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Understanding Amazon Store Repricing Tools and Its Benefits to Your Business

Maximize Your Profits

Setting a price for a product can be challenging. Market considerations include product demand, rivals' prices, current trends, and fashion, among many others. The established price, however, is not a fixed one. Sellers continue to move around the same amount despite the shift in the market. Therefore, One of the key strategies to maintain a competitive edge today is using Amazon store repricing tools. These sophisticated software solutions have revolutionized how sellers manage their pricing strategies, enabling them to maximize profits, increase sales, and stay ahead of the competition.

Today, we’ll explore the Amazon Store repricing tools and how they can benefit your business. Let’s dive in!

Understanding Amazon's Dynamic Marketplace

Before diving into the benefits of Amazon store repricing tools, it's essential to grasp the dynamic nature of the Amazon marketplace. Amazon is a highly competitive platform where product prices can fluctuate rapidly due to various factors, including changes in demand, competition, and market conditions. As a result, sellers need to adapt their pricing strategies in real time to stay competitive and capture the Buy Box.

The Role of Amazon Store Repricing Tools

Amazon store repricing tools are advanced software solutions designed to automate and optimize the pricing of products listed on the platform. These tools employ sophisticated algorithms and real-time data analysis to make instant pricing adjustments, ensuring your products remain competitive and visible to potential buyers.

Benefits of Repricing on Amazon

Repricing products on Amazon benefits sellers in many ways. Most Amazon sellers change their product prices several times a day. Moreover, Amazon too modifies the prices of its private label products frequently. Here are three main benefits sellers can avail themselves by repricing their products:

1. Gaining a Bigger Share of Buy Box

Product pricing is one of the significant factors Amazon's A10 algorithm considers when awarding buy boxes. If a seller prices the product rightly along with other seller metrics, the chances of winning the buy box increase. While price matters, it is not the only factor that decides who wins the buy box. However, pricing matters more for arbitrage sellers than private-label sellers, as arbitrage sellers always compete with other sellers. While private-label sellers usually get the buy box, repricing products on Amazon still matters. Repricing will help sellers keep the products competitive with similar products from different brands.

2. Clearing Out Old Products in Inventory

Clearing out the inventory becomes essential if you sell seasonal products with an expiry date. You don't want your products to expire while sitting on your list or end up left with huge stock by the end of the season. This will result in a loss of profit as products left after the end of the season may accumulate storage costs, whereas products not sold before their sell-by date will become waste. Hence, Amazon sellers can use the repricing tool to clear up the pending stock before the sell-by date or by the end of the season.

3. Offering Discounts

Product repricing strategy can be used when offering discounts to customers during special events like Christmas, Black Friday, etc. Many sellers price the products higher during these events to make up for discounts offered during such events.

Things to Consider While Repricing Your Amazon Products

Sellers need to keep an eye on various things before repricing their products on Amazon:

Profit Margin

Unless you are a new seller or launching a new product in the store, you should not be selling your products at a loss. You should not sell more products to win the buy box or increase sales. Instead, the main focus should be to stay in profit. Hence, your profit margin is the first thing you should consider while repricing your products on Amazon.

 Competitors' Listing Prices

How are your competitors pricing the product? How often do they change the pricing of their listing? These are essential things to consider, especially when you don't have the Amazon Buy Box. However, you can consider repricing higher to gain profits after winning the buy box. You can use a good pricing tool that provides a detailed product price history.

Your Inventory's Age

Do you have products that are about to expire? Or is it the end of the season if you are selling seasonal products? If yes, it is a great time to consider lowering the prices to increase sales and sell products before time.

Your Method of Fulfillment

Are you an Amazon FBA seller? If yes, you will be eligible for Prime delivery and gain several advantages over your competitors who don't sell through FBA. When you have FBA, you can consider excluding the pricing of the competitors who don't have FBA while reprising your product.

Your Product's Buying Cycle

Products with low prices have shorter buying cycles, and sellers don't have much opportunity to reprice these products often as there is with high-priced products with a longer purchasing cycle. For example, if someone wants to buy a cellphone, the buyer will not immediately make a purchase. Instead, they will look for the prices for days or even weeks. If the product price fluctuates often, the buyer stays interested until the price falls. An increase in the product may put the buyer off.

