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Increase your Amazon Sales with Amazon Listing Optimization – 15+ Proven Tips!

Increase Your Amazon Sales With Amazon Listing Optimization 15 Proven Tips

Do you find it hard being an Amazon seller? You could benefit from Amazon listing optimization.

Since its inception, Amazon has grown into an e-commerce colossus, selling millions of types of products globally. Today, anyone selling a product loses out on sales if they are not selling on Amazon. But with multiple competitors selling similar products or products better than yours, how can you stand out from the crowd and impress your customers? Here are 20 ways to increase your Amazon sales through Amazon listing optimization.

What is Amazon listing optimization?

To put it simply, it is the process of upgrading all your product pages, so you rank high on the Amazon search engine. When you upgrade your product pages, your products are noticeably more visible to your potential customers.

The result of Amazon listing optimization is to make more sales. But there is a heap of other benefits too, including:

  • Increased click-through rates (CTRs).
  • Increased conversion rates (CRs).
  • Driving more traffic to your product pages.
  • Increased traffic to your business website
  • Grow your customer base.
  • There are myriad ways to use Amazon listings to boost your sales.

Here are 20 proven tips to increase your Amazon Sales with Amazon Listing Optimization.

Amazon SEO optimization – Getting your keywords right!

1. Conduct thorough keyword research

Think like your customer and put together an initial list of keywords. What keywords would they type into Google to find your product?

Use keyword research tools like Amazon’s MerchantWords to find the best high-search keywords relevant to your business.

Visit your competitors’ websites and check out the keywords they use.

Research on long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are more accessible, easier to rank, and are less competitive.

2. Monitor your keywords

Monitor keywords and analyze them regularly. Keep an eye on new keywords used by competitors and trending words and phrases that pop up regularly. You might consider incorporating those into your current keyword list.

3. Use keywords appropriately

Don’t stuff keywords. Ensure to use an appropriate amount of keywords to the product description, title, and bullet points. Target your keywords in PPC campaigns to get more paid keyword traffic and organic traffic to your product pages.

4. Rank your product for maximum search terms (backend keywords)

Make your Amazon products visible to potential buyers and make them visible through Amazon search terms (backend keywords). Adding backend keywords improves ranking and could also lead to more sales.

Add as many relevant search terms to your product listing’s backend. The A9 algorithm matches the keywords with searches and shows all the suitable products.

Amazon Content Optimization

5. Optimize your product title

Although you have 200 characters (with spaces) at your disposal for your product title, Skubana research and Amazon Seller Central recommend that you don’t exceed 112 characters. Keep it any longer, and you could end up having your product titles truncated.

Every word in the product title is searchable so that you can add your:

  • Brand
  • Product line
  • Material/key feature
  • Color
  • Size
  • Quantity/packaging

6. Optimize product titles for mobiles

Ensure titles are no more than 80 characters (with spaces). Mobiles are smaller devices, and all titles will be truncated or cut short. But some mobiles display less than 80 characters. So, play it safe and add your main keywords at the very beginning of your titles.

7. Optimize your product images

The images that you use for each product are as important as the written descriptions. Here are some Amazon imaging processing guidelines to follow.

  • Don’t skip images.
  • Use several (Amazon allows uploading up to nine images per product) high-quality (at least 1,000 pixels on the longer side) images.
  • The images must be recognizable and occupy at least 85% of the image area.
  • Keep the background plain white: Hex color #ffffff.
  • File format should be PNG, JPEG, TIFF, or GIF.
  • Image color modes to use are RGB or CMYK.

8. Getting the best from images

Ensure every image matches the product description (similar color, size, design, product code, etc.). That will mean taking the time to take pictures of the actual product.

When photographing your products, ensure the images showcase the product’s unique features. That will give your buyers a visual presentation of the benefits of that product. Utilize the latest features such as 360 interactive images and 3D product modeling to create images that provide a real-time experience and the product appeal that your customers are expecting.

9. Use bullet points to highlight key features and benefits

You might find people skimming a product page for a few seconds and leaving without making a purchase. These are busy people who don’t have time to go through full product descriptions. These people are looking to make a purchase – but they want the information in a simple and easy-to-skim-through format (bullet points).

  • Don’t exceed five (5) bullet points.
  • Ensure the bullet points take up less than 1,000 characters for better readability.
  • Although keywords are important, don’t stuff keywords. Add keywords only if they don’t disrupt the flow of thought.

10. Keep your product description short

Amazon product listing content writing is a bit different in that the longer a product description, the more chances of losing a potential customer. According to the same Skubana study, 51% of top-ranked Amazon listings had product descriptions under 400 characters. But wait. There is a twist. According to the same survey, 31% of top listings had descriptions that exceeded 1,100 characters.

