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Month: August 2018

The Significance of Opting for Raw Image Conversion Services

The Significance of Opting for Raw Image Conversion Services

In the generation where cleaner, brighter and sharper camera work with natural yet spectacular colors is an essential part of life, there isn’t any requirement of pictures that are short of the factors which draw out a finer image. This is the major reason and aspect that have enhanced the business of photo editing and image conversion services, which is a great evolution in itself. So with the advancement in technologies today, people are no more needed to accept their blurred, hazy, dimly lit, and faded photographs that are clicked in haste.

The images are usually captured using a digital camera in a raw format. This particular raw format which isn’t appropriately treated is then boosted for a superior quality utilizing the raw image conversion software. As per the recent surveys, the conversion of raw format into fully organized and better-quality images is one of the most outsourced tasks. Prior to heading on to its in-depth knowledge, let’s discuss what exactly are the raw image files?

Everything you should know about the raw image files and image conversion services

In simple terms, a raw image file is often termed as a digital negative similar to a film negative utilized in the most traditional shooting camera photography. This particular digital negative click the picture as blue, green, and red pixels that are afterward converted to an appropriate image with the raw image conversion software. Raw image files feature fairly processed data from the picture sensors of your digital camera. The file isn’t capable enough to be utilized or printed with a bitmap graphics editor. Now you might be wondering about the role of raw image conversion here?

When raw image files are altered to better images in RGB format (TIFF or JPEG) with the use of color filter array (it filters 3 essential colors from a picture sensor), the procedure is commonly known as raw image conversion. This approach of creating a sophisticated image or picture from the raw image is also known as ‘digital development’.

As discussed earlier, the raw image conversion is processed with the use of superior digital image conversion software including but not limited to DXO engine. The software is commonly utilized to correct the 16-bits in a digital photograph for a top-class picture designing. In addition to this, the DXO engine is widely preferred to boost the visual features of a photograph.

Why choose raw image formats for clicking pictures?

One of the major benefits of raw images is that they are minor in size and hence, simple to store. As the images are primarily captured only in blue, green, and red color, there is an alternative for improving the quality of the same by filtering diverse colors and in multiple ways. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for a highly-experienced image conversion services to get the best possible photographs.

What are the Essential Pillars of Amazon Product Optimization?

Amazon product optimization

What are the Essential Pillars of Amazon Product Optimization?

If you desire to begin your e-commerce platform but aren’t sure where to start with, Amazon should be at the top of your priority list. With more than 300 million people connected with this e-commerce site, it has perhaps become one of the top-most platforms to sell your commodities. As per the recent research, better your final product is, the more is the probability of its visibility to your customers. Now you might be wondering about the approaches you should opt to boost up the sales and revenue of your product. No need to worry now as we’ve come up with some essential pillars of Amazon product optimization to aid you to diversify your e-commerce business.

What is Amazon Product Optimization?

Similar to the Google, Yahoo, and other such search engines, Amazon has its unique procedure to rank diverse articles based on the search query that is commonly known as ‘A9′. Have you ever typed any product requirement on Amazon search list? If yes, then you have already utilized A9. It is easy to use for the customers as it provides the most relevant product results for the entered queries, however, it plays a vital role in determining the product ranking and visibility for the sellers. This is one of the major reasons why Amazon vendors make their every possible effort to get a good ranking for their products and enhance their business.

The role of keyword and ranking in Amazon product optimization

Amazon utilizes specific keywords to assist the visitors in finding their typed products. With the main aim of choosing the keywords that your potential clients would enter into the search bar, Amazon evaluates your product description, content, and keyword strategy to rank your product in a search engine. Here’s how you can search and use the most excellent and frequently typed keyword for your product:

  • Competitor Analysis – In order to find suitable keywords for your product, concentrate on the titles, product descriptions, use of bullet points, sub-titles, and other multimedia features of the top-sellers. Ascertain where you’re lacking and in which particular field you require improvement.
  • Amazon autocompletes – Another method of finding appropriate keywords is by searching your product on Amazon search engine itself. For instance, your product is ‘books’, type books in the Amazon search bar and observe the names displayed by the search engine. These are the most popular keywords often searched by customers.

What all to include in Amazon product optimization?

In order to get your content at the top of the Amazon search engine list, the foremost thing you should take into the account is keyword rich title and sub-titles. Make your title keyword optimized and try to insert as many keywords you can (make sure it doesn’t look forcefully stuffed as it may negatively affect your brand’s ranking). Moreover, using bullet points, sub-heads, images, and videos can help you to make your product SEO optimized.

Step by Step Guide On How to Sell Products on Amazon

how to sell products on Amazon

Step by Step Guide On How to Sell Products on Amazon

With millions of people engaged in Amazon selling services, the platform has definitely become one of the major e-commerce platforms in the world. Whether you want to get some grocery items or it’s the matter of expensive jewelry and clothes, Amazon is indeed at the top of the priority list of consumers. In order to initiate your selling services in Amazon and gain the attention of the audience, you aren’t required to burn the midnight oil rather just following the few basic steps, you can create your own Amazon vendor account and begin your e-commerce business. Are you still wondering how to sell products on Amazon? Here’s all that you need to know:

How to sell products on Amazon?

Prior to actually initiating your sale, it is a must to provide your bank account details, tax details, and business information to Amazon. Once you’re done with it, follow the below-listed steps:

Establish your store on Amazon

Using the easy-to-use listing means, set up and register the list of the products you desire to put up for sale on Amazon and create catalog content for the products. It is worth noting that content plays a vital role in determining the potential of your brand and alluring a large number of visitors to the same. In short, better your content is the higher will be the appearance of your product in the Amazon product search engine list.

