Drive Upward Amazon Sales with These 6 FBA Hacks

Drive Upward Amazon Sales with These 6 FBA Hacks

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Drive Upward Amazon Sales with These 6 FBA Hacks

If you're an Amazon FBA private label seller seeking to boost your revenue, prepare for some valuable insights. With these powerful Amazon FBA hacks, your Amazon business will show an upward trend in sales! From enrolling in the NARF program and harnessing Amazon PPC to utilizing coupon codes and leveraging Amazon Posts, these tips can take your Amazon listing optimization to new heights. So, let's talk about the secrets to maximizing your success on the platform!

1. Enrol in the NARF Program

The first tip to increase Amazon listing optimization and sales is enrolling in the NARF program, which stands for North America Remote Fulfillment. With NARF, you can sell in the Canada and Mexico Marketplaces without additional effort.

  • To enable NARF, go to your seller account, access the inventory tab, and scroll down to Remote Fulfillment with FBA.
  • Click on it and proceed to program settings to check Canada and Mexico. It allows customers to purchase your products from those marketplaces, with Amazon handling fulfillment from U.S. warehouses.
  • The program automatically creates listings in different marketplaces, making Amazon listing optimization hassle-free.

Best of all, NARF is entirely free, so activate it now to boost your sales.

2. Turn on Amazon PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Campaigns in Different Marketplaces

Since you're enrolled in the NARF program, customers can purchase your products in these marketplaces. You can drive extra traffic to your listings by advertising campaigns and increasing sales. The best part is that optimizing Amazon product listings and marketing them is cost-effective, with lower competition and cheaper clicks compared to the U.S. Marketplace.

  • To set this up, go to your seller account, and toggle between the different marketplaces, such as Canada.
  • Click on the advertising tab, and create a campaign as you would for the U.S. Marketplace.
  • A simple automatic Amazon listing optimization campaign with a budget of around $10 to $15 can significantly impact your sales.
  • You can also explore other types of campaigns, like video ads, brand ads, specific keyword targeting, and product targeting ads, to further enhance your results.

3. Enable Amazon Coupon Codes

It can increase clicks to your Amazon listing optimization and improve your overall conversion rate. When a customer scrolls through the product page, the coupon code stands out, grabbing their attention with enticing savings in your Amazon product listing optimization, setting you apart from the competition. By offering a discount, customers are more likely to click and convert.

  • To set up Amazon coupon codes, access your Amazon seller account, click the advertising tab, and select "coupons."
  • Create your first coupon with a minimum discount of five percent.
  • Whenever someone clicks and redeems the coupon, Amazon charges you 60 cents.

4. Utilize Amazon Posts

Amazon has created a feature similar to Instagram within their Marketplace, allowing shoppers to scroll through and discover exciting products. The platform's algorithm promotes your products, generating impressions and clicks for free in your Amazon listing optimization. However, to access this feature, you need to be brand registered.

  • Setting up Amazon Posts can bring substantial traffic and visibility to your Amazon product listings. To get started, access your Amazon seller account, access the advertising tab, and go to campaign manager.
  • From there, click "tools and resources" and select "posts."
  • If you are brand registered, you can begin posting immediately.

By taking advantage of Amazon Posts, you can showcase your Amazon product listings with images, captions, and tags, gaining free traffic and potential customers. You can use the same content for other social media platforms. These include Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook, building your brand, enhancing credibility, and ultimately driving more sales.

5. Use an Intelligent PPC Campaign Strategy in Your Amazon listing optimization

The process identifies the weak links in your competitors' products. Here's how to execute this strategy:

  • Use the Helium 10 Chrome extension and search for a keyword related to your product, e.g., "Ziploc organizer."
  • Sort the results you get by the most recent creation date to find new sellers who have limited reviews and lower ratings.
  • Look for sellers running sponsored product campaigns promoting their products actively.
  • Identify these new sellers and their ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Number).
  • Create a product targeting the PPC campaign, and the target ASINs of your campaign should be those new sellers.
  • Your ad will be seen on the Amazon product listings of these new sellers. It could attract potential customers to your product.
  • Your Amazon listing optimization, with better reviews, pricing, and quality, can help customers to choose your offering over the competition.
  • To create the product targeting campaign, go to the sponsored products section, select the product you want to advertise, and click on "manual targeting."
  • Instead of using keywords, opt for product targeting, and enter the ASINs of the new sellers. Creating the campaign is a straightforward process.
  • By targeting these new and less-established competitors, you can gain more visibility and conversions to your listing optimization on Amazon, ultimately boosting your Amazon sales.

In this PPC campaign strategy, the focus is on outperforming your competition.

Bonus: Leverage Influencer Marketing

Make use of influencer marketing to boost your Amazon sales. By exploring TikTok and searching for hashtags like "Amazon finds," you'll discover numerous accounts with a large following that showcase Amazon product listing reviews and unboxings. Reach out to these influencers with your Amazon listing optimization, offering them free products in exchange for a post about your item. With the potential for viral exposure, this tactic can bring significant traffic to your Amazon product listings, ultimately increasing your sales and brand visibility.


Get ready for some valuable insights that can scale your revenue. These powerful Amazon FBA hacks will help you boost your sales. By enrolling in the NARF program, leveraging Amazon PPC, utilizing coupon codes, and harnessing Amazon Posts' potential, you can increase traffic to your Amazon product listings. Opt for strategies that can take your Amazon business to greater success!

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This blog is inspired by the video, ‘5 Amazon FBA Hacks to INCREASE Sales in 2023!!’ by Trevin Peterson.