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How Small Businesses Can Gain Fortune 500 Advantage with Virtual Assistant Services in 2021

Als How Small Businesses Can Gain Fortune 500 Advantage With Virtual Assistant Services In 2021

Want to transform your business into a reputed Fortune 500 enterprise? Virtual assistant services can help you achieve your goals; let’s look into how.

What transforms a business from a simple, run-of-the-mill company into a reputed Fortune 500 enterprise? The answer is three-fold – Operational efficiency, Robust service, and Focused core services. Virtual assistant services can help you achieve these three goals. In this article, let's look into how small businesses can gain Fortune 500 advantage when they hire a virtual assistant.

Virtual Assistant for Small Businesses – Why do you need them?

Virtual assistants can give you more freedom to focus on critical tasks

According to The Anatomy of Work Index by Asana, employees spend 60% of their workday on mundane and repetitive tasks such as answering emails, setting up meetings and other appointments, searching for files, filling in forms.

This is such a waste of time when you need to focus on developing products and services that can out-compete other businesses. But not only do mundane and repetitive tasks waste your time, but they also disengage employees. In fact, companies with disengaged employees perform 202% poorer compared to companies that have engaged employees. This is where virtual assistant services can help.

When you hire a virtual assistant, you can outsource these routine and mundane tasks to them and reduce the burden of boring tasks on yourself. Now you can focus on your core business operations and give your key personnel the opportunity to tackle challenging activities that can help you make headway in the market.

Virtual assistants can help you maintain regulatory-compliant books of account

Accounting errors can lead to tremendous problems for both the business and its stakeholders. Who here doesn't remember what happened to automobile giant Hertz? The company's accountants and auditors failed to account for uncollectible fees for vehicle restorations and damaged vehicles. Over the years, this accounting error led to a whopping $46.3 million in losses!

A mistake of this magnitude can be a death sentence to small businesses. This is where a virtual assistant services company can really benefit you. When you hire a virtual assistant to take over your books of accounts, you entrust an expert to be solely responsible for company-wide accounting. This virtual assistant will keep a close eye on your books, use best-in-class accounting software to keep track of everything and ensure your books of accounts are up-to-date and compliant with regulations.

Virtual assistants can reduce your operational costs

Did you know that a virtual assistant services company can reduce your operational expenses by 78%?

Virtual assistants are a great way to manage your finances smartly. Here's how they help you save costs:

  • Virtual assistants can be hired for specific tasks only – this means you pay only for what work they do and that duration.
  • Virtual assistants take care of their internet, technology, and office supplies – you will not have to buy/rent anything for them.
  • Compensation for virtual assistants only includes reimbursement for work done. You don't have to spend on insurance, 401Ks, and other benefits.
  • Many virtual assistant services offer budget-friendly annual packages, which can make their services very cost-efficient.

In fact, this is how Fortune 500 companies spend their money wisely on things that matter by leveraging virtual assistants.

5 Facts About Virtual Support


Virtual assistants can increase your workplace efficiency

Training is important when you set up a new business. But here's the problem. Companies spend on average 55.4 hours and $1,886 each year to train a single employee.

Spending such a tremendous amount of time and money on employee training can create problems when you need these precious resources for core business tasks. Additionally, while your new hires work towards mastering these skills, there is a huge scope for making mistakes on the job. Together, these can reduce your operational efficiency.

A virtual assistant for entrepreneurs can eliminate these challenges.

Virtual assistants come trained on numerous tasks, processes, and technology. Once you hire them, they can immediately get to work, and you won't need to spend time or money on training them. Additionally, they will be less likely to make mistakes or provide poor-quality work that can require reworking.

Overall, a virtual assistant for small businesses can help you maintain your quality of work and ensure your operations run without a hitch.

Virtual assistants can help you build a strong online presence.

Any entrepreneur who wants their business to have customer mindshare must be online these days. Some of the best virtual assistant services providers have social media experts who can help you:

  • Develop compelling online profiles and accounts that attract audience attention.
  • Manage the day-to-day running of social media promotional campaigns.
  • Optimize your lead generation activities by engaging with your social media audiences.
  • Create interesting and accessible content that is share-worthy.
  • Schedule posts so you can effectively target your chosen prospects.
  • Respond to social media messages, tweets, tags, and comments quickly and in a personalized manner.

