Amazon Product Listing Copywriter

Product Listing Copywriter – Get Your Product to Appear at the Top

Product Listing Copywriter

Product Listing Copywriter – Get Your Product to Appear at the Top

With millions of products sold on Amazon today, there is a wide variety of options for customers to choose from. If you desire to commence your e-commerce product sales, Amazon should be your foremost choice. This is because the platform is not only trusted by thousands of customers but is a reputable marketplace providing adequate security to buyers. Now, the question is how to lure consumers into buying your product? To seek the visitors' attention to your brand, getting your amazon product listing copywriter is very important to stay at the Top of the search engine.

Complicated job, isn't it? Yes, it requires a lot of effort, strategies, and managerial skills to make your product reach thousands of customers. Copywriting is one method to draw visitors' attention to your product and make it a big hit. That's why it is essential to hire an expert in Amazon product listing content writing to enhance the value and visibility of your brand.

There is no doubt to say that well-crafted Content can not only escalate your Amazon product sales but can also boost your conversions, thereby enhancing your revenue on the platform.

How Can an Amazon Product Listing Copywriter Improve Your Business?

Selling your products online is not as easy as you might have considered it. Customers always desire to interrelate, compare the product, and do competitor price tracking before finalizing a deal. So, if your Content isn't effective enough, your customer won't take much time to shift their interest to the products at your competitor's site.

A professional novelist has the potential to make the plot come alive in the novel. Similarly, your Amazon product listing copywriter should be capable enough to make the product come instantly to the reader's imagination. Apart from attracting visitors to your brand, you need to stay at the Top of the search engine. Compelling copywriting perhaps aids you in achieving it. To achieve this benefit, here's what a good copywriter should consider while creating content for your brand.

1. Perform Keyword Research

Keyword research will be the most important part of search engine optimization and effective content writing. The Amazon product listing copywriter needs to know customers' search terms to find similar products. When performing keyword research for the Amazon marketplace, you need to consider additional factors. Choosing the keywords with stronger buyer intent is important because the traffic on this eCommerce platform is from customers at the bottom of your marketing funnel.

2. Understand the Target Audience

To write engaging and compelling Content for your Amazon listing, you not only want to know the keywords but also the target audience, their interests, and motivations. Understanding the key buyer of the Amazon product is essential to improve the listing rank and sales on the eCommerce marketplace. Also, you need to understand that the primary buyer of the product may be different from the end-user. For instance, the primary buyer of children's books can be the parents, but the end-user is the child.

3. Optimize Product Titles

The keyword in the product title plays a significant role in optimizing Amazon product listing. Usually, the maximum length of a product title is 200 characters for most product categories. However, Amazon recommends a product title length of 80 characters only for mobiles. Hence, the copywriter should make sure that the product keyword appears in the first 80 characters of the title. Your product title should include:

  • Brand name
  • Product name
  • Color, size, flavor, etc. variations
  • Product model or make
  • USPs

For most product categories, Amazon provides a specific product title format.

4. Informative Product Description

The product description is at the bottom of the product listing and provides the buyers with detailed information about the product. The product description is an important part of an Amazon product listing that can help you improve your ranking on Amazon search results. While Amazon doesn't provide index product descriptions, it is an important section where you can provide detailed information about the product for hesitant buyers, helping you improve your conversion rate and a higher search ranking.

5. Feature Bullets

The bullet point section in the Amazon product listing can highlight the product's features, USPs, and benefits. Like the product title, the format and length of these bullet points vary with the product category. Amazon product listing copywriter can follow the following practices while writing a compelling feature bullet:

  • Do not add prices
  • Use a semicolon to separate different phrases in a single bullet point
  • Do not add company and shipping details
  • Add product-specific details, such as features, dimensions, etc.
  • Keep it precise and short. The maximum length of a bullet point is 500 characters.

6. Keep the Language Simple

Using jargon and fancy words in your Amazon product listing may seem like a great way to communicate with the customers, but using such words may impact your customers negatively. Using complex words and jargon can limit the Audience to only those who understand its correct meaning. However, when you use simple and easy-to-understand yet compelling language, the target audience will consume the Content easily and make the purchasing decision based on the understanding, increasing your sales and conversion rate. It is equally essential to write your Content in a conversational tone. It makes the readers feel as if you're communicating with them. This way, you can create amazing and well-organized Content to help your product appear at the top of the Amazon product search listing.

7. A+ Content (Only for Brand Sellers)

This premium feature is available for brand-registered vendors and third-party sellers only. Sellers eligible for Amazon A+ content can use this feature for their benefit. Amazon's A+ content feature provides different tools allowing sellers to customize the product description in the listing and make it more informative, authentic, and engaging for the customers. The feature allows adding high-quality product images, videos, comparison charts, FAQs, and other types of Content.

8. Update the Amazon Product Listing Regularly

Even if you have created a compelling listing, it is essential to update it regularly, as Amazon keeps changing listing features. When customers look for a product, they browse multiple listings offering similar products. They may choose to buy from the one that has updated the product listing to add the latest information. Hence, it is important to keep updating the Content on your listing regularly and make changes accordingly. Further, most sellers overlook the questions and answers section in the product listing. Answering these questions will improve the chances of conversion as customers feel heard by the brand, and they will build a rapport with your brand.

SEO and Amazon Copywriting

Search engine optimized (SEO) content: If you're running a website, Search engine optimization might not be a new term for you, is it? The Content comprises a set of keywords, meta description, header and subtitles, and internal and external linking. In addition, multimedia content, including images, audio, video, infographics, and others, make Content optimized for search engines.

Final Thoughts

Now you know the importance of Amazon content optimization for your own Amazon store. It also offers you to maximize your sales and stay ahead of your competitors. So what are you waiting for? Hire the best Amazon product listing copywriter and boost your sales and revenue. All the best!