  • If you can’t keep it within 400, then ensure it is over 1,100 characters.
  • Don’t stuff keywords. Add keywords only if they don’t disrupt the flow of the description.

11. Use A+ Content – Amazon content creation and enhancement

A standard listing shows nothing more than text. But Professional Sellers approved as brand owners and emerging brand owners can use the Amazon content creation tool - A+ Content for Amazon content optimization of their branded ASINs.

A+ Content allows you to add video, enhanced images, comparison charts, text placements, and more to increase traffic to the product page, increase conversion rates, boost sales, and increase your Amazon presence.

To use A+ Content, go to the Seller Central Homepage and select the Advertising menu. From there, choose A+ Content and follow the directions.

12. Emphasize key features

Communicate your product’s value by emphasizing its features and benefits. People looking for a specific product are bombarded with several brands that offer that exact product. Highlight the key features and how they will benefit your customer. Use bullet points to highlight each feature. Provide statistics and data to support your points.

Offers for Amazon Listing Optimization

13. Offer more than just a product

What if multiple sellers were selling the same product that you had to offer? What would entice potential buyers to choose you (as a seller) over your competitors? The deciding factor often comes down to how much value they can get for their money. Here are some ways you can win over your competitors:

  • Offer faster delivery.
  • Offer discounts or warranties.
  • Improve customer service.

Customer support is critical on Amazon

14.Encourage customer reviews

Encourage your customers to leave reviews on Amazon. The more reviews, the more visible you become. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Send a follow-up email requesting a review on Amazon.
  • Request for reviews via your newsletter.
  • Use an Amazon tool such as the Early Reviewer Program and Vine program.
  • Make use of Amazon’s ‘Request a Review’ button.
  • Rely on Amazon’s automated follow-up system.

15. Reply to every review

Thank people who leave a positive review. Show your customers that you value them by replying to every review that you get. When responding to positive reviews, add your company name, keywords, and category, so you show up on searches outside Amazon.

16. Don’t hesitate to answer negative reviews

People remember companies that respond to negative reviews. According to a survey, 89% of customers will read how your business responds to negative reviews. You don’t have to go overboard with negative reviews.

  • Apologize and empathize with the angry customer.
  • The public view your response, so feel free to add a bit of marketing.
  • Invite the customers to take the conversation offline.
  • Keep your response short, to the point, and sweet.

Branding can optimize your product’s Amazon Listing

17. Register your brand with Amazon

The benefits of going through the Amazon Brand Registry (ABR) process are endless – it protects your brand and products and also gives you much more credibility. Here are some Amazon benefits:

  • Get access to A+ Content (more on this later)
  • Create a Storefront for your brand.
  • Create sponsored advertising campaigns.

18. Outsource to an Amazon Listing Optimization Company

Do you want to earn the Best Seller badge? Then consider hiring the experts to help with increasing your sales dramatically with Amazon Listing Optimization. Here are some services offered by an efficient Amazon Listing Optimization Company.

  • Price your products right.
  • Conduct Extensive keyword research.
  • Create compelling Content using A+ Content.
  • Photography of items for image optimization.
  • Correct product categorization.
  • Analysis of competition.
  • Analysis of user engagement.
  • Monitoring of the inventory.
  • Product review moderation.

Infographic 2x


Amazon Listing Optimization can get you brand recognition and increased sales. There are several ways to optimize your Amazon Listing – You can do it yourself. But if you doubt your abilities, don’t hesitate to hire an Amazon Listing Optimization Company. Listing optimization services are a valuable investment – not only do they help get your brand visible, but they also engage your users and get your sales up.

Vserve Amazon Listing Services is an IT-enabled service provider that aims to provide organizations with industry-specific, timely, and cost-effective e-commerce and data management solutions to global enterprises. You can hire your Amazon listing expert at a price as low as $4/hour.

Is there anything else you have tried to optimize your Amazon listing and increase sales? We would love to hear from you. Feel free to leave your comments here or visit our website for information on how we can help with Optimizing your Amazon listing.


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7 Powerful Amazon Marketing Strategies to Boost your Business revenue

7 Powerful Amazon Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Business Revenue

As the largest e-commerce site in North America and among the most successful brands worldwide, Amazon offers a great platform for business owners to enhance their popularity. 

Statistics indicate that Amazon ships around 1.6 million packages every day. Amazon websites recorded 213 million visitors in the US alone in July 2020. 

There are many benefits of marketing your products on Amazon. Yet, business owners often struggle with making the most out of Amazon for their business. Data indicates that of the 9.1 million sellers on Amazon, about 2.3 million are presently active. Many of them report having issues getting their products to rank in the initial search engine results pages (SERPs).