Wrapping Up

There are no magical Amazon store repricing strategies. Through experimentation and experience, you can discover the most effective techniques for you.

If you are searching for the most effective tools for Amazon store repricing, you can contact Amazon Listing Services.

Consequences and Causes of Amazon Store Stockouts [& How to Avoid It]

Consequences And Causes Of Amazon Store Stockouts

When products fly off your shelves on the Amazon marketplace, your brand is doing well. It means all or some particular products you have are in demand. It also means that you need to maintain a good stock level for well-performing products on Amazon. Running out of stock (or stockouts) can negatively affect your Amazon listing, future sales, and brand reputation.

Therefore, Amazon order entry and management plays a vital role in assisting vendors to maintain their stock and keep their sales flowing.

Many people, especially beginners, think that Amazon inventory management is about listing product quantities in Amazon Seller central. However, it is much more than that.

To drive sales and rank at the top of Amazon's product search engine, you need to maintain cash flow, sales forecasting, order volume, etc. However, the platform makes it challenging for sellers to maintain healthy stock levels. It is because Amazon releases payments only twice a month.

However, sellers need to maintain Amazon inventory management and fulfill store orders regardless of these. Otherwise, there could be serious consequences of running out of Amazon inventory.


Risks of Running Out of Amazon Store Order & inventory

In local brick-and-mortar stores, running out of stock results in lost sales for that particular item. However, the case is far more complicated when it comes to Amazon.

Running out of stock affects your product listing and negatively affects your future sales. The major consequences of running out of inventory on Amazon involve:

Loss of Trust and Competitive Edge

Amazon rewards sellers with hot-selling products and exceptional customer service. But Amazon store stockouts can result in the loss of this privilege. It can also lead to a lost ranking of your products on the marketplace, no matter how best you've optimized your listings. Customers feel disappointed when products they want to buy from you run out of stock.

As a result, you will lose buyers' loyalty and trust in your brand on the Amazon marketplace. These ultimately lose sales, low Amazon search ranking, and a lost competitive edge.

Lost Revenue

The most obvious and serious consequence of Amazon store stockouts is lost revenue. For example, if someone places an Amazon store order for your product, but the item is out of stock, you lose the sale and profit from it.

As a result, people may buy the product from your competitor. In this way, you may lose the customer forever, which means fewer recurring sales in the future.

You won't be able to trade products that are not available in your stock. Moreover, Amazon does not approve the orders made for back-ordered articles.

Therefore, running down the inventory would surely decrease your product listing. So, you won't be able to generate any revenue out of the products unless your inventory is refilled.

Lower Product Ranking

Running out of inventory negatively impacts your shopping search results. According to the Amazon search ranking algorithm, the availability of the products is a key factor. It also determines the product ranking on the Amazon search engine.

Hence, if you run out of stock for a particular product, Amazon will not list your product. If this happens frequently, then there is a possibility that your Amazon product ranking will be knocked down. Finally, your product will appear in the last position even if your stock is full.

Lack of Seller Reviews and Latest Products

No sales mean no latest reviews on your products. In addition, it is quite tricky for Amazon visitors and shoppers to leave positive feedback on the product that does not appear in the search results. It might be a small thing. However, customer reviews have a very positive impact on the seller's profile and product listing.

Therefore, it is a must always to maintain your Amazon store order & inventory to make your product appear at the top of the Amazon search engine. In addition, it helps you get expected revenues, consistent sales, and positive feedback from your shoppers.

Customer Responses to Stockouts

As mentioned above, Amazon store stockouts can frustrate shoppers. As a result, they generally switch to your competitor on Amazon or choose another platform which is not a good sign in the eyes of the eCommerce giant.

Common consumer responses when you run out of Amazon store inventory and order:

  • Switching stores or eCommerce platforms to purchase the same product.
  • Consumers feel baited when they see that a heavily promoted or advertised product has gone out of stock. It can be detrimental to both your brand image and the Amazon store. It spoils your brand image and presents you as a bad-performing seller for the store.
  • Loyal customers substitute a different variety or size of the same product.
  • Sometimes, customers may even choose not to buy the product anywhere.
  • When shoppers encounter an out-of-stock item before or after adding the product to their cart, they may abandon the store altogether. At the same time, they also ditch other products added to the cart.


