Who is our client?

Our client is a leading healthcare company in the US. They sell a diverse range of well-being products on Amazon for diagnosis and treatment. From health devices to medicines, they are reputed for their wellness products. 

What are the key challenges for our client?

Although our client is well-established in the healthcare industry, they have faced a sudden fall in sales on Amazon since last year. They required specialized help to drive traffic and increase conversions on their product pages.

SEO- Friendly Content and Keyword Optimization

The key issues were:

  • The products are displayed on the deep end of the Amazon SERP. 
  • The product details page was not optimized with long-tail search words and keywords that the customers use to search for products.
  • Product descriptions and titles missed the relevant and high-search keywords, which decreased their discoverability.

Our Approach and Solution

We analyzed our client’s existing Amazon product pages and measures taken by the client. After this, our SEO experts and dedicated managers worked on the strategy and implementation for our client. 

SEO content

Our team curated SEO content that is specifically designed to optimize Amazon product pages for our clients. Tailored towards the healthcare industry, we focused on optimizing every aspect of the content on the product pages.

The content focused on the benefits of the products for the customers instead of listing only the features. The content was designed to appeal to the target consumers by connecting with their needs. For example, one of the medical device’s benefits was that it was accurate and portable for customers who wanted a handy variant of the device. 

Thus, the content weaved a narrative to appeal to the customers but also ensured that the needs of the Amazon search engine are met.

Keyword optimization

Beginning with the product titles, our team included only high-volume and relevant keywords to match consumer search terms. This helped the Amazon search engine adequately fetch the products to the customers. In the product description section, we enriched the content with supporting keywords. Additionally, keywords were added to the product image file names as well. 

We gave a competitive edge to our client by including backend search terms which push Amazon to identify the products and match them with user searches accurately.

Increased Client Sales by 4X with All-Round Amazon Listing Optimization

Our Impact

We saw visible positive results for our clients and helped them reach their goals successfully.

  • Within 6 months, we were able to help them generate 7x ROI
  • We helped them take most of their product listings out of the deep end of the Amazon search results to the first page and second page.
  • Due to the increase in the discoverability of the products, the sales also increased for our client.

Thus, with our tailored and exclusive SEO content and keyword optimization for our client on Amazon, we could drive tangible results.