Top 25 Tasks to Delegate to your Amazon VA, So You Can Sit by the Pool

Top 25 Tasks to Delegate to Your Amazon VA: What Are They?

Top 25 Tasks To Delegate To Your Amazon Va

Top 25 Tasks to Delegate to Your Amazon VA: What Are They?

The way business activities and tasks are carried out has been elevated by virtual assistants. Amazon VAs are an integral part of any successful Amazon business. While running a business on your own can be challenging, a virtual assistant can perform complex tasks to help build your business from the base and save your valuable investments.


What Are the Tasks to Delegate to Your Amazon Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistants for Amazon lend a helping hand to business owners by performing business tasks and activities. They can contribute to the success of the business. If you sell on the Amazon platform, consider assigning a few business tasks and activities to your virtual assistant. Here is a list of 25 tasks that business owners can give to virtual assistants;

1. Setting up Your Amazon Store from Scratch

To start your business, you need to set up your Amazon store. An Amazon VA with the right skills can help you set up your store using their expertise. Whether it is an Amazon FBA, brand registry, vendor, or seller central account setup, an Amazon remote assistant can quickly help you through the process.

2. Product Sourcing

That's when you need data collection. An Amazon VA can source private label products for your Amazon store and the data for you to make a well-informed product selection.

3. Product Listing

Listing and advertising products are among the most important tasks for running an Amazon business. As listing several products is tedious, assigning it to an expert while focusing on other aspects of your business is better.

4. Amazon Listing Optimization

After listing the product, the next important thing is to optimize the product listing. Amazon listing optimization service optimizes the product listing to boost the product's ranking and improve sales. To optimize your Amazon product listing, you can get the help of a virtual assistant skilled to perform this task for you.

5. Market Research

To plan strategies for better product reach and higher conversion rates, you need to understand your customers' needs. An Amazon Virtual Assistant can perform market research to provide details about competitors' products: their strengths and weaknesses, ad campaigns, reputation in the market, etc. Use these insights to enhance your Amazon product listing and create a better results campaign.

6. Inventory Management

Inventory management ensures the products are available and the logistic process runs uninterrupted. Your Amazon VA can perform this task efficiently, as they have the proper skill set to manage the inventory.

7. Customer Support

Need to provide excellent customer support without hiring a full-time employee? Let the experts handle the customers for you. You need an expert agent to manage your customer support, as poor customer experience may result in negative feedback and a drop in sales.

8. Reviews Management

Product reviews are essential to businesses as they improve their rankings and increase sales by providing the correct information. Your Amazon virtual assistant can manage your product reviews by encouraging customers to provide their feedback and by responding to negative as well as positive reviews.

9. Answering Customer's Questions

Ecommerce platforms are customer-centric. Hence sellers need to respond to customers' questions immediately. If you're busy with other business activities, an Amazon VA can help professionally provide quick and satisfactory answers to customers.

10. Managing Offers and Discounts on Products

To draw more potential customers to your product page and increase product sales. With their skills and expertise in handling Amazon businesses, virtual assistants for Amazon know how and when to create a discount strategy and help promote your business effectively.

11. Order Processing

Processing and tracking new orders can be overwhelming, especially when you have a lot of different products. In addition, this may take a lot of your time out of your schedule. Hence, hire a virtual assistant for Amazon to process and track all the orders instantly.

12. Return and Refund

You can ask your Amazon virtual assistant to handle your store's return and refund processes. Providing refund and return services to your customers will help you improve customer satisfaction.

13. Fulfill FBM orders

Your Amazon VA can fulfill FBM orders, from entry and shipping to invoicing of all the orders your store receives. In addition, they can handle all the processes related to fulfilling Amazon orders efficiently.

14. Keyword Research

You must include relevant keywords on your product listing page when listing the products. A virtual assistant with the right skills can perform keyword research using the right tools and provide competitive keywords that help the product page rank higher in search results.

15. Content Writing

An Amazon virtual assistant with experience in content writing and basic SEO knowledge can help you create a compelling and optimized task for your product listings. Content for listing would include name, description, images, features, specifications, pricing, discount, etc.

16. Email Marketing

A creative VA can help you create a compelling email marketing message that engages the customers. They can create attractive subject lines to enhance the click-through rate. A virtual assistant can also help send newsletter campaigns to your customers regularly.

17. Establishing Ad Campaign

Creating a sponsored ad can be tiring, especially when this is the first time you have done it. Hire Amazon VA to set up an ad campaign for your business.

18. Analyzing Ad Campaigns

You will get a detailed report for every ad campaign you run on Amazon. You need an experienced VA to analyze these details and modify your next campaign to make it more effective.

19. Finding Negative Keywords

Adding negative search terms means you don't pay for the wrong keywords in your campaign. A VA with experience in creating ad campaigns can help you find negative words that you should exclude from your campaign.

20. Managing Suppliers

Use the services of an experienced virtual assistant to contact and build a relationship with your sellers. A VA will help you provide everything the seller would need from your business.

21. Social Media Management

Managing your social media profiles is a whole job in itself. Creating new posts and engaging with your customers can take up your time. Automate this task by assigning it to a skilled Amazon VA.

22. Email Support

Providing multi-channel Support will result in more satisfied customers. You can ask your virtual assistant to handle email support service to make this process smoother and improve customer satisfaction.

23. Chat Support

Chat support helps your business provide immediate assistance to your customers through chat. Hire a virtual assistant for Amazon to provide chat support to your customers.

24. Creative Work

A virtual assistant may also be an excellent sounding board for new ideas. They may have the experience you lack and can develop creative ideas and varying approaches that can work for your business.

Be bold and ask your virtual assistant for help with creative and design activities such as logo creation and branding elements. Your virtual assistant can coordinate with the design team and get the work done with surprising results on time.

25. Translating

If you want to target the market in a new country, a virtual assistant can help with translation activities and product listing creation for global accounts. Your virtual assistant can coordinate with translators and designers to create compelling product content and digital assets that meet the needs of the new target market.

Skilled Amazon virtual assistants can handle all these tasks for you efficiently. They can help small and mid-sized businesses that can only afford to hire part-time employees later.

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