Causes of Product Stock Outs on Amazon

You see how detrimental Amazon stock outs can be. So, it's the right time to act and prevent running out of stock. Before we talk about the solutions, let's quickly take a look at the most common causes behind the out-of-stock state:

Disparities between product counts

Four major causes of discrepancies between item counts are:

  • Technical issues
  • Human error
  • Loss of products because of theft or damage (called shrinkage)
  • A combination of the above issues

Inaccurate forecasting and reporting

An unexpected surge in consumer demand also causes inventory shortages. However, inadequate reporting and forecasting may also cause the issue.

Inadequate forecasting makes it inevitable that some buyers are disappointed when the item they need is unavailable.

Similarly, inaccurate reporting results in wrong decisions about inventory and other business aspects.

Logistic problem

Most of the Amazon order management issues are within the control of retailers. However, logistics-related issues can be challenging to deal with. This is especially when the pandemic has disrupted the global supply chain. Studies show that 38.8% of small businesses have experienced logistic delays because of the pandemic.

Poor cash flow management

Lack of enough cash means you cannot buy products to fulfill orders. This ultimately results in Amazon store stockouts and reduced sales.

How can Retailers Avoid Amazon Store Stockouts?

Many retailers work proactively to prevent "out-of-stock" situations. With careful planning and the right tools, it's easy to prevent Amazon store stockouts and keep your customers happy.

  • Stay informed of suppliers' lead time: Lead time means how long it takes for suppliers to prepare the product for shipping from the date you send the purchase order. The lead time depends on your order quantity.
  • Ask suppliers of monthly guaranteed production: This gives you a fair idea of how many backup suppliers you will need.
  • Calculate the reorder point: How many units do you need to cover supplier lead times. This includes how long it takes to send them to purchase orders, the margin of error for delayed production or shipping, etc. As a result, you will know when to order by looking at your Restock Report in Seller Central.
  • Always have a buffer: Always maintain a backup of your stock to prevent Amazon store stockouts.

In case you run out of stock:

  • Pause your marketing campaigns for that product: Stop any ads, especially Amazon PPC, for your product listing that you cannot fulfill until you get more stock. This will reduce visibility and traffic to the product page out of stock.
  • Increase the item's price: BE CAREFUL! Do this only if stopping your marketing efforts does not work. Increasing the cost may discourage people from buying from you in the meantime. But don't do this before pausing Amazon PPC because you don't want your customers to go to your competition.

While these efforts may affect your ranking, you can run promos and giveaways to recover your Amazon ranking. You can also run sponsored product ads to boost the organic ranking of your brand on Amazon.


Final Words

Amazon order processing and Amazon inventory management is a critical task to handle. But the process works to streamline operations and helps reach more customers for your business.

If you are looking for a complete solution to Amazon marketplace management, you should be keen on choosing your partner. Reach us at to get all your queries answered.

Various Benefits of Setting up an Amazon Store

Various Benefits Of Setting Up An Amazon Stor

Thanks to the growing number of benefits, an increasing number are setting up an Amazon store. Before breaking down the various benefits of setting up an Amazon store, let us first understand what an Amazon store is.

What is an Amazon store?

In simpler terms, an Amazon store is a brand home within Amazon. It is a custom multipage shopping destination for individual brands to share their story and offerings. Those who wish to sell on the Amazon platform must enroll with the Amazon Brand Registry.

Thus, doing this will enable the respective seller to create a dedicated Store within the Amazon platform at no additional cost. Furthermore, the registered seller is provided with a unique Amazon URL.

Amazon is helping its registered sellers do more business on its Amazon platform

It might surprise many that even though Amazon allows business owners to register for free on its platform to set up an online store, the eCommerce giant also supports its sellers by rolling out new strategies and policies.

One of the noteworthy features in this direction is Amazon opening up more eCommerce functions to its third-party vendors. There are also several other benefits to setting up an Amazon store. Read on to understand them.