Sellers can make the most out of Amazon SEO by reconstructing their marketing strategies. For instance, using Amazon sponsored products and Amazon sponsored ads, a business owner can build brand awareness and inform a buyer’s decision-making process. To enable businesses to gain more out of selling their products on Amazon, we shall explore seven powerful Amazon marketing strategies.

How does Amazon rank its products?

The A10 algorithm of Amazon is different from that of another search engine; consequently, you need to implement certain specific tactics for boosting your Amazon SEO rank.

Amazon prioritizes customer behavior, and this is revealed in terms of a customer’s product browsing preferences and purchase history. Elements that influence the order in which you see products on Amazon include:

  • Pricing information.
  • Customer reviews.
  • Type of images/videos on display.
  • Seller’s responsiveness to all inquiries.
Inner Image Cracking

These are some factors that you need to consider for Amazon search engine optimization. 

7 powerful Amazon marketing strategies to boost your business revenue

Write compelling product descriptions

Though your product descriptions do not directly affect the ranking, they impact visibility since they are indexed. Your product description is your opportunity to sell your brand and product in a way that gently encourages a customer. Talk about what makes your product unique and what benefits it provides to your customer.

Ensure that your product description is clear and compelling. You can incorporate some keywords and add a strong call-to-action for the conclusion. In addition, you can utilize some backend search terms for your keywords which can help boost your product’s search engine ranking on Amazon. Vserve product description writing services can help you gain a competitive edge in the Amazon market with product content that sells.

Incorporate high-resolution pictures

When you post information about any product online, it is vital to provide relevant information about your customer. Photographs and videos are important elements that help to generate conversions for a business. Ensure that your photos and videos are of high resolution. 

Product Photo Retouching

In Amazon, users can use the zoom-in feature to observe a product more closely. If, upon zooming in, a user finds a low-quality photo or a photo that shows something defective, it will immediately drive them away. Make sure that you are spending enough time taking high quality photos of your products before posting them online. If you need expert support to edit and enhance your product images, Vserve is here to help! You can get our image editing services for as low as $10/hour.

Encourage customers to review your products

The importance of hearing positive things about a product from another customer cannot be emphasized enough. Even in today’s world, people rely on word-of-mouth marketing and online reviews to understand whether others have been satisfied with using a product before deciding on whether they should use it. Amazon emphasizes customer reviews because of this reason and also because they want people to keep buying from them.

Products that have the best customer reviews lead to the most conversions. This helps these products get higher rankings on Amazon. When a customer buys any product from you, ask them to post an online review. Request them to give you honest feedback--you do not require five-star ratings to have a high rank.

Having a mixture of different types of reviews helps to gain trust from your prospective customers. In addition, striking a balanced review profile can help to build your credibility as an authentic seller.

Referral traffic

Optimizing your listing on Amazon is an excellent way to rank in a higher spot. However, the same tactic is being used by your competitors to drive sales on Amazon. So, what makes you different from them?

Utilize external traffic to drive interest to your website. Understand the trends of your consumers and the type of content they typically like to consume. By observing these trends, you can motivate them to visit your product page on Amazon. Depending on their preferences, you can collect data such as clicks and sources, which you can use to improve your target marketing efforts.

Use keywords

Keywords are an effective way to reach important leads and generate conversions. You can use keyword-generating tools to find relevant keywords for Amazon. Then, incorporate them into your title, product description, and in the backend of your product listing. 

Post competitive prices

Price is an important factor that determines the success of your marketing efforts on Amazon. Conduct in-depth research on prices offered by your competitors and post prices that would put you in competition with them. Monitor industry trends closely for all fluctuations in price.

Utilize bullets in product descriptions

Consumers prefer the product information presented in an easy-to-read and concise manner over long paragraphs. Incorporate bullets in your listings to enable your customer to grasp the essential facts about your product. This will make it easier for them to make a purchase decision.


Utilizing Amazon SEO is a great way to boost your revenue. By adopting the right marketing strategy, you can leverage tools offered by Amazon to direct more traffic to your products and turn them into conversions. 

With performance-driven Amazon SEO services, Vserve can help your business and your products become the choice of online shoppers. We have a decade of SEO and content optimization experience, plus our full suite of the best Amazon software to develop data-driven SEO and content optimization strategies that ultimately increase your product ranking and ROI.

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Improve Amazon conversions by 120% with Enhanced Brand Content

Improving Amazon Conversions By 120 With Enhanced Brand Content 1

The majority of customers shop on Amazon through search. This means that they know what they are looking for. All they have to do is type in the right keyword to find the product. 

For Amazon sellers, this is enough to realize that they need to increase their visibility within Amazon’s organic search algorithm. There are hundreds of Amazon sellers selling the same product under different brand names. So, why do you think customers should buy from you? 