In addition to these, your virtual assistant services company can also support your backend analytics tasks by:

  • Managing your omni channel campaigns that support your social media campaigns.
  • Building data collection forms for your accounts and websites.
  • Replying to customer messages received through contact forms.
  • Collating and processing social media engagement metrics and site visits by using analytics tools.
  • Creating insights-rich reports that you can use for campaign planning.

Some of the best virtual assistant services also offer 24x7 virtual assistant support. This is helpful if you have a global customer base and need a robust and responsive social media team.

Virtual assistants can help you to provide 24/7 customer service.

Speaking of 24x7 virtual assistant support, your virtual assistant for small businesses will also be able to offer very robust backend support to prospects and existing customers. This is crucial.

Research has proven that about 1 in 3 customers purchases from a brand only after having a positive experience with a friendly and knowledgeable customer service agent. Conversely, if they have a negative experience, 91% of customers will leave the brand without complaining. Therefore, by having a virtual assistant services company take over your customer service activities, you can prevent customer churn by up to 67%!

There are more benefits that you get when you hire a virtual assistant for customer support activities. For example, companies with highly responsive customer service teams drive 4%-8% higher revenue than other companies. Additionally, according to Harvard Business Review, their profits increase by 25% to 95%. Isn't that enough impetus for you to choose 24x7 virtual assistant services?

Hire a qualified virtual assistant for small businesses at VGrow

At VGrow, we are a leading virtual assistant services provider with extensive experience of over 12 years supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs with dedicated virtual assistant support. We are committed to empowering you and helping you bring your strategic vision to life by supporting you wherever you need us.

Our team of highly-trained, qualified, and experienced 24X7 virtual assistants can give you the competitive edge to take your business to new markets. Our virtual assistant services are extremely affordable and highly customizable. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss your business needs. We are here to support you.

Convert Amazon Business Challenges into Opportunities with Your Dedicated Amazon Virtual Assistant

Convert Amazon Business Challenges Into Opportunities With Your Dedicated Amazon Virtual Assistant

    Amazon is amongst the most prominent digital marketplaces in the world. With over 310 million active customers, it became a household name in the eCommerce industry in less than two decades. Today, Amazon is the world's biggest online retailer, giving vendors all over the world a chance to succeed.

    Most sellers do it all by themselves in the early stages of their business, from listing development to customer service. When you're only starting or running a small business, that's perfectly normal. However, if you want to scale, doing it on your own isn't an option. That's because as demand increases, so does the workload, making it almost impossible to keep up without support. 

    From your product page to the consistency of your product, customer service, and delivery process, everything must be flawless if you want to attract customers' attention.  Amazon virtual assistants come in handy in such a situation. When you delegate daily tasks to be professional and qualified experts, you'll find that your business can overcome the challenges and thrive better in every step of your business growth.

    Common Challenges faced by Amazon Sellers and How Amazon Virtual Assistants can Help

    It's not all rainbows and butterflies when it comes to running a business on Amazon. Most sellers spend a lot of time on areas that can feel stressful, draining, and outright irritating. 

    Whether you are a retail arbitrage, online arbitrage, private label, or wholesale seller, there is an immense opportunity to make extra income through the Amazon seller platform. However, to reach that stage, you have to overcome several challenges and streamline your selling process. 

    While not all roadblocks of being an Amazon seller can be eradicated by hiring an amazon virtual assistant, you can conquer the common challenges and focus on increasing the sales when you have an Amazon virtual assistant taking care of the backend part. 

    Here are some of the common challenges faced by Amazon Sellers and how hiring a virtual assistant can solve them. 

    Order processing and fulfillment

    In the initial stages, sellers usually fulfill orders at home. However, as the business grows quickly, there will be a quick increase in the number of orders. In addition, you need to keep a clear tab on the shipping process and the price involved. In such cases, an Amazon Virtual Assistant can help. 

    A Virtual Assistant handles everything from defining shipment methods, setting delivery dates, compiling all orders, to managing customer invoices. To ensure that your customers are always happy, the VA can handle all order transfers, returns, and refunds.

    As a brand owner or seller, you must continue to manage operations to ensure customer loyalty and high profits. This is where an Amazon virtual assistant can help you with everything from handling inventory, packaging, invoices to customer service for your orders.

    Amazon Listing Optimization Service

    Amazon product listing focuses on image quality, product title and summary content, integration of keywords, product page layout, examining the reviews and ratings, and concentrating on the best of them. To keep up with the evolving and increasing market, you should revisit and refine your Amazon listings regularly, but when you're focused on increasing the sales, handling the listing becomes a hassle. 