1. The ideal platform to showcase inventory

Setting up an Amazon store is one of the best ways for a vendor to showcase his inventory. Furthermore, the products are displayed such that they are differentiated from one another instead of being presented in a jumbled order. Lastly, each product is distinguished and classified, thus making it effortless for the user to identify, find, and purchase it.

For example, if a user wants to purchase a toothpaste on Amazon, the eCommerce giant offers the user the best deal and gives the user a gratifying shopping experience. When you visit Amazon and reach the page where toothpaste is sold, you will discover the clever yet professional manner in which the various product options are available.

The product, which is toothpaste, will also be classified based on the ingredients used to make it. It will be further classified, keeping the consumer in mind.

For example, one section will be for older people, and you will also find toothpaste options for children. Doing this makes it easy for consumers to find exactly what they want.


2. An ideal platform to launch a new product

Amazon is regarded as one of the best platforms for launching a new product. The eCommerce giant is giving its offline counterparts a tough run for their money. Many small and medium business owners opt to launch their products or services on Amazon.

The online eCommerce platform has, at any given time, many thousand users from different geographical locations. Beyond any doubt, it gives business owners the confidence that their brand will reach out to a wide spectrum of consumers.

3. Vendors have realized that the eCommerce platform is here to stay

Digital marketing experts expect that the eCommerce platforms could register a slump in visitors and sales after the coronavirus pandemic restrictions. However, much to their surprise, it has worked the other way round. The coronavirus pandemic and the lockdowns imposed to curb the spread of the virus left people with no option but to stay indoors.

Once lockdown restrictions were relaxed, the economy was limping, and at this juncture, eCommerce stores did brisk business as the brick and mortar stores downed their shutters. When stores are opening their doors to visitors in the new normal, eCommerce stores are here to stay. Despite the roller coaster ride Amazon has had, the reputed eCommerce giant has stood the test of time.

Thus, with Amazon, vendors are sure that their virtual store is in safe hands. It is one of the primary reasons why increasing numbers of vendors set up a store on Amazon.

4. Helps business owners take their business online

Picture this. Joe is a happy-go-lucky small business owner who sells imitation fashion jewelry for women under the brand name Kaleidoscope. He has set up his small business and sells unique fashion jewelry for women in the New York uptown area.

He has his series of loyal customers who regularly visit his store and make a purchase. Besides this, Joe has as customers first-time customers who purchase not so much from his store. It has been nearly a decade since Joe has done business, and there has been no significant growth in sales.

On the recommendation of one of his friends, Joe decided to give setting up an Amazon store a try. A skeptical Joe joined the bandwagon of several vendors. Much to his surprise, virtual visitors took note of Joe’s business on Amazon. As days passed, Joe only thanked his stars for the decision he made.

At the Amazon store, Joe sells in a day what he sells at his Kaleidoscope store in uptown New York. Currently, Joe owns and operates his Kaleidoscope store, and thanks to Amazon, he has established his business online.

5. Consumers trust Amazon

Those who sell their products and services on Amazon do not have to go through the trouble of communicating to internet users how good the eCommerce platform is. It is an added advantage for vendors.


6. Amazon ranks high on search engine research pages

When an internet user searches for a product or a service online, Amazon is sure to reflect on the first page of the search page results. Vendors continue to rejoice that Amazon receives good website traffic, and it also increases the number of virtual visitors visiting their Amazon store.

Besides this, there are other benefits to setting up an Amazon store. After reading this article, are you now considering setting up your Amazon store? You can get in touch with Amazon Listing Service if you wish to. The team of experts will handhold you in establishing your store from scratch.

Additionally, for those who are already on the Amazon platform selling their products and those who are preparing to get there, we have discussed four of the important salient features of an Amazon store:-

  • The technical infrastructure is really strong.
  • It contains technically designed templates that can be customized to match business needs.
  • The search engine optimized websites offer easy navigation irrespective of which search engine you use.
  • Customer confidentiality will be maintained with the help of SSL certification.

You can get in touch with Amazon Listing Service to have your dream store transformed into reality. Reach out to a specialist at Amazon Listing Service and sign up for a service depending on your business needs.

