What Can Amazon Virtual Assistant Do for You?

What Can Amazon Virtual Assistant Do For You

What Can Amazon Virtual Assistant Do for You?

An Amazon virtual assistant is a professional who performs various tasks and activities related to your Amazon business. A majority of them work remotely.

An increasing number of Amazon business owners are hiring Amazon virtual assistants

Amazon virtual assistants have revolutionized the way business is done. Hiring one for your business has many advantages. Because of the benefits, many business owners are signing up for Amazon virtual assistant services. The virtual assistant will work either part-time or full time depending on the need. A word of caution to Amazon store owners. You must carefully select and assign tasks to your Amazon virtual assistant.

What are the responsibilities you can consider assigning to a virtual assistant?

As an Amazon store owner, you have made up your mind about hiring a virtual assistant for your business. It is time to decide what roles and responsibilities you will entrust to the VA. There is no task that a virtual assistant cannot perform. However, you must assign tasks to a virtual assistant carefully. First, you can list all the tasks and activities that consume a lot of your time. Next, you must decide what business activities you can perform only. The rest of the tasks and activities can be assigned to a virtual assistant. 

How to hire a virtual assistant for your Amazon store?

When hiring a virtual assistant for your Amazon store, the one size fits all concept will not work. Thus, it is advised that you make a checklist of all the business tasks and activities that you will want the virtual assistant to perform. By doing this, you will know how many virtual assistants you will need and in what area of specialization. Once you are clear about the business needs, you can hire virtual assistants who will fulfill the needs. In the next section of our blog, we have discussed a few tasks and activities that a virtual assistant can do for you.

What can a virtual assistant do for you?

1. Research activity

Research is an integral part of any business. An Amazon VA will help you conduct proper product research to provide important information. This includes researching items to acquire at wholesale rates, negotiating with suppliers, obtaining the best bargains, and securing samples for products you sell on Amazon.

Apart from doing product research, the Amazon virtual assistant can also be entrusted with researching and presenting to you the latest trends in your business domain. Through research, you as a business owner will get an idea about what strategies your competitors are working on. While your Amazon virtual assistant takes care of the research part, you can plan and implement a solution that will help you compete with your business rivals.

2. Customer support

Amazon store owners will agree that customer support is an integral part of a business. It is a known fact that having an in-house team to take care of the customer support activities of your business can be time-consuming, and it requires investments. Besides, the responsibility of training and grooming your in-house customer support team is on you. One of the feasible alternatives is to entrust the customer support responsibility to a virtual assistant or a team of VAs, and you can take care of the other business activities.

You can delegate the customer support services to your VA. Consistent customer service is important to maintain positive reviews and a high-quality user experience. They can help you with creating message templates, answering customer questions, commenting on reviews, addressing negative feedback, locating past orders, confirming FBM orders, and dealing with refunds and product replacements are some of the customer's service tasks.

3. Product listing and optimization

Product listing and optimization are one of the factors that drive sales. To ensure that the listings are cohesive and accurate according to Amazon guidelines, you need an Amazon VA to assist you with the tasks. An experienced Amazon assistant can help you track and double-check everything you've done to manage all listing optimizations. From looking at how you rank for specific Amazon keywords to supervising the optimization of your listings, an Amazon virtual assistant can help you track your Amazon performance. Amazon could update its product listing rules and regulations. When you hire an Amazon virtual assistant, it is the responsibility of the virtual assistant to be aware of the changes.

4. Running Amazon ad campaigns

Amazon store owners will agree that running ad campaigns on Amazon is one of the ways to drive traffic to their Amazon store that can lead to sales generation. An Amazon virtual assistant who knows ad campaigns and has experience running them will be an asset to your business. The Amazon VA will set up campaigns using Seller Central tools, input negative key terms to eliminate unnecessary spending, monitor analytics to check the performance of your campaigns, and make appropriate adjustments to ads.

5. Order processing

Order processing can be time-consuming. Hire an Amazon virtual assistant to take care of order processing, and you can take care of the other activities that require your time and attention.

Some of the order processing tasks that an Amazon VA can help you with are sending in FBA inventory, obtaining Amazon barcodes for each unit, downloading shipping labels, monitoring shipments, and checking units received.

6. Translation

Amazon is a global platform. You could be geographically located in one region, and your customer could be from another location. Language can become a barrier. As an Amazon store owner, you must communicate effectively about the products and services you are selling with your customers. Hiring an Amazon virtual assistant who will help you convey your message to the customer will help. Furthermore, the Amazon VA for translation will help you understand what the customer from the other end is attempting to say to you.

Apart from the ones that we have discussed, Amazon virtual assistants are capable of doing more than this. As an Amazon store owner, you can decide what tasks to a virtual assistant will work best for your business.

Before you assign tasks to an Amazon virtual assistant, ask yourself the three questions:-

  • What is taking up most of your time?
  • Which tasks are the most monotonous?
  • What activities could someone else do better than you?

You surely will not go wrong in entrusting responsibility to a VA or your team of virtual assistants.

Where to find the right virtual assistant?

Many professionals are Amazon virtual assistants. They are experts in more than one domain. You can hire a virtual assistant by the hour, monthly, or perform a dedicated task. It is advised to hire a virtual assistant from a service provider. Amazon Listing Service provides a complete range of services for your Amazon store. The team of experienced and trained professionals at Amazon Listing Services will set up your dream Amazon store from scratch. And as an Amazon store owner, if you are looking for just virtual assistant services, you can make a list of your business requirements and get in touch with Amazon Listing Services. An agent from the service provider will be happy to help you. Reach out to them and schedule your consultation.