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Benefits of Choosing Professional Order Processing Services in 2022

10 Benefits Of Choosing Amazon Order Processing Services In 2022

Benefits of Choosing Professional Order Processing Services in 2022

Selling on any online platform, like Amazon is time, energy, and resource-consuming. To maintain your reputation, you will need to put a lot of effort into the whole process.

Maintaining a perfect level of customer service constantly can be difficult for large corporations. So, it is no surprise that it is more difficult for smaller merchants in online stores. However, that is the path to growing the reputation of your business. There are no shortcuts.

Fulfilling orders are a vital part of brand building. It isn’t just the act of sending the product to the important customer. How you fulfill an order is important as well. 

The order processing method used in your store will be the difference between successful and failed orders. If the failed orders occur a few times, a reputation of unreliability begins to form.

You might not have the resources to establish a professional order processing system in your business but there is a way to get such a service. You can outsource your order processing to profession Amazon Listing Service who will bring a level of efficiency high enough to build your brand.

Efficiency is one of the numerous benefits of choosing to outsource professional order processing services. 

What is Order Processing?

As a small to a midsize business owner, you might’ve used the term order processing without knowing what it fully means or consists of.

Order processing is the systemized establishment of workflow that ensures that orders placed by customers are properly prepared, delivered to the right place, and delivered within the agreed time. 

Order processing is the steps taken to ensure a customer gets exactly what was ordered in a way that they are satisfied. 

In a basic setup, a merchant can monitor order processing manually. This involves the person in charge going through a checklist and fulfilling all the steps on that checklist. 

For online stores, however, this manual method can be a step back. For a growing business with lots of digital aspects, order processing software is used to monitor the physical fulfillment of orders. 

The workflow aspect of order processing involves five steps. These steps are:

  • Order placement- This is the first step in the workflow. When a client places an order, the details of the order are sent to the order management system. 
  • Picking Inventory- This involves getting the number of products from a warehouse required to fulfill existing orders.
  • Sorting the items according to their characteristics and destinations.
  • Packing the items into appropriate packages.
  • Shipping the items to the stated destinations.  

10 Benefits of Choosing Professional Order Processing Services Among Amazon Listing Services in 2022

There are various benefits of outsourcing order processing services in 2022. Here are 10 of those benefits: 

1. Meeting High Demand Will be Easier

The demand for a product fluctuates in most cases. There are ups and downtimes. During up times, merchants might struggle to fulfill orders. 

For example, the high demand for Sony PlayStation 5 consoles has led to orders not being fulfilled and stores not having the consoles for weeks on end. With this shortage, Sony has sold more than 13.4 million consoles and is still miles away from meeting high demand. 

If you are a store selling such a fast-moving product, you will have to complete orders at an alarming speed. This will be impossible if your team is small and not efficient. 

Outsourcing order processing is a good way to fix demand challenges. If another company is dedicated to handling the influx of orders, the turnaround time will reduce significantly.

Amazon Listing Serviceo, decentralization of the order processing process will simplify it as roles will be definite. This will make troubleshooting easier. 

2. Online Shopping is the Norm

69% of Americans shop online and a quarter of those purchase at least one item per month online. Over 2 billion people shopped online in 2021. 

These figures show that purchasing products and services online is gradually becoming the norm. In certain communities, it is already the norm. 

The convenience of visiting a market with a mobile phone and placing an order will ensure this trend continues. The effect of this trend is the increase in online orders.

Handling a single wave of incoming customers will not be enough. It will have to be done over and over again. Outsourcing order processing will mean taking a huge portion of grunt work and giving it to someone else so you can focus on other things. 

Outsourcing will give a merchant time to innovate and compete in the dynamic world that is eCommerce. 

3. Accuracy of Order Fulfillment will Improve

When a customer places an order, the fulfillment of that order is more complex than simply throwing an item into a box and shipping. The logistics involved can be so complex that errors occur. 

These errors, if occurring frequently, can ruin the reputation of the merchant. Order processing service providers like Vserve can handle these complexities with ease due to experience and infrastructure. 

Hiring us can and will improve the accuracy of your order fulfillment. Customers won’t receive their orders with wrong colors, wrong dates, or even wrong products. 

4. There is Access to Professional Order Processing Tools

Purchasing the best equipment for order processing, including software products might seem like an easy thing. However, that is the first step. The next step is to know how to utilize the technology. 

Achieving these things can be expensive and time-consuming. That is why hiring an order processing service provider is a great idea. 

This way, you will get access to high-level technology without purchasing it. Since the service provider has profession Amazon Listing Service, it will be able to utils the tech and give you results you wouldn’t achieve on your own. 

5. Outsourcing Order Processing Makes Scalability Easier

Every business wants to grow but if there is no space to grow, the business has a dream it can’t make a reality. This is why the scalability of a business is important. 

The good thing is that outsourcing order processing services make scaling the business easier. 

For example, a merchant’s current order fulfilling rate is 5 orders a day which it struggles to fulfill. However, the merchant has set a goal to add more products. The customer satisfaction rate will fall drastically with those new products because orders will take more time to fulfill. Outsourcing order processing will solve this dilemma. 

Hiring us will give you room to grow properly because we can increase our output easily.  

6. Customer-Return Rates Increase

A customer that returns and gets the same satisfaction as last time will become a loyal customer. 74% of customers in a study, say that they are loyal to a brand due to the quality of their experience. 

A sales mistake is focusing more efforts on getting new customers at the detriment of keeping old ones. The truth is, it is cheaper to keep old customers than get new ones. 

Fulfilling orders accurately and on time every time is a way to keep your customers. Outsourcing order processing guarantees this consistency which makes your store reliable and makes your customers loyal. 

7. The Cost of Operation is Less

In most cases setting up infrastructure for any business process can be expensive. This includes order processing. Setting up the equipment and personnel required to run it can be expensive.

This expense dwarfs the cost required to outsource the service. Instead of making heavy investments in infrastructure, you can use a company’s existing infrastructure at a much lower fee. 

This is a major reason many companies outsource order processing services. 

8. There is Accountability

An outsourcing company knows that its compensation relies heavily on the success it can provide. So, the company, like Amazon Listing Service, aims to provide positive results. 

We at Amazon Listing Service, just don’t provide services, we Amazon Listing Serviceo set parameters that our clients can use to monitor our progress. We give reports at intervAmazon Listing Service and take full responsibility for our output. 

9. Data Generated can Be used To Improve Sales

There is a lot of data generated during the whole sales process. People who don’t know what to look for might miss this valuable data. 

If a merchant hires a professional order processing service provider, the whole process is recorded and data will be generated.

The merchant can use this data to improve sales. For example, data that shows when most people will purchase a certain product will help a merchant know when to stock more of that product. 

10. The Service Provider Becomes an Extension of the Company

While you see yourself as a seller, the company you have outsourced to sees you as a customer which it doesn’t want to lose. As time passes and more data is passed between both parties, more bridges will be formed. 

Constant interaction will build trust and the merchant will be privy to the experience the outsourcing company has with other clients. These experiences can be used to improve the overall sales process of the store or business. 


More and more people are shopping online at a yearly growth rate of 1.95%. This means that more customers will place orders online. Merchants will need to fulfill these orders. 

The era of handling order processing in-house has passed. There is a more efficient way. It is the outsourcing of order processing to professionAmazon Listing Service. The benefits of doing this range from lowering operation costs to increasing efficiency. 

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