Drive High Sales on Your Amazon Store Through eCommerce Store Development Services

Drive High Sales On Your Amazon Store Through Ecommerce Store Development Service

When you start your online eCommerce business, you expect nothing but a good return on investment. Boosting online eCommerce sales is the major objective of all businesses, whether large or small. The only way to do that is to have a good marketing strategy. One of the best ways to drive high sales with a marketing strategy is to have experts within your ranks. 

You can employ eCommerce Website Development Services to make sure that the next steps you’re taking for your business are directed towards success.

If you’re still skeptical, keep reading to know about the ways that eCommerce Store Development Services lead to high sales:

What are eCommerce Website Development Services?

Accessibility is improved by Ecommerce Website Development Services. It enables businesses to quickly reach not just their usual audience, but also those beyond it. It contributes to the creation of a quality eCommerce experience to attract demanding modern consumers. ECommerce website development services give you a lot of client information. With this in your arsenal, you can have the ability to comprehend your customers' demands and forecast their behavior.

There is no doubt that eCommerce web apps provide several advantages to clients. With the assistance of our Amazon Listing Service, you can rest assured that your website is optimized exactly to your needs and your customers’ advantage.

24/7 Accessibility

With eCommerce store development services, your store is kept open 24 hours, 7 hours a day. Your customers can visit and access your store so that they can order their favorite products even during breaks or holidays. You can even go on a vacation and your store will be kept up and running. Round-the-clock service will be to your store’s advantage. Customers can look for what they need even if you are already in bed catching some Zs. 

Access to your customers’ data

There is a goldmine of consumer data waiting to be used when you engage with eCommerce website development services. This is one of the biggest advantages that purely online eCommerce stores have. 

Consumers not only submit their phone numbers, email address, and names, but they also contribute a wealth of consumption patterns and other demographic data. This way, you can give out promotions and coupons that work specifically to their consumer traits. With an idea of their purchasing behaviors, you can direct their focus to products that are related to the ones they frequently check out.

Low upkeep costs

An eCommerce store’s upkeep is relatively low compared to a traditional brick-and-mortar store that has to spend quite a lot for the business’ physical set-up and maintenance. More effort is exerted because everything is done personally. With an online eCommerce store, you can just sit at a desk and have everything sorted with your team of experts. In truth, traditional brick-and-mortar companies have created web-based businesses to compensate for competing against eCommerce stores.

Expand your reach

With eCommerce website development services, you will have the opportunity to extend your reach. No more are the days when your business is only recognized by local customers. Now, even overseas customers can engage with you. When you manage an eCommerce company and send things internationally, the same consumer may probably purchase anything from your site and have it sent to them. Geographical websites are rendered insignificant by eCommerce websites.

Uniquely designed store to stand out

Employing the services of professionals will help your Amazon store to stand out. Having your content be average can easily have it lost in the crowd. There will be no more duplicate listings because each listing will be distinct and thorough. Your product listings and the visuals that come along with it will be top-notch and professional-looking. This shows your customers that you are a legitimate and professional business, earning their trust and loyalty in the process.

Optimizing for mobile use

Gone are the days when your eCommerce site was restricted to only a desktop. ECommerce store development services can optimize your business so that it can be accessible to the latest technological advancements like smartphones and tablets. 

You have to know that in 2021, more than half of internet users (55.4 percent) use their smart devices to make online purchases, and seven in ten (69.4 percent) utilize shopping applications on their handheld devices. This is according to DataReportal. With this in mind, your store must be optimized for mobile use.

Upselling and cross-selling

While a potential buyer is browsing through your shop, you can suggest items related to the item they are currently viewing. This section might include language such as "Items you might be interested in.” These visuals provide brief details about the product as well as its price, which are slightly greater than the price of the goods presently being viewed. Upsells are intended to increase a customer's selling value.

Cross-selling recognizes goods that meet extra, complementary demands that the original item does not. With cross-selling, you can suggest other products relating to the one the customer checked out or has added to their cart. It is frequently used on product pages and throughout the purchase process. It is a highly effective approach for encouraging repeat sales and displaying to buyers the depth of a catalog.