You should be able to address the pain points that your competitors often fail to do. And what do you think can work best to cater for those concerns along with highlighting your products?

Indeed, Enhanced Brand Content is the tool that can save you!

With that being said, Amazon content creation and optimization couldn’t be more important for differentiating your products. 

From the beginning to the end of the customer journey, you need to take every opportunity to show your customers why your products are the best choice for them. And two of the prominent elements that contribute to increased visibility and credibility are content creation and content optimization. 

With Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), you can increase your Amazon conversions to a great extent. It is a feature of Amazon that allows sellers to enhance their product listings with rich media content. 

This post discusses how EBC can result in higher conversion rates, increased sales, and increased traffic when used effectively. 

What is Enhanced Brand Content and How it Helps with Amazon Content Creation and Enhancement? 

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content or Amazon A+ is a feature introduced to sellers in 2016 that allows brand registered sellers to display unique value propositions of their products through enhanced text and image placements. In a nutshell, it is a premium content feature for sellers that enables them to modify boring product description fields of their branded ASINs with optimized, interactive, and engaging text and images. 

This feature allows you to tell your brand story, display your products like no one else, add product comparisons, and do much more. If done right, your product details page can experience increased traffic, leading to increased conversion rates and increased sales. 

Here is an example of how Amazon content creation with and without EBC looks like. 

We have taken listings from Apple and Fujifilm. 

Apple has used Enhanced Brand Content to optimize its product listing on Amazon. And it looks something like this: 

Image 2

On the other hand, Fujifilm has used just used plain text:

Image 4

You can tell which one is more appealing. It is all about visualization. Because customers cannot feel the product unless they buy it, it is extremely difficult for them to make a purchase decision. Apple has made it easy for the customers with images and text to understand the product better. 

This is the difference Enhanced Brand Content can make. No wonder why Apple sales are soaring! 

How Enhanced Brand Content results in improving Amazon conversions?

It is quite evident that Amazon’s EBC has been gaining traction among the sellers. They are trying to optimize listings to increase traffic and conversions. EBC allows sellers to modify their product descriptions that give products a fresh outlook. 

Here’s how Enhanced Brand Content is proven to increase your Amazon conversions:

  • It shows a detailed yet compelling perspective of how a particular product will influence buyers’ life and address their concerns. 
  • Product listings are made aesthetically alluring and attention-seeking with the help of high-quality photographs. It allows sellers to attract a new visitor or cater for an existing customer. 
  • EBC will make the brand-registered content even more convincing and easy to scan, thereby giving it a better reach.
  • Customers will never invest their time to make sense out of scattered information. EBC sellers can break up the content into a meaningful section of data and images that help sellers make a purchase decision. 
  • Product descriptions are an integral part of Enhanced Brand Content. It prevents the risk of misunderstanding, low expectations, negative reviews and worse, returns. 
  • EBC’s main agenda is to connect with the buyer on an emotional level. EBC will tell the brand’s story allowing customers to foster a sense of loyalty for the business. 

How can you optimize your Amazon listing with EBC?

There are many ways you can optimize your Amazon content using EBC.

Image 1
  • You can show the customers a compelling and detailed view of how your product can impact their lives. 
  • It is vital to use high-resolution images that depict the products in the best light. 
  • Use the right words and fonts to make the content easily scannable and more digestible at a glance.
  • It is essential to segregate the content accordingly, which makes it graspable and relevant. For example, Apple has created a separate section where it has compared the iPhone 12 variants.
  • You can provide a more thorough product description with images to mitigate any risk of confusion, misinterpretation, negative reviews, and returns.
  • Most importantly, you can establish an emotional connection with the customers to foster repeat business and customer loyalty by telling them more about your brand story and its origin. 

Amazon Enhanced Content is also a way into SERPs

When we talk about increasing conversion through Amazing Enhanced Brand Content, it is important to look at it from the search engine perspective. You cannot deny that a majority of Amazon conversions result from higher search engine rankings of certain pages. So, search engine optimization has got a crucial role to play here. 

All the EBC texts and images are indexed by Google that helps the product appear in the search results. This Google indexing indirectly helps you increase your conversion rate that leads to magnanimous sales. 

*Friendly Advice: Please note that adding keywords in EBC content won’t benefit you if you are hoping for Amazon SEO optimization. Because it will be an image, keywords will not serve any purpose. However, you are advised to intelligently use them in the product title and the description section. 


Overall, EBC for Amazon content creation can help sellers and vendors get higher conversion rates quickly and increase sales. You must understand the guidelines for creating Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon. Failing to abide by the rules can result in several complications, including poor product listing performance. 

To get dynamic product listings, exceptional EBC, and complete Amazon SEO optimization, you can contact Vserve. Leverage the benefits of Enhanced Brand Content now!