Boost Amazon Conversions By 120% With Enhanced Brand Content

Improve Amazon Conversions By 120% With Enhanced Brand Content

Improving Amazon Conversions By 120 With Enhanced Brand Content

Improve Amazon Conversions By 120% With Enhanced Brand Content

The majority of customers shop on Amazon through search. This means that they know what they are looking for. All they have to do is type in the right keyword to find the product. 

For Amazon sellers, this is enough to realize that they need to increase their visibility within Amazon’s organic search algorithm. There are hundreds of Amazon sellers selling the same product under different brand names. So, why do you think customers should buy from you? 

You should be able to address the pain points that your competitors often fail to do. And what do you think can work best to cater to those concerns along with highlighting your products?

Enhanced Brand Content Can Save You!

With that being said, Amazon content creation and optimization couldn’t be more critical for differentiating your products. 

From the beginning to the end of the customer journey, you need to take every opportunity to show your customers why your products are the best choice for them. And two of the prominent elements that contribute to increased visibility and credibility are content creation and content optimization. 

With Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), you can increase your Amazon conversions to a great extent. It is a feature of Amazon that allows sellers to enhance their product listings with rich media content. 

This post discusses how EBC can result in higher conversion rates, increased sales, and increased traffic when used effectively. 

What is Enhanced Brand Content, and How Does it Help with Amazon Content Creation and Enhancement? 

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content or Amazon A+ is a feature introduced to sellers in 2016 that allows brand-registered sellers to display unique value propositions of their products through enhanced text and image placements. In a nutshell, it is a premium content feature for sellers that enables them to modify boring product description fields of their branded ASINs with optimized, interactive, and engaging text and images. 

This feature lets you tell your brand story, display your products like no one else, add product comparisons, and do much more. If done right, your product details page can experience increased traffic, leading to increased conversion rates and sales. 

Here is an example of what Amazon content creation with and without EBC looks. 

We have taken listings from Apple and Fujifilm. 

Apple has used Enhanced Brand Content to optimize its product listing on Amazon. And it looks something like this:

Image 2

On the other hand, Fujifilm has used just used plain text:

Image 4

You can tell which one is more appealing. It is all about visualization. Because customers can only feel the product if they buy it, they need help to make a purchase decision. Apple has made it easy for customers with images and text to understand the product better. 

This is the difference Enhanced Brand Content can make. No wonder why Apple sales are soaring! 

How Enhanced Brand Content Results In Improving Amazon Conversions?

Amazon’s EBC has been gaining traction among sellers. They are trying to optimize listings to increase traffic and conversions. EBC allows sellers to modify their product descriptions, giving products a fresh outlook. 

Here’s how Enhanced Brand Content is proven to increase your Amazon conversions:

  • It shows a detailed yet compelling perspective of how a particular product will influence buyers’ life and address their concerns. 
  • Product listings are made aesthetically alluring and attention-seeking with the help of high-quality photographs. It allows sellers to attract new visitors or cater to existing customers. 
  • EBC will make the brand-registered content even more convincing and easy to scan, giving it a better reach.
  • Customers will never invest their time to make sense of scattered information. EBC sellers can break up the content into meaningful sections of data and images to help sellers decide. 
  • Product descriptions are an integral part of Enhanced Brand Content. It prevents the risk of misunderstanding, low expectations, negative reviews, and, worse, returns. 
  • EBC’s main agenda is to connect with the buyer emotionally. EBC will tell the brand’s story allowing customers to foster a sense of loyalty to the business. 

How Can You Optimize Your Amazon Listing With Ebc?

There are many ways you can optimize your Amazon content using EBC.

Image 1
  • You can show the customers a clear and detailed view of how your product can impact their lives. 
  • Using high-resolution images that depict the products in the best light is vital. 
  • Use the right words and fonts to make the content easily scannable and more digestible at a glance.
  • It is essential to segregate the content accordingly, which makes it graspable and relevant. For example, Apple has created a separate section comparing the iPhone 12 variants.
  • You can provide a more thorough product description with images to mitigate any risk of confusion, misinterpretation, negative reviews, and returns.
  • Most importantly, you can establish an emotional connection with the customers to foster repeat business and customer loyalty by telling them more about your brand story and its origin. 

Amazon Enhanced Content Is Also A Way Into SERPs

When we talk about increasing conversion through Amazing Enhanced Brand Content, it is essential to look at it from the search engine perspective. You cannot deny that most Amazon conversions result from higher search engine rankings of specific pages. So, search engine optimization has got a crucial role to play here. 

All the EBC texts and images are indexed by Google, which helps the product appear in the search results. This Google indexing indirectly helps you increase your conversion rate, leading to magnanimous sales. 

*Friendly Advice: Please note that adding keywords in EBC content won’t benefit you if you are hoping for Amazon SEO optimization. Because it will be an image, keywords will not serve any purpose. However, you are advised to intelligently use them in the product title and the description section. 


Overall, EBC for Amazon content creation can help sellers and vendors get higher conversion rates quickly and increase sales. You must understand the guidelines for creating Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon. Failing to abide by the rules can result in several complications, including poor product listing performance. 

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