Cross-selling can introduce customers to items they were unaware you sold, increasing their trust in you like the best merchant to meet a certain demand.

ECommerce website development services can make this possible for you by listing products and connecting them via a system.

High-quality security.

You may already have a security mechanism in place for your eCommerce site. It is critical to first evaluate if it is sufficient and then to continually patch security gaps. Cyberattacks should not harm or disrupt your business. This can be dangerous for everyone involved, especially because there is a wealth of customer data within your system. ECommerce website development involves keeping your store safe and secure.

Provide you insights

Your business stemmed from an idea. Now, there are dreams and heights that you want to take your business towards. That’s not a bad idea. So with an expert acting as your second pair of eyes, ears, brain, and heart, you can be assured that your ideas are filtered through and checked thoroughly. That way it can be executed perfectly with a high percentage of it yielding excellent results.

Effortless management

Purchases, supplies, and inventory, as well as customer data, can all be managed efficiently. You have full authority over your firm, allowing for increased profitability, development, and advancement. ECommerce website development services may also assist you to handle orders as well as the processing and managing of information in your system.

Meet consumers’ needs

An e-commerce website development guarantees that you have an appealing, one-of-a-kind, and dynamic website that meets all of your consumers' demands and expectations. Nothing could be more vital to a business than a delighted client. The easier your shop is to explore, make orders, grasp the content, and transact business on the eCommerce site, the more clients you will have. 

Meeting consumers’ needs also includes developing a relationship with them. Through the integration of high-quality customer relationship management with an eCommerce site, customers and their purchasing preferences will be tracked and collected. Customers and their preferences can then be tailored to meet their needs. This will improve conversion rates.

Excellent Return on Investment

A faster return on investment means a lot more profit for your business. But, your profit will only be visible after the launch of your eCommerce project. An excellent return on investment is the ultimate goal of any business. With a professional within your ranks, it’ll be easier to create marketing strategies that will maximize what you already have. This will drive your business to have high sales in the end.

User-Friendly Features

A shopping cart, a calculator, a local currency converter, and a host of other options can be offered by your eCommerce website when you employ eCommerce website development services. Your site will also be more user-friendly if it integrates a payment gateway. Assuring customers' orders are processed safely and securely is provided by this service to businesses like yours. The information about the products and services you provide to prospective customers is also designed by these services to be comprehensive. They will therefore have a positive buying experience. You will provide them with correct product information, specs, and images from the chosen gallery or catalog. To ensure confidence in their decision, this is a simple technique.


With the assistance of eCommerce store development services, you may improve your consumer loyalty to the highest level possible. Keep in mind that several organizations provide eCommerce website development services so be aware of them by doing a bit of a background check.

When you delegate eCommerce services to us, you can be confident that you're receiving the most return on investment. We are among the finest in the business! 

If you have any questions or would want to partner with us, please contact us at or +13322139163.

Things You Need to Know About Amazon Store Setup & Management

Things You Need To Know About Amazon Store Setup Amp Management

Amazon creates an excellent platform for sellers with an unavoidable competition. The 5 million plus sellers on this market is a tough competition for any aspiring and developing seller. Failing to get through may collapse your business aspiration. The way out is to build a successful brand by differentiating and showcasing your uniqueness from others. It is possible by building an online store -

On this note, Amazon offers to create a store page for its sellers, to showcase its uniqueness. Here is all about Amazon store setup and management.

What is an Amazon Store?

Amazon store is a premium feature offered by Amazon to its sellers, to create a custom brand page to showcase their value and increase user experience. An adequately built amazon store can resemble a physical sales outlet that enhances the brand-centric shopping experience both on desktop and mobile. The feature is available for sellers, agencies and vendors.

Why Do You Need An Amazon Store

What are the key features of an Amazon store?

Customizable Templates:

Amazon offers the freedom to choose from various templates and design to create the page. These features are also customizable according to preferred changes.

Curated Content: 

The content profile, including descriptions, images and videos can be edited at any point of time. In addition, this feature helps adapt to changes and improvisation easily.

