Unlock Your Amazon Success with Six Seller Central Strategies

Unlock Your Amazon Success with Six Seller Central Strategies

Amazon Seller Account Management

Unlock Your Amazon Success with Six Seller Central Strategies

Did you know that lesser-known features and strategies within Amazon Seller Central can significantly benefit sellers? Discover valuable insights into these hidden gems and enhance your Amazon business with these tips. Seize the chance to unlock your Amazon selling journey's full potential and achieve tremendous success on the platform.

1. Amazon Warehousing and Distribution (AWD)

It is Amazon's version of a 3PL (third-party logistics) service. With AWD, you can send your inventory from your manufacturer to AWD before it goes to FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) warehouses. Amazon seller account management then creates a centralized inventory pool for you.

What are the Benefits of AWD?

  • Prevention of stockouts: AWD helps your products stay in stock, so there are lesser chances of running out of inventory.
  • Exemption from seller storage quantity limits: Your inventory stored in AWD is not subject to the general storage quantity limits imposed by Amazon seller account management.
  • Increased Buybox wins: Even if your stock is in transit from AWD to FBA, you can still win the Buybox and keep your products visible and available for purchase.
  • Simplified inventory management: Inventory management is easy with AWD, especially for sellers using multi-channel fulfillment. All channels can be supplied from the same inventory pool, enhancing Amazon seller account management.
  • Fulfillment for other sales channels: Besides FBA, you can also fulfill orders for your off-Amazon sales channels using the inventory stored in AWD.

AWD is currently available for products that meet specific criteria:

  • Smaller than 18 inches on any side
  • Weighing less than 20 pounds
  • Non-perishable (no expiration date)

Amazon plans to expand AWD's capabilities to cover almost all channels, including brick-and-mortar wholesale channels. However, you must note that Amazon seller account management today is limited to the mentioned criteria.

The estimated total AWD cost is approximately $176.52.

2. Control Over Currency Conversions

Amazon offers its version of popular currency services like WorldFirst or Payoneer on this page. However, this Amazon seller account management feature is currently only available for North American seller accounts that receive USD payouts.

Working on the Default System

When you have a bank account located in Canada, Australia, China, or Singapore but sell on Amazon.com in the United States, you receive USD payments in your local currency. Amazon converts it to the local currency at the moment of payment. The funds are then transferred to your local bank account by Amazon seller account management.

Working on the New Service

You can oversee the transmission procedure with the new service. Instead of Amazon converting and transferring the USD to your local bank account, the USD will be deposited into your vendor wallet. You can then choose when and how much USD to convert into your local currency and deposit into your bank account. Amazon seller account management allows you to choose more advantageous exchange rates and timing for the conversion.

The service accepts multiple currencies. Contact our team of Amazon Seller Central experts if you want to elevate your selling game and boost your success on the Amazon platform.

3. Brand Customer Reviews

To access this feature of Amazon seller account management, you need to be brand registered. It is beneficial if you've been frustrated that you cannot reach out to customers who leave critical reviews on your product listings. This Brand Registry benefit helps you with that.

Easy Search for Reviews

On this page, you can view the reviews that your products have received over the past 90 days. The significant advantage is that you can specifically respond to critical reviews within this timeframe. You also need to manually search through your orders page to match reviewers' names and reach out.

Respond to Critical Reviews

However, there is a restriction; reviews with a rating of five stars or higher do not include a contact option. Conversely, reviews with ratings of three stars or less provide an opportunity to communicate with customers via the Amazon seller account management system. As a means of making amends, you can offer them a courtesy refund. Although there is no assurance that they will modify or remove their negative review, the gesture may increase the likelihood of a peaceful resolution.

Need advice for your Amazon business? Take the advice of our Amazon Seller Central consultant today!

4. Partner Network Explore Services

This page showcases Amazon's recommended services. It covers various categories, such as accounting, tax services, design, and translation services. To explore the services, you have different filtering options. You can filter based on the place you are located, the regions you wish to sell in, or the specific type of service you need assistance with. Alternatively, you can directly click on your desired category in the Amazon seller account management, such as "Advertising Optimization."

After selecting a category, you can arrange the results by popularity or rating to determine which services are the best. The listings include:

  • Pricing information
  • The number of service requests received.
  • Overall ratings from other sellers.

Clicking on a particular service enables you to learn more, read reviews, and contact the service provider directly for additional information or to begin a collaboration.

5. Brand Protection

This page is a crucial tool to safeguard your products from counterfeiting. The Amazon seller account management system helps you report any brand or intellectual property (IP) violations. By proactively using the Brand Protection features, you can maintain your brand's and products' integrity on Amazon and take swift action against any IP violations.

Prevent Counterfeits

You can enroll your products in Amazon's Transparency Program to protect them. Unique codes are generated and applied to each product upon enrollment. These codes are scanned by Amazon when the products arrive at fulfillment centers or before they are shipped to customers by Amazon seller account management. This process ensures the products are authentic, and any items lacking these codes are immediately sidelined. They are prevented from reaching customers, thus thwarting potential counterfeits.

Moreover, the Brands Brand Protection page also enables you to report violations of your intellectual property. These include trademark infringements, copyright issues (including images, copy, designs, and patterns), and other IP concerns.

6. Brand Referral Bonus

Add a Special Tag

The Amazon seller account management program enables you to add a unique tag or identifier to links outside of Amazon that direct consumers to Amazon. It allows Amazon to monitor the number of customers you refer to their platform. If any of these referred consumers purchase on Amazon, you can earn a referral bonus worth approximately 10% of the purchase price. However, depending on the product category, you can make profits from 4% to 14%. In the majority of categories, a 10% referral incentive is offered.

The Two-Week Cookie

An exciting feature is a two-week cookie. Due to this feature, even if your referred customers return to Amazon and make additional purchases within two weeks, you will still be recognized as the referrer. You will also continue earning the same percentage on subsequent purchases.

These earnings become credits in Amazon seller account management that reduce your future referral fees on products you sell on Amazon. Your referral fees on future Amazon products decrease as you earn through the program.


Exploring the lesser-known features and strategies within Amazon Seller Central can be a game-changer for sellers. By implementing the insights shared in this blog, sellers can streamline inventory management, protect their brand integrity, and earn additional rewards through the Brand Referral Bonus program.

These strategies of Amazon seller account management offer valuable opportunities to maximize success on the Amazon platform. So, take advantage of these tips and unlock the full potential of your Amazon selling journey. Happy selling in this competitive marketplace!

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This blog is inspired by the video, ‘5 Amazon Selling Tips You Didn’t Know (Amazon Seller Central Tutorial 2023)’ by Dan Rodgers.