Everything You Need to Know about Amazon Variation Listing

Everything You Need To Know About Amazon Variation Listing

Everything You Need to Know about Amazon Variation Listing

Nearly 197 million people search for Amazon.com from their devices. This makes it obvious for sellers on Amazon to provide the best customer experience, which can eventually help them to gain a lump sum profit. It may also be useful for enhancing their brand popularity in this marketplace. One of the best ways to offer exceptional customer service is by providing Amazon variation listings. So, if you want to know how to add a variation to an existing Amazon listing, read this article for more. 

Let us give you a small picture of what Amazon variation listing is- 

Suppose I am shopping for a t-shirt on Amazon and I want to know if a different size or colour is available for the same. How do I find that? Of course, I could search for this in the search section, but it might take a long time. So, I checked the variation of the same product listed below on the product page. This is what is known as an Amazon variation listing.

Amazon variation listing was designed to provide convenience to customers in finding a different size or colour. It also allows the customer to easily scout from a range of similar products for a more comfortable shopping experience. In return, it may allow you to gain better conversions and customer visibility too. Let me detail you more on this below. 

What Is Amazon Variation Listing?

These are also known as parent-child relationships that are different product options designed for you to refer to for sale under a single listing. The products are mostly similar but may differ in size, cost, colour and print. 

For example- I am a seller on Amazon, and I have 30 products that are similar in type but different in colour. Instead of having them listed on entirely different pages altogether, I group them on the same product page. 

Each of these products contains a distinguished ASIN variation. This proves to be a good strategy for me as it provides convenience for my customers and me. All I need to learn is how to add a variation to an existing Amazon listing. Once I get the hang of it, there is no turning back. 

What Are The Elements Of Amazon Variation Listing?

The Amazon variation listing comprises of three types- 

1. Parent Listing

The parent listing contains child listings. This one is a non-buying entity. In the Amazon catalogue, parent listings are used to link the child listings properly. For example- if I see three different pants under the same listing, this indicates that they are child products. 

2. Child ASINs

These are the genuine variants of the parent product that I can purchase. A single parent ASIN can have various child products. Each child variant is different from the other. This could be in terms of size, shape, colour, print and so much more. 

3. Variation Theme

This one is a form of variation that analyses how related products are distinguished from one another. This can be different based on the type in which you list your products. If I want, I can also choose to apply two variation themes in particular theme categories. This can help customers to choose the size and colour without going through single products and wasting time. 

What Are The Benefits Of Amazon Product Listing?

Did you know that nearly 9 out of 10 customers check the prices of products on Amazon? Well, price does have an important role to play when purchasing products. But what is even more important is to find the desired product. 

If that is possible, buyers won't mind spending a fortune on Amazon. That is why Amazon product listing needs to be executed carefully to provide buyers convenience and comfort at every step of the way. Here are some other benefits you might want to look at before jumping into how to add variations to an already existing Amazon listing

1. Boost Conversions

The best part about using Amazon product listings is that shoppers do not have to go through single products to search for what they want. It is grouped under a single listing. So, you can choose from the different colours, shapes and other types to get what you want. As such, it helps spike up the conversion rates and bring lump sum revenue.

2. Improve Child Listing Visibility 

If you want to improve your under-performing listings, combining them with high-performing listings is a good practice. For example- I sell lipstick that is not doing well on Amazon. So, I combine it with a compact powder that is quite high-performing. So, you can easily add your new listing as a variation to an already existing lipstick ASIN. 

3. Improve Organic Ranking

Before you want to know how to add variations to an already existing Amazon listing, you must understand the importance of improving organic ranking. If you have good ratings on your brand, Amazon will automatically help you rank high. So, when every sale on the parent-child listing combines with the entire sales history of the child listings, it results in organic ranking to an extreme level. 

How To Add A Variation To An Existing Amazon Listing?

If you want to add a variation to an existing Amazon listing, you need to focus on the steps properly. Make sure that you do exactly as I mention so that there is no room for errors. Here, I have listed a comprehensive guide for your reference to avoid having to face any hurdles. So, pay attention to that. 

1.Install the right category template. Go through the Valid Values tab in the template to understand the available variation themes. 

2.The next thing you need to do is create parent and child SKUs by visiting the inventory template. 

3.On the parent item-

  • Include the demanded values for every section. This must contain SKU as well. You can insert any alphanumeric string here of 40 characters. It could be even less but make sure it isn't a copy of the SKU. As a seller, I could even choose to combine "parent" to the base SKU. This helps keep in mind a note of the Parent SKU. 
  • Do not fill up the parent SKU section. 
  • Include the value of the Parent in the parentage section. Also, enter a proper value in the Variation Theme column. 
  • Do not fill up the Relationship Type section. 
  • Whatever comes after that need not be filled. 

4.For all the child sections-

  • Add in the right values for every section when needed.
  • Enter the important details in the Parent SKU.
  • Add Child in Parentage and add Variation in Relationship Type. 
  • Visit the Variation Theme section and include the same value you had incorporated for Variation Theme on the Parent. 

How To List Diverse Variations On Amazon?

Before you start forming your parent-child listing on Amazon, properly inspect the product categories that are significant for listing variations. Here are the primary listing categories that authorize variations- 

  • Pet Supplies 
  • Toys & Games
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Grocery
  • Health & Beauty
  • Clothing
  • Accessories & Shoes. 

Once you finish off with this, it won't be late when you realize that creating a listing on Amazon is not a tough nut to crack. As a registered Amazon seller, you can go on reading the steps I have mentioned below for a more appropriate helping hand. 

For starters, there are two main ways to create listings variations on Amazon. Either download it or perform the entire task manually. So, let me help you learn about how to add variations to an already existing Amazon listing

Step 1- Log in to your Amazon Seller Central Account.

Step 2- Tap on the Inventory button and add a product from the drop-down menu list present there. 

Step 3- Fill in all your important information over here. Make sure each section is filled carefully with no room for errors. The Product Name, Manufacturer and all other details need to be mentioned properly. Once you complete doing this, tap on the Variations button and choose your Variation Theme. 

Step 4- Now, upload the correct inventory file. For this, you have to start by visiting the Seller Central Dashboard. Now, tap on Add Products via Upload. Once you do this, add your desired product, choose the correct category and tap on Generate Template. 

The Bottom Line

Today, Amazon sells more than 12 million products. As such, it is one of the best places to acquire potential customers, make the most of your business and improve organic rankings. That is why learning how to add a variation to an existing Amazon listing could go a long way for you on Amazon. 

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