In order to enhance the visibility of your brand, Search engine optimized content plays a major part. SEO optimized content isn’t limited to inserting keywords in your description rather it includes internal and external product linking, on-page and off-page SEO, a high-quality yet user-friendly content, proper title, sub-title, long tail keywords, metadata, and much more.

Get instant orders from customers

As soon as your e-commerce platform goes live, the consumer is able to view your product and place an order. In order to view and maintain your orders, opt for the easy-to-use dashboard.

Amazon delivers your product at an appropriate place

 Once the customer places an order and finalizes the deal, Amazon delivers your entire ordered products to the respective customers within a short time frame. Apart from free shipping, customers are entitled to quick and a stress-free delivery at their doorstep from Amazon. Vendors are also provided with an opportunity to update their account to ‘fulfillment by Amazon’. Opting for this choice, customers would get store inventory and easy heavy-weighed product shipping products to manage their store appropriately.

Payment plans and fee

Within a period of a week, the entire payment you receive is directly deposited in your respective bank account. The fee is only deducted after your product is sold.

What are Amazon store taxonomy & organization & how it applies to Sites?

Amazon Store Taxonomy & Organization

What are Amazon store taxonomy & organization & how it applies to Sites?

The purpose of Amazon Store Taxonomy & Organization is to demystify the concept and, in passing, to lose the fear of its application to organize content on websites.

Let us find out what exactly Amazon Store Taxonomy & Organization is and how it applies to sites?

Amazon Store Taxonomy & Organization:

Amazon Store Taxonomy & Organization is a structure of information that is formed by a set of categories and subcategories, thanks to which we can join entities that share some common characteristic.

For example, Film and Television share the characteristic of being audiovisual products, which is why they are subcategories of the Audiovisual Communication category.

Amazon Store Taxonomy & Organization can be used for a huge variety of purposes, from the organization of books in a library to the organization of the contents of a website. In this way, it can be said that the main function of taxonomy is to predict where the things we are looking for will be.

The first basic idea of taxonomies is that they are formed by terms, such as Cinema and Television. These terms express categories, concepts or classes, depending on the point of view.

7The second basic idea of taxonomies is that all terms are related or connected to each other. All terms are part of a higher term or are the higher term on which other subordinate terms depend. In turn, the higher level terms are part of a maximum level term, although this is not always expressed.

Impact of Amazon Store Taxonomy & Organization on a website:

There is a broad consensus that taxonomy can impact. At least, on these two dimensions of a website:

  • In the user experience by favoring clear, logical, and consistent navigation structures. As well as by multiplying the options of access to information and guidance signals.
  • In SEO, by facilitating the structures. Avoiding the cannibalization of keywords, favoring users’ time of stay by facilitating semantic navigation and reducing bounce time.

How do they apply to sites?

The ideal is to have a CMS (Content Management System) that incorporates the possibility of assigning categories or other taxonomy to the entries and pages of the website.

In the case of a CMS such as WordPress, taxonomies for both Categories and Labels can be used to group entries. The Categories correspond to the large sections of the site. Therefore they express the content in a global way. Tags are applied as keywords to express the contents of each entry with a higher level of specificity.

The terms of the taxonomies can be used in a wide variety of menu systems and navigation structures. Elements of Amazon store Taxonomy & Organization may appear in each section of a website such as:

  • Menu system

– Main menu

– Secondary menu

– Complementary menus

– Submenus

– Dropdown menu

– Tag cloud

Increase Sales of Your Product with Amazon A+ Content:

Amazon A+ Content

Increase Sales of Your Product with Amazon A+ Content:

Recently, Amazon has introduced a new functionality as a complement to the product listings: it is Amazon A+ Content. This new feature, which we could translate as improved content on the brand is available only to owners of trademarks registered in the Amazon trademark registry.

To date, there was already what was known as an improved description of Amazon products and could be created through the supplier program. However, thanks to this it will be possible for any vendor to generate content including headlines, images, and graphics.

Amazon A+ Content in AVC (Amazon Vendor Central):

Amazon A+ Content is specially designed to increase the sales of the products. Now you can add additional features and highlights of the products. In this way, your customer will get detailed information about your products. In addition, it is also good for an Amazon SEO point of view.

One of the most interesting features of Amazon A+ Content is its conversion graphics. It allows the end user to understand the characteristics of the items compared to those products which are offered by the competitors.

Benefits of Amazon A+ Content:

When it comes to online shopping, a list of product pages represents the shelf. It creates a dynamic and a full view of your items.

Here are some benefits of Amazon A+ Content:

  • Appealing different style of shopping: With the videos and images of your products, it appeals and creates a quick impression to visual learners. In addition, the comparison chart helps to cross-sell.
  • Making a strong first impression: Standing out among hundreds of similar product is a must. Using Amazon  Content, your products highlight.
  • Creating a complete digital shopping experience: Enhanced content minimizes returns, builds confidence in consumers, and helping to keep customers happy.

Amazon A+ Content Guidelines:

Following is the guidelines which are important for you to take into the consideration. If you will not follow the guidelines, your content may reject. Following tips will surely help you to prepare right Amazon Content.

– Don’t include special characters and certain symbols which writing the detailed information of your products.

– Hyperlinks are also prohibited and so you must avoid it.

– Include graphics.

– Ensure the image is conforming to the required dimensions.

Thus, there are certain guidelines you should follow to get the Amazon A+ Content to your product.

The requirements for the success of marketing strategies for Amazon are increasingly complex. Amazon is constantly expanding the capabilities of its advertising services (Amazon Marketing Services) as well as its possibilities of presenting the brand. Especially in this context, A + content and the enhanced brand content (Enhanced Brand Content) offer a variety of options.

If you think this entire process is tough and time taking, it is advisable to approach Amazon A+ Content service provider.