Stay Ahead of the Competition with Vserve’s Amazon Competitor Price Monitoring and Competitor Price Analysis

Our client

Our client is a leading online company with various product categories, including electronics, appliances, and furniture. The products are from multiple brands that are sold on Amazon. Popular categories such as electronics and home appliances faced tough competition due to price differences and promotional offers

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Our client requirement

Having a competitive edge in the online marketplace was a significant challenge for our client. Our client could not rank higher on the Amazon SERP due to inconsistent and often inaccurate prices of their products.

  • As a result, their competitors ranked on the first pages of Amazon search results.
  • Competitor price monitoring and manually pricing many products due to the highly dynamic market was also challenging.
  • Additionally, utterly automated price monitoring did not provide the required results regarding the exact product match.

This is why they contacted us to help them streamline their process by providing the benefits of both automated and manual competitor price analysis services for their Amazon store.


Vserve Approach and Solution

Vserve Competitive Intelligence was the key to unlocking our client’s selling potential.

Price Monitoring

We deployed automated and manual competitor price monitoring processes to ensure that the client receives the benefits of both methods, with 100% product matching implemented by our team.

We ensured the data was accurate and comprehensive to monitor competitor pricing. Following this, we set up parameters for competitor pricing analysis, such as competitor price index, competitors’ promotional activities, and product availability. Our one-on-one analysis of competitor’s product pricing to that of our client helped them monitor competitor prices fluctuations continually.

Determining Prices for Offers and Discounts

Determining prices for different purposes, such as seasonal discounts and promotional offers, are critical to sales. We helped our clients identify patterns when we started to monitor competitor pricing over some time to make strategic choices. We also analyzed the minimum and maximum levels within which the prices could be set. This helped us curb losses for our clients and maximize sales by using the correct promotional prices.

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Our Impact

Our team’s expertise and successful implementation of manual and automated price mapping helped our client increase their ranking on Amazon search results and boost their conversions. Our add-on features also helped them stay on top of their competition due to constant competitor pricing analysis.

  • They received price alerts via email whenever prices changed, and the information was displayed in the Amazon dashboard for easy comprehension
  • They also received weekly and monthly price updates depending on the products and the nature of the competitors.

With our Amazon competitor pricing analysis services, our client was able to successfully monitor competitor prices, process large volumes of data, and gain precise recommendations for further enhancements and modifications.