How we helped a large retail chain in the US improve their Amazon SERP ranking and increase sales with our SEO product descriptions that stand out.

Our client

One of the largest departmental store chains in the US- our client sells an assortment of consumer goods for everyday needs. They launched their store on Amazon in 2016 where they sold furniture, cookware, and gardening equipment. They quickly realized that they were not able to gain traffic on their listings due to high competition. This led to Amazon’s algorithms placing their listings on the deep end of the search results.

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Our Client Requirement

Our client got in contact with us to help them grow their online presence by writing SEO product descriptions that are unique and focused. Improving their product descriptions will yield them improved website traffic, increase search engine visibility, and convert site visitors into buyers. While working on their online store, we had to factor in the volume of products that spanned over 15,000. This meant, we had to analyze each description, edit them, and rewrite them accurately, backed by extensive research.

Specifically, we were requested to work on these three sub-areas: 

  • Compelling copies to engage potential buyers with informative content
  • Unique and accurate product descriptions to rank higher on search engine
  • Create user-friendly product manuals and guides.
  • The project had to be delivered quickly because of their plummeting sales.

Vserve Approach and Solution

SEO-friendly Content

We deployed our team of fifteen experts with copywriting and product domain expertise to work on our client’s project. They were also assisted by a team of researchers to supply them with necessary information when needed. We ensured that our client’s brand was registered with Amazon so that they are eligible for A+ brand content. We reviewed their Amazon seller account and created a strategy with new keyword ideas, optimization of current listings, and updating categories.

Our team analyzed every product description on the basis of two crucial factors: 



We identified that the product descriptions were not optimized. We conducted extensive keyword research and optimized the descriptions with keywords and long-tail search words to increase the visibility of products on Amazon results. 

The product descriptions were further changed in accordance with Amazon guidelines to make them compelling and SEO-friendly. The resulting descriptions aptly modulated our client’s brand tone while being user-friendly and informative.

A strong team of quality experts onsite and offshore focused and double-checked on the content authenticity, quality, and readability as our last step.  We helped our client maximize their Amazon store and branding through Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC).  

On-page Optimization

Our team of SEO experts and content specialists collaborated together to optimize product pages with features such as SEO-oriented URLs, best possible page titles, product titles, and meta descriptions that are meaningful and accurately describe the products.


Our well-trained team of experts delivered product page content, informational pamphlets for 15,000 SKUs and 85 user-manuals on periodic iterations within a span of 2 months. After updating the fresh new descriptions, the sales began to increase.  

  • The products started ranking higher on Amazon SERP
  • The user-focused copyrighted content improved conversion rates by 15%

Hence, our product description writing services and approach helped them revive their Amazon store and escalate its growth.