    An Amazon virtual assistant is familiar with Amazon SEO and product listing optimization. The virtual assistant can update your Amazon product lists regularly and ensure that they appear higher in search results. If you want to keep ahead of the competition and get some decent conversions, hiring an Amazon virtual assistant for managing your product listings will surely help. 

    Market Research And Competitor Analysis

    When it comes to eCommerce, it's all about understanding where your potential clients are and what they want. This aids in the development of marketing campaigns to efficiently increase the exposure and growth of your product. By doing market research and competitor analysis, we get to know about -

    Market Research And Competitor Analysis

    Market research allows you to see what your competitors are up to and how their decisions influence their revenue. Such observations can also be used to improve Amazon product listings and develop more successful promotions. Although the benefits of Amazon competitor research are undeniable, the method is lengthy and exhausting in itself. You can save time by delegating it to an amazon virtual assistant.

    Customer Service

    Amazon is one of the world's most customer-focused online marketplaces. Many of their rules, legislation and website templates are to improve the shopping experiences of their customers. The sellers are kept to the exact expectations as the buyers. Having a virtual assistant for Amazon on board can be highly beneficial in this situation. A customer service virtual assistant can help with several tasks such as -

    customer service virtual assistant

    Final Thoughts

    In today's world, having a virtual workforce is no longer a far-fetched idea. Technology has played a significant role in this process, and companies will now have people taking care of their needs in real-time from continents away. Of course, it's not easy to expand the squad. It will take some time, but the benefits will far outweigh the effort. 

    Hiring an Amazon virtual assistant will not only turn your online business from the ground up, but it will also free up your time and help you maintain your sanity, resulting in a profitable business, shortly.

    We have a diverse team of highly experienced Amazon virtual assistants. Our virtual assistants have skills and a proven track record of reliability and success. Enable our virtual assistants at just $4/Hour to assist you in rising, optimizing, and heading your Amazon store to new heights of success.

    Twitter Description - Hiring an Amazon virtual assistant can make your business explode with productivity. Find out how to hire right using these tips!

    LinkedIn Description - Whether you are new to Amazon seller central or a top seller on the Amazon marketplace, you should hire an Amazon VA to excel in your business. Here's how to get the right one for your business!

    Top 25 Tasks to Delegate to your Amazon VA, So You Can Sit by the Pool!

    Top 25 Tasks To Delegate To Your Amazon Va So You Can Sit By The Pool

    Amazon VAs are an integral part of any successful Amazon business. While running a business on your own can be a hard nut to crack, a virtual assistant can perform complex yet crucial tasks that can help build your business from the base, and at the same time, save your valuable investments in terms of both time and money. 

    But, what can Amazon Virtual Assistants do? What are the tasks that you can assign Amazon Remote Assistants?

    Here is a list of 25 tasks that Amazon business owners can assign to virtual assistants:

    Amazon Remote Assistants

    1. Amazon Store Setup

    To start your business, you need to set up your Amazon store. An Amazon VA with the right skills can help you set up your store using their expertise. Whether it is an Amazon FBA, brand registry, vendor, and seller central account set up, an Amazon remote assistant can help and guide you through the process with ease.

    2. Product Sourcing

    Product research is the core part of your business growth. However, you cannot spend all your time on product sourcing and still manage to run a successful business. That's when you need a dedicated person who is adept at data collection. For example, an Amazon VA can source private label products for your Amazon store and the data involved for you to make a well-informed product selection.

    3. Product Listing

    Listing and advertising the products is one of the most important tasks for running an Amazon business. As listing several products is a tedious task, it is better to assign it to an expert while focusing on other aspects of your business.

    4. Amazon Listing Optimization

    After listing the product, the next important thing is to optimize the product listing. Amazon listing optimization service optimizes the product listing to boost the ranking of the product and improve sales. To optimize your amazon product listing, you can get the help of a virtual assistant skilled to perform this task for you.

    5. Market Research

    To plan strategies for better product reach and higher conversion rates, you need to understand your customers' needs. An Amazon Virtual Assistant can perform market research to provide:

    • Details of your potential customer needs.
    • Details about competitor's products: their strengths and weaknesses, ad campaigns, reputation in the market, etc.
    Market Research

    Use these insights to enhance your Amazon product listing and create a campaign that generates better results.

    6. Inventory Management

    Inventory management ensures that the products are available and the whole logistic process runs uninterrupted. Your Amazon VA can perform this task efficiently, as they have the right skill set to manage the inventory.

