How to Use Amazon Product Videos to Boost Your Sales

How to Use Amazon Product Videos to Boost Your Sales

How To Use Amazon Product Videos To Boost Your Sales

How to Use Amazon Product Videos to Boost Your Sales

Amazon product videos are an excellent way to sell your products online. They allow the customer to look at the product more comprehensively, credibly, and clearly. As a result, the customer can resolve any doubts relating to the product and understand what all they can expect from it. This type of video is also highly exciting and engaging for the customer. This is why it increases their chances of purchasing that specific product to a considerable percentage. So, if you want to know how to add videos to Amazon listings, this article is the perfect guide for you. 

Adding Amazon product videos may also help build better client and seller relationships. This is because the customer's credibility improves, and they are more willing to purchase the product than ever. A good video that displays the features, benefits, and other aspects of the product is more likely to grab potential customers. 

Even if the customer finds the written product description misleading, the product videos can help resolve all their queries. This reduces your hassles, too, as the inconvenience of receiving returns and dealing with exchange products is reduced to a considerable extent. That is why nearly 90% of customers state that videos help them to make more informed decisions. Read on to find out how this can work well to improve your sales. 

The Comprehensive Guide On Uploading Product Videos On Amazon

I understand that uploading Amazon product videos is a tough nut to crack. However, that is what I am here to make easy for you. If you follow my simple steps, you are bound to see the light of the day. But for starters, here's what you should know to have the safest experience without any compromise-

Amazon has launched a new feature where vendors have to pay a small amount of money to use the product video feature on the Amazon marketplace. This may hold a cost of nearly $1,500 per page, inclusive of ASIN. However, if you are a marketplace seller with a registered brand, you can use this feature free of cost. So, before you wish to know how to add videos to Amazon listings, identify whether you have to pay any sum for it. 

Step 1- Learn The Guidelines Of Amazon Product Videos 

Money is not the only concern when uploading Amazon product videos. The marketplace has also set stringent guidelines for people who use this feature. So, you need to make sure you follow each of them without thinking twice. Any error in this process and you might get disqualified from using the feature. Then, why take a risk? Read this carefully and make sure you leave no room for mistakes. 

  • The videos must be curated in the English language. Any other language is prohibited from use. 
  • No health claims are allowed.
  • The customer review should not be older than a year. 
  • Each fact in the video must be backed by objective evidence. 
  • There should be a complete absence of any defamatory or derogatory comment in the product video. 
  • No controversial or sensitive data is allowed in the video. 
  • No customer should be compelled to deviate from Amazon in the video. 
  • The product video you create must strictly be related to your brand. 
  • A customer review video should only include reviews with product information. Nothing else is allowed. 
  • Technically, the video should be 480p or higher. The ratio should be 16:9. 
  • The file is not allowed to exceed 5GB size. Be careful of that. 
  • The video must be made in .mo4 file format. 

Step 2- Create High-Conversion Amazon Product Videos That Boost Sales

Simply creating an Amazon product video will not help boost sales. So, along with learning how to upload videos to Amazon listings, you must also know how to create high-quality videos that will help boost sales. Here, I am going to talk about that. So, pay close attention. 

I think that videos are some of the most effective strategies to boost sales. That is because they are easily attention-grabbing, more convenient for customers, and provide high insight into a specific product. Did you also know that the conversion rate on landing pages with video accelerates by nearly 80% at a time? That is why creating high-conversion videos is the need of the hour. 

For this purpose, you need to think of what the intention of your video is. Do you want to highlight the features of the product or the color? The next thing you need to focus on is the specifications that you need to highlight. After that, you must focus on the video's message to the viewers strictly. For this, I recommend you take a good amount of time to prepare. Do not make a rush. Also, keep in mind to involve as much creativity as possible in the video. That will be its unique selling point. 

Try to keep the video as short as possible. Long videos are a bore. Remember that the best high-conversion videos have a duration of 30 to 45 seconds. Stick to that timeframe. I also recommend keeping them sweet and decent. 

Finally, remember always to create videos that are true to the audience. Never create decisive videos that may leave the customer bewildered. This could take away their trust from your brand as well as the overall marketplace. 

Step 3- Learn How To Upload Videos To Amazon Listings

This process is the easiest. All you require to cater to is to follow the steps given below. Make sure you do not skip any step as that could be a potential risk to take. The video might not get uploaded properly. 

  • Go to your seller account. 
  • Open your inventory.
  • You will find a dropdown there. Click on upload and manage videos. 
  • Now, tap on the upload video button and choose the file you wish to upload. 
  • Enter an accurate title and ASIN that is required for the video. 
  • Upload a thumbnail for the same. Remember that you need to do it in jpeg format.
  • Now, tap on the submit button and send the video to Amazon. They will approve it if they like it. 

Remember that the reviewing process may consume some time. In most cases, it takes up to a week or longer. If the video receives approval, you may be able to see it on the landing page in 2 days. However, keep in mind that there are not more than six images uploaded on the product page. If that is done, the video may fail to show on the product page. So, this is how to upload the video to Amazon listings the right way. 

How Can You Use Amazon Product Videos To Boost Sales?

1. Request Video Reviews From Customers

You know that Amazon requests customers for feedback after they purchase from the site. However, this form of request is always available. But if you wish to personalize your request, you may do so with a few clicks. 

As such, customers will get a new type of pop that they are more likely to open and read. If they find it convincing, they might accept the request to review the video for you. Make sure that you state step-by-step instructions for your customers in the request box. That will help them to perform the job accordingly. This will automatically help boost your sales. 

2.Hire A Video Production Service

Generally, you get two options to create videos- either you do it yourself or hire a video production service on a budget. Naturally, the latter is a better choice because they have expertise in this field. 

The company you select will rely on several factors mainly, expertise, agency, the field of work, and so much more. That is why I recommend you hire them and help boost your sales. Since they know how to hit the right buttons, they will not leave any stone unturned in bringing nothing but the best to the table. Even if you want to know how to add videos to Amazon listings, they will guide you. 

The Bottom Line 

I hope you found this comprehensive guide on using Amazon product videos to boost sales helpful. If it was so, make sure you leave a like, share and comment on this article. It will help me expand my services to many other people who need help in this field. 

Also, read this article one more time if you want to be thorough with adding videos to the Amazon listing. Whether you are a vendor or a marketplace seller there, it will come in handy for you at all times. So, follow each instruction precisely. 

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