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Key Metrics To Evaluate Your Amazon Business After Covid-19

Amazon Key Metrics

The fact that the traditional metrics to assess your business performance are pretty misleading and unhelpful is valid for the post-COVID business scenarios. Pre-COVID Amazon performance metrics are a misfit for the purpose as they cannot track the complexities of working digitally. 

As the crisis demands plenty of resources and time, the Amazon performance metrics should solve the biggest problems we have. Before the pandemic, several performance indicators and metrics served as the critical factors in providing insights into business performance. But as the pandemic rolls on, the struggle lies with gathering the data and measuring performance. 

The pandemic has changed performance measurement, causing the organizations to look for what new indicators they need to measure. So, you need to look for the significant changes in performance measurement and what key indicators you should consider while evaluating your Amazon Business. 

In this blog, we have brought to you the key metrics that would help you evaluate your Amazon Business more effectively and improve your sales. 

Key Performance Indicators Of Amazon to Look For

As an Amazon Seller, you need to track some major KPIs as your business's success depends on it. Identifying those indicators and paying attention to what those indicators tell you is crucial for your business. With Amazon Seller Account Management, you can look into these critical metrics for assessing your business performance.

  • Inventory

For your business's expected sales velocity, the available stock in your inventory is one of the significant KPIs you need to look for. So, you have to work on historical data and seasonal analytics to look for essential changes in your inventory. In this way, you can ensure that your list is well managed according to the demand and you aren't delivering any knockoffs.

  • Aging Stock

This is another important factor that provides you with information on your available stocks. It helps you make more accurate predictions when you order more stocks as it would avoid you having stocks sitting in Amazon's Warehouses for months, increasing your storage costs.

  • Fulfilment of Orders & Shipments

As an Amazon Seller, you need to use Amazon's shipping material and bear the incurring costs with it. So, you have to work on your pricing strategy to include those costs in it effectively. It is because these costs affect your bottom line.

  • Customer Performance Metrics

Amazon is strictly concerned with customer satisfaction, and to measure the performance of its sellers, Amazon uses customer metrics. So, you need to work on return and non-return cases to remain clear of any issues that your customers are facing and don't have to bear any loss. 

  • Reviews & Ratings

One of the actual proof and reports of customers liking your products and services is their ratings and reviews. A potential buyer doesn't have another way of choosing your product apart from looking into your reviews. So, you need to constantly monitor your ratings and reviews and look for negative reviews to solve the issues customers are facing and possibly convert those negative reviews into positive ones.

  • Conversion Rate

When Amazon ranks your listings, it does so by evaluating your conversion rate. If you're not improving your conversion rate, it will end up ranking someone else over you, having a higher conversion rate than you. This is the KPI that most of the sellers do not pay attention to. They think that having the same sales today as it was tomorrow would help them maintain their rank, but it isn't like that.

  • Promotions

When launching promotions and deals, most sellers don't prepare their inventories, and their deals go rogue in seconds, emptying their inventories. While it is great news that your product sold out, it does affect your inventory KPI. It could have yielded a more significant profit if your inventory had appropriately maintained. So, planning your inventory is essential before launching promotions.

  • Ad Expenditure

Your ads might be doing well, and you may be selling great, but if they cost high per click and you have to pay some amount before selling anything, it may result in a downfall of sales. So, monitoring your ads and their costs is essential too.

  • Competitor Pricing

Suppose you have earned a badge on Amazon by having a very high selling velocity. In that case, your competitors can quickly snatch that title from you by lowering their prices and driving up their selling velocity. So, look out for your competitors and their prices as they can bypass your tactics easily. If you need expert support to handle Amazon competitor price tracking, you can reach out to us, anytime.


Amazon Listing Services provide you options to analyze your business with different performance indicators. Keeping an eye on those indicators, you can track your business's performance at each step so that you can work on the measure to improve your performance. Several options, such as Amazon Listing Services, Amazon Competitor Price Tracking and Amazon Content Optimization, give you the best insights into your business performance and growth. 

The key indicators in this blog may not act as a customer magnet for your business. Still, they will surely improve your business performance and pose a great image of your business before the customers. With your business backed by our Amazon Product Listing Services, you don't have to worry much. Just excel and grow.


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11 Copywriting Tips for Amazon Product Pages

Copywriting Tips For Amazon

To boost your Amazon Business sales, it is crucial to prioritize your product pages. 

