a robust product rating.

For a marketplace as vast and competitive as Amazon, you need to make your first impression, a great one. Since Amazon is a huge name, your buyers would not settle for a product on your Amazon product listing with zero or average reviews. Therefore, maintaining high-star ratings is essential to make your first impression a positive one. These ratings will be visible to your buyers if they go through your products on your Amazon product listing. 

Here are a few easy ways to maintain high-star ratings on your products. 

Clear and straightforward product description: Describe your product exactly how it is. Do not add more or less information that might hurt your buyer's expectations after the product is delivered. 

Excellent customer support: Buyers are most likely to return and become loyal customers if they get their queries and issues solved instantly by the seller. Therefore, offering excellent customer service to your buyers is the most significant way of maintaining high stars on your Amazon product listing.

Reach out to negative reviewers: If your buyers leave a poor rating on your amazon product listing, reach out to them to see if their query or issue can be solved. This way, you would make your buyers feel valuable, and they might edit their reviews to a positive one in the future. 

Affiliate blogging.

While you would not completely control this unless you own your own blogging site, affiliate blogging is a great way to drive external traffic to your Amazon product listing. There are hundreds of blogging websites run by content creators associated with The Amazon associate Program. We will tell you how it works. Whenever you ask a blogger to write a blog related to your product, they would add an affiliate link to your Amazon product listing. This is a common practice known as Amazon affiliate blogging. That way, your hired blogger would also benefit by earning some commission each time a visitor clicks on your Amazon product listing link from their blog. 

Start Now!

We hope that this article has helped you understand how you can derive internal and external traffic to your Amazon product listing. By following the above-mentioned tips and techniques, you would not only get more and more conversions, but it will also assist you in gaining some valuable insights to understand your buyers on Amazon, which your competitors would not be able to do. 

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