    7. Customer Support

    Need to provide excellent customer support to your customers without hiring a full-time employee? Let the experts handle the customers for you. You need an expert agent to handle your customer support, as poor customer experience may result in negative feedback and a drop in sales.

    8. Reviews Management

    Product reviews are important to businesses as they improve the rankings and increase sales by providing them with the right information. Your Amazon virtual assistant can manage your product reviews by encouraging customers to provide their feedback and by responding to negative as well as positive reviews.

    9. Answering Customer's Questions

    Ecommerce platforms are customer-centric. Hence sellers need to respond to customers' questions immediately. If you're busy with other business activities, an Amazon VA can help provide quick and satisfactory answers to the customers professionally.

    10.  Managing Offers and Discounts on Products

    To draw more potential customers to your product page and increase product sales, you can provide discounts and offers. With their skills and expertise in handling Amazon businesses, virtual assistants for Amazon know how and when to create a discount strategy and help promote your business effectively.

    11.  Order Processing

    Processing and tracking new orders can be overwhelming, especially when you have a lot of different products. In addition, this may take a lot of your time out of your schedule. Hence, hire a virtual assistant for Amazon to process and track all the orders instantly.

    12.  Return and Refund

    You can ask your Amazon virtual assistant to handle all your Amazon store's return and refund processes. Providing refund and return services to your customers will help you improve customer satisfaction.

    13.  Fulfill FBM orders

    Your Amazon VA can take care of fulfilling FBM orders, from entry, shipping to invoicing of all the orders your store receives. In addition, they can handle all the processes related to fulfilling amazon orders efficiently.

    Fulfill FBM orders

    14.  Keyword Research

    When listing the products, you need to include relevant keywords on your product listing page. A virtual assistant with the right skills can perform keyword research using the right tools and provide competitive keywords that help the product page rank higher in search results.

    15.  Content Writing

    An Amazon virtual assistant with experience in content writing and basic SEO knowledge can help you create a compelling and optimized task for your product listings. Content for listing would include name, description, images, features, specifications, pricing, discount, and more details.

    16.  Email Marketing

    A creative VA can help you create a compelling email marketing message that engages the customers. They can create attractive subject lines to enhance the click-through rate. A virtual assistant can also help send newsletter campaigns to your customers regularly.

    17.  Establishing Ad Campaign

    Creating a sponsored ad can be tiring, especially when you have not done it before. Hire Amazon VA that can set up an ad campaign for your business. 

    18.  Analyzing Ad Campaigns

    You will get a detailed report for every ad campaign you run on Amazon. You need an experienced VA to analyze these details and modify your next campaign to make it more effective.

    19.  Finding Negative Keywords

    Adding negative search terms means that you don't pay for the wrong keywords in your campaign. A VA with experience in creating ad campaigns can help you find negative terms that you should exclude from your campaign.

    20.  Managing Suppliers

    Use the services of an experienced virtual assistant to contact and build a relationship with your sellers. A VA will help you provide everything the seller would need from your business.

    21.  Social Media Management

    Managing your social media profiles is a whole job in itself. Creating new posts and engaging with your customers can take up a lot of your time. Automate this task by assigning it to a skilled Amazon VA.

    Social Media Management

    22.  Email Support

    Providing multi-channel support will result in more satisfied customers. You can ask your virtual assistant to handle email support service to make this whole process smoother and improve your customer satisfaction.

    23.  Chat Support

    Chat support helps your business provide immediate assistance to your customers through chat. Hire a virtual assistant for Amazon to provide chat support to your customers.

    24. Creative Work

    A virtual assistant may also be a good sounding board for new ideas. He or she may have the experience you lack, and can come up with creative ideas and varying approaches that can work for your business. 

    Don't be shy to ask your virtual assistant for help with creative and design activities such as logo creation, and branding elements. Your virtual assistant can coordinate with the design team and get the work done with surprising results, on time.


    25.  Translating

    If you want to target the market in a new country, a virtual assistant can help with translation activities and product listing creation for global accounts. Your virtual assistant can coordinate with translators and designers to create effective product content and digital assets that meet the needs of the new target market.

    Skilled Amazon virtual assistants can handle all these tasks for you efficiently. They can help small and mid-sized businesses that can't afford to hire full-time employees yet.

    Hiring Amazon Virtual Assistant for your Amazon business? Contact us to hire our team of experts that can support all your Amazon business needs!