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Month: October 2018

Amazon Product Listing Copywriter Services From Amazon Listing Services

Amazon product listing copywriter

Amazon Product Listing Copywriter Services From Amazon Listing Services

Amazon listing services provides effective Amazon product listing copywriter description writing services to help ecommerce Entrepreneurs Bridge the gap between product catalog and sales. Our copywriters create original, persuasive and precise product descriptions for your Amazon store in tune with the marketplace’s guidelines, helping prospective customers differentiate your products from thousands offered by competitors, and make informed buying decision.


  • Who writes the listings in Amazon product listing copywriter?

Lead copywriter Danny Carlson is also a private label seller & has gone through over $12K in training for Amazon & writing persuasive sales copy. An active member of multiple masterminds & meetups to keep up with the latest Amazon keyword & indexing changes. Over 250 listings written for over 75 sellers & counting. Danny has personally trained every team member and oversees EVERY listing before it is delivered to ensure only the best work is put forward.

  • Do you follow Amazon product listing copywriter Terms of Service?

TOS compliance comes first before ANYTHING. No keyword advantage is worth getting your account suspended. If there are potential clashes with Amazon guidelines with a certain product, we make sure you understand ALL the risks involved before taking it on. We closely follow updates to TOS through blogs, podcasts, & mastermind groups

What if I already have a good listing?

You never know how good it really is until you split test. Even a 2-5% conversion rate increase can easily turn into thousands in profit. Also, Amazon constantly updates their algorithm as markets change. What was good 6 months ago may now be open for new competitors

Is my product info kept private?

Yes, we share absolutely 0% of our client information. No product names, keywords, nothing that could open your market to copycats. If you are concerned, we offer Non Disclosure Agreements to keep you legally updating my existing lines mess with keyword indexing?

If this listing is already on Amazon product listing copywriter, and already has good sales volume, uploading the entire new listing at once can have adverse effects on keyword indexing. We STRONGLY recommend updating your listing slowly over a 2 week period unless you have a very good understanding of keyword indexing and rank tracking.

Start with the title, wait 2 days, upload 2 bullet points – wait 2 days, upload the rest of the bullet points – wait 2 days, upload description – wait 2 days, upload backend keyword fields. Be sure to test for indexing with a keyword index checking tool to make sure your most profitable search terms are indexing. Just to be clear, none of this applies to brand new listings or existing listings that get low to no sales.

Writing Engaging, User-friendly, Unique And SEO Is Must In Amazon Listing Service

Amazon listing service

Writing Engaging, User-friendly, Unique And SEO Is Must In Amazon Listing Service

As a seller on the biggest online marketplace, your main objective is to increase the sales of your products. To do so, you need to source high- quality products, plan and execute aggressive marketing strategies. You also require keeping an eye on your competitors. You will not find time for these growth-driving activities if you entangle yourself with listing services. The smart way to get Amazon listing service on Amazon done is to outsource it.

  • Amazon Product Management

We assign each product to the correct category, along with managing other attributes.

  • Template Specific Data Entry

We choose the right Amazon template for your product, and enter in product data accordingly.

  • Amazon Inventory Management Services

Amazon listing service inventory management is crucial to any business, and selling online on Amazon is no different. We make sure that you are aware and kept up-to-date on the stock levels and restock dates of your product, thus ensuring you can accurately calculate and figure out the shipping time required for any specific item.

  • Amazon Listing Services/ Product Upload Services

We upload each of your products by meticulously entering all product specific information such as SKU, standard product ID, product tag, description data and other category specific information as well.

  • Amazon Bulk Upload Services

We are equally comfortable entering in single products, or using the bulk upload tool to upload multiple products at once!

  • Product Image Editing Services

We understand that product images have a direct impact on your overall sales. A good product image draws customers in towards your online store, while a poorly done image does exactly the opposite. We ensure that all images we upload will be edited and enhanced according to Amazon listing service.

  • We ensure that the images uploaded are of the right size, and that the right number of images are uploaded for each product
  • We ensure that the color of the image backgrounds is either white or that specified in Amazon guidelines, and make sure that stricter image requirements are also met if necessary (as is the case with apparel and shoes on Amazon).
  • We ensure that all images (parent, child and alternate) are properly cropped to ensure a better viewing experience for the customer.
  • We make sure that the customer can “zoom” in on images on your product pages – this ensures better visibility and leads to higher sales volumes.

Amazon Storefront Management Services Smooth Business With Right Inventory

Amazon Storefront Management Services

Amazon Storefront Management Services Smooth Business With Right Inventory

Our team is highly experienced in dealing with Amazon storefront management services and will be glad to do the hard efforts for the success of your business. In addition to services above, we also perform the other entire important task like:

  • Writing Compelling Amazon A+ Content And Product Description
  • Creating Optimized Product Lists
  • Editing Product Images
  • Cleansing  And Enriching Amazon Product Data

Our Amazon storefront management services help you in managing and updating your Amazon store as and when you need them. Starting from uploading products to editing product images, recommending best prices, doing competition analysis, creating promotions and campaigns to optimizing your product lists, we help businesses in doing all activities. You will find it easy to hire our virtual assistants as we offer very flexible need based pricing model.

  • We collaborate and discuss your goals.
  • We create a roadmap and action plan. We facilitate that plan.
  • We review and analyze your products.
  • We create your listings. We optimize them.
  • We look at competition and pricing points.
  • We design a marketing strategy.
  • We implement that strategy.
  • We get you the buy box.
  • We develop a keyword strategy for paid search.
  • We discuss other marketing opportunities.
  • We evaluate and reevaluate the results and make adjustments.
  • We look at other opportunities such as new markets and new marketplaces.
  • We reevaluate the results.
  • We look at your reviews and manage that process.
  • We make recommendations based on our analysis.
  • We study your % returns and your pricing strategies.