Amazon has established itself as a go-to place for most of the eCommerce-related activities. To your benefit, most searches on the internet relevant to an Amazon product would result at the top. 

Have you ever guessed why Google and other search engines rank Amazon products on the top of the search results? 

Because of better content, optimized pages and its benefits. These are the reasons why Amazon product pages often rank up high on searches and promote Amazon businesses. 

So, Amazon product description writers need to follow some essential tips so that the product content remains relevant to the user's searches. Additionally, it results in a better conversion rate and promotion of businesses.

The Need for a Good Amazon Product Description Writing

Product description plays a vital role in defining the value of a product to a customer and providing its benefits. It directly influences the customers on understanding the value that a product can add to their life. This results in them making a purchase successfully. 

A product description should focus on how the product solves a customer's problems. So, let's look at some copywriting tips for Amazon product pages. Amazon product description writers should follow these tips to improve their business performance and conversion rate.

11 Amazon Product Description Writing Tips for better Copywriting

  • Talk about the benefits of the product

When buying or searching for a product, a customer has in mind interests that make them curious to know what is in the product and how it can benefit the person. The benefits of a product provide a more profound and better explanation of the product to the customer. Hence, involving the main advantages of a product would let them have a better experience with the product.

  • Use bullet listing in the content description

Regular product pages should be focused on describing the product in a much better way. And using bullet points and lists is an excellent way to serve the product information. People tend to read lists more than paragraphed content, so taking advantage of the bulleted options is a good way.

  • Greatly elaborative product description

Amazon description writers should focus on crafting the content so that it explains what the product would be like. So the description should be able to trigger the imagination of the customers and portray the product.

  • Keeping the language simple

Using fancy and jargon words in content might seem to you as an impressive way to communicate with your customers. But it is in no way practical. By doing so, you limit your audience to which the content's correct meaning would be delivered. On the other hand, if you use just plain, simple language, it would be a much better result. Every customer would understand it and make decisions based on their understanding.

Sample Product Description

  • Sell a cure, not a preventive measure

Customers who seek a product online are already struggling with a problem. The product description should focus on how it solves their problem, not how it prevents the problem for some time. People wouldn't tend to invest in something that temporarily solves their pain, but something that is a permanent cure.

  • Using precise words and CTAs

Power or Precise words play an essential role in making the customer aware of a product's fact. It helps them sum up the benefits of the product and provides them with a big picture without lengthy sentences. Along with famous power words such as Amazing, Next Level, and Affordable, you should also use CTAs such as Buy Now, Shop Now, etc., to make your customers purchase the product.


30 Product Description Power Words that Convert

Copywriting Tips for Amazon Words

  • Create a sense of urgency

One of the prime concerns of a customer while making a purchase is the scarcity of goods and the fear of stock-outs. This fear of missing out on great deals creates the urgency to buy the product.

  • Creating description templates

For Amazon Product Description writers writing many descriptions, it doesn't seem easy to follow the same guidelines for every product. They end up creating low-quality content that could result in poor page performance. Hence, creating product description templates is a great way to prevent this situation.

  • Taking breaks frequently

One thing that Amazon description writers don't take seriously is taking small breaks from work. They prefer working in single sittings and completing all their description entries. So they should emphasize taking more frequent breaks and ensure the peace of mind that allows them to perform better.

  • Taking the opinion of other people

Presenting your work to others, and taking their feedback on it is a great way to make your content better. Hence, following Amazon Copywriting tips should present their work to other people more frequently and take their feedback on it. It allows them to find errors and fix them and improve on the missing points in the description.

  • Split testing your content

There are often situations where just changing a single element of your content can drastically improve its conversion rate. Going through different variations in the range would help you understand the best version of it. So try more variations to get to the winning combination at last.


Good content quality is crucial for every business as it is the critical factor that can either make or break a sale. A product description is a deciding factor of whether a customer would make a purchase or not. 

And if the customer doesn't, you need to rewrite the description rather than face a tiny conversion rate. So, by focusing on this blog's tips, you won't have to look into such situations again.

Alternatively, you can also get some expert help. Rather than spending your productive days on writing copies for your products, you can hire an expert Amazon product description writer to get the work done professionally in no time. 

Do leave your comment below if you need more Amazon SEO copywriting tips for product pages specific to your product industry or would like share your thoughts and inputs on this blog.

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