Multiple Product Pages:

Apart from the home page, it is possible to extend our online store to three pages. For instance, this extension can be utilized to showcase more products and collections.

Integrated Promotion:

To help the seller with marketing, amazon extends a one-touch integrated social sharing button that directs you to various promotional extensions.

Detailed Business Insights: 

The amazon store insights dashboard is the tool to analyze your metrics. Data analysis will now be much more comfortable with daily visits, page views, sales stringed to the dashboard. 

How to set up an Amazon Store?

Start by creating a seller account : 

The process begins with setting up a seller account that requires your basic information like bank account details. In addition, to ensure the legitimacy of the information, amazon would verify all valid documents. Be prepared with documents related to payment, business contact information, email address and password. This step could be completed within a few minutes.

Create Amazon Seller Account

Register your account with Amazon Brand Registry:

This is a significant step in Amazon Store setup. For example, someone can sell fake products in your brand name, which brings down your brand and sale value. Registering with Amazon brand registry helps you curb the chances of copycat products. Through this process, amazon eliminates fake and counterfeit products. And it also becomes necessary, as only a registered brand seller can build and control the amazon store pages. 

Amazon Brand Registry Application

Note: Amazon will accept only brands approved by World Intellectual Property Organization and the following 15 countries: United States, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Australia, India, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Singapore, Spain, United Kingdom, European Union, United Arab Emirates

Start Creating Your Store's home page:

Post brand registration, it's time to create our store page. Relate this home page to the reception of your physical store. Try making the best impression. Selecting an inappropriate theme can degrade the look of your store. So, choose the best that your store needs.

Therefore, Amazon offers four different themes, from which we could select a home page design. Select a theme which will best suit the kind of product that you sell. Consider and have a thought process about the type of content including images, videos and descriptions that you are going to display. 

As you know, the theme and content should not mismatch. 

Creating a store page begins with uploading the brand logo and display name. If you are a startup, make sure to design the best and suitable logo. So, it will be easier to register in people's minds.

Continue building other store pages: 

Of course, a single page isn't enough to demonstrate all aspects of your business. To help you with this, amazon offers to create additional three pages, which could be navigated from the home page. These pages are useful to display more collections and variants.

Make use of this option to demonstrate more of your brand products. Add content tiles in line with the home page. Picking random styles without considering other pages may affect the appearance of your Amazon store. Also keep the navigation of these pages in a simple way, so that it is easy and friendly for users to operate.  

Add Content Tiles to the pages:

After creating the series of pages, it's time to add content tiles. Content tiles are nothing but the section that holds the images, descriptions, videos and navigation to your products in other pages. Select the tiles available and place them sequentially to get the best display.

Upload your products:  

This is a prime task in amazon store setup. Upload the products that you want to sell through your store. In addition, list your products with the Amazon Standard Identification Number; Create the best content to promote your product; and include all necessary information regarding the product.

Let the homepage highlight your best selling and latest products. Upload all other variants and collections in the additional pages. As you have already arranged the tiles, now place the relevant images, videos and descriptions accordingly. 

Upload Amazon Products

Note that listing products is not a one time task; it is repetitive. Changes have to be made with every analysis, brand improvement, and stock availability. It's efficient to pull a product listing expert for better management.

Submit your page for review: 

  It's time to submit your created page for review. The page can be published only after the review process by amazon. Twice check your page thoroughly for any spelling mistakes, View optimization, Descriptions and all videos and images. This review process might take several days, during which you shall wait and then publish.

How to Manage your Amazon Store?

Managing an Amazon store means, updating products, removing or adding contents, performing constant price and competition analysis, checking on stock availability and doing any required changes to your pages. So, it's pretty much confirmed that merely creating a page may not build a profitable business; Management is magic.

Employing yourself for every task may end up as a burden to the business. Hiring random experts for Amazon store management will require supervising, which can kill your time and energy. It's efficient to go for a one-stop solution, where all amazon services are available from A to Z. 

How can we help?

The long and creative process to set up an amazon store requires expertise to create and manage. As an Amazon Store Setup and Management Service, we can help you build the best online store and manage it efficiently. Our flawless process and expertise work will help you build the store that you need.

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