Helping business owners in launching the products they manufacture or resell on Amazon storefront management services, wining the BUY BOX, deciding the best pricing and maximizing their brand presence.

Amazon Store Setup

We can help you create your Amazon account and further manage your stores on Vendor central, Seller central, FBA and Vendor Express.

Amazon Inventory Management

We can assist you in managing your inventory on Amazon and creating new optimized product listing as and when you want to add them

Amazon SEO

We make use of analytical and strategic insights of market to rank your products higher within Amazon and also on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Amazon Marketing

We can help you in launching Amazon PPC product campaigns and creating relevant promotions within Amazon and also on your Facebook and twitter pages.

Factors Affecting Amazon Product Ranking?

Amazon product ranking

Factors Affecting Amazon Product Ranking?

As the world’s largest online retailer, how do we ensure that we secure the top Amazon product ranking?

Studies show that products on the first page get at least 80% of all the clicks, while the first 3 listings on page 1 get at least 60% of those clicks. Moreover, only 30% of shoppers go beyond page 1 of the search results. With Amazon accounting for nearly 43% of all US online retail revenue topping at $177.87 billion in 2017, you certainly don’t want to miss out on any of those sales by not having your product on the first page.

First, let’s try to put ourselves in Amazon’s shoes. brings in over 170 million shoppers a month. The key phrase here is shoppers. Because, unlike Google, where people search for relationship advice, cat videos, product reviews, etc, Amazon is a marketplace. So, you can bet that whenever someone searches for a product on Amazon, they’re more likely ready to make a purchase. In fact, studies show that users are 80% more likely to buy when on Amazon compared to Google.

A lot of sellers give way to much emphasis on Amazon product ranking. What you really want to know is how many can YOU sell and at what price

Amazon product ranking tend to have a lot of sellers. This tends to really drive the price down. And since higher volume sellers tend to get much better pricing, frequently they’ll sell stuff for below your cost and still make money. So while you might sell a bunch of them, you probably won’t make any money or just a few pennies.

On the other end of the spectrum are the low ranked products. While it is true that they don’t sell at anything near the volume of the high ranked stuff, there is probably only a small number (if any) seller for the product. So when it does sell, it will frequently be at or slightly below the MSRP. And that allows you to actually make money on each sale.

So the question becomes would you rather sell a high ranked item where you get almost no sales and no profit? Or would you rather be on a much lower ranked item where you do get sales and they have reasonable profit?

Amazon product ranking seems to have a two-pronged approach when it comes ranking:

  1. Performance & Conversion Ranking Factors
  2. Relevancy Factors

It’s simple. The more products that you sell, the more money Amazon makes in the process. That’s why they created the Best Seller’s Rank. The Best Seller’s Rank (BSR) is a number Amazon awards products that sell well on Amazon. Each category (and sub-category) on Amazon has its own taxonomy of BSRs.

Amazon store Maintenance Is the Great Idea for Success

Amazon store maintenance

Amazon store Maintenance Is the Great Idea for Success

E-commerce in India is rapidly catching up with the international benchmark of making everything available online. As consumers, we are looking beyond our traditional limitations and trusting the online marketplaces, relying on them to deliver at our doorstep the goods we desire Amazon store maintenance, while making payments and interactions virtual.

Online selling business necessitates the use of a warehouse to store your products before they are ready to be packaged and shipped to the customer upon purchase. To ensure perfect condition of your products, great care must be taken while storing your products.

Listed below are a few tips on how to store Amazon store maintenance in your warehouse for efficient online selling.

Label products for ease of management:
A well-organised warehouse with correctly labelled products is an important step towards reducing efforts during the packing and shipping phase. Large warehouses can further benefit from being mapped for easy retrieval of products. This Amazon store maintenance will save you the hassles of looking for a product among the bulk when an online purchase is made.

Sort products based on their demand:
Upon doing sufficient market analysis, determine what products are going to be in higher demand. Additionally, products that see a high number of sales throughout the year should be prioritised when it comes to inventory management. These products should be placed in areas that are easily accessible to minimise the time required to move them. Create clear tracks for movement between one product aisle to another.

Train your employees:
From moving to packaging and getting the products ready for the shipping process, a well-trained staff is instrumental in running an efficient warehouse system. Additional attention must be given to training your staff on handling fragile and valuable products to minimise any possible losses occurring through accidental damages.

Ensure a clean and uncluttered storage space for Amazon store maintenance

A warehouse free from clutter can greatly reduce the amount of time required to access and retrieve a product. Restock empty shelves with appropriate products for optimal utilisation of space. Opt for quarterly pest controls to make sure the warehouse does not get infected by insects and rodents, which may damage your products. Take special care to ensure that rains or harsh sunlight does not tamper your products. Periodic cleaning and maintenance is an absolute must while stocking your products.

Storing your products can be made easy by following the above steps. However, there is a great amount of overall cost involved in maintaining your own warehouse, performing inventory management and employing and training staff. Amazon provides its sellers an opportunity to enroll l for world class amenities through the Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) service. The storing, packing, shipping and delivering of your products is managed by Amazon each time an order is placed. All you have to do is ship your products to the nearest Amazon FBA centre and the rest will be managed for you.
To opt for Amazon store maintenance services, you need to be registered as a seller on Amazon. It is an easy process which takes just a few minutes. So go ahead and become an online seller and help